Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Timmy's Got The Power

From the desk of Timmy Occhipinti: 
"I would like to thank the Dept of Environmental services for hearing my call to remove the graffiti at Hoboken's Southern Gateway. The property is owned by NJ Transit and the City worked with them to have the area painted! Great to see our local governmental agencies working together to solve our quality of life issues. Thanks to NJ Transit for acting quickly to address this issue. I have also inquired into the possibility of creating a mural on these walls and am waiting to hear back. Have a great day!"
GA has his exclusive inquiry, sent early this morning:

And by 3 pm today... 

Wow... when it comes to NJ Transit, Tim's got The Power.

Two Maureen Sullivans?

As GA noted yesterday, questions were raised by the OPRAed email from the NJ Department of Education's Criminal History Review Unit (CHRU) regarding Maureen Sullivan's last minute rush for clearance- so she could be seated for the January 10th BoE meeting. 

Here's what I mean.

The 19-page flurry of emails made it clear that several departments within the DoE- including the Commissioner's office- were telephoned by a frantic Sullivan on January 5th and 6th.

Here is a  CHRU Investigator John DiLorenzo telling his Manager, Carl Carabelli that Sullivan called 'Guy Madison' and told him she was fingerprinted on Thursday, January 5.

Note that School Board members were required to use a company called MorphoTrak for the fingerprinting. The fees are paid up front by the Board member to be reimbursed later. From the NJ School Board e-newsletter:
After completing the online form and submitting the $10.00 registration fee (plus $1.00 convenience fee to Official Payments Corp.), the board member can schedule an appointment by accessing the link to MorphoTrak for digital fingerprint scanning. The fee for MorphoTrak is $70.25 and must be paid by credit card at the time an appointment is scheduled. The scans are sent to the New Jersey State Police and to the federal government. If no criminal history record of a disqualifying nature is reported, an approval letter will be issued.NJSBA successfully advocated for an amendment to the legislation that allows school boards to reimburse members for the cost of the criminal history checks.
Got that?  So Sullivan told the DoE investigator DiLorenzo she was fingerprinted on January 5th. Then why is she telling someone else, Dee Migliaccio, that MorphoTrak could not "fill demand implemented by the state"...

Then Carl Carabelli calls MorhphoTrak and THEY have no record of Sullivan having made an appointment...

So if the NJDOE had Sullivan's fingerprints,  but they weren't done by MorphoTrak... were they another Maureen Sullivan's?  Take a look...

Carabelli says Sullivan "spoke with the investigator"  and that Sullivan "was printed in 2008 as an administrator for Christ the King Prep School in Newark"... HUH?  GA did the 2009 Kids First campaign graphics, and I'll tell you right now that was not in her bio.

But.. but... here she IS... Sister Maureen Sullivan, in the Christ the King newsletter from Spring 2009:

So.... WHAT does this all mean?   

What does the NJDOE actually have on record for Sullivan? 

A nun's fingerprints from 2008?  Sullivan's from January 5, 2012?  If so, and it wasn't done by MorphoTrak- WHO took them?  The only source GA can glean from these emails for her Jan 5 fingerprinting is Sullivan herself- she said so.

And then, how did this nun, Sister Maureen Sullivan, get into the mix?  And does she fly like Sister Bertrille?  I just loved Sister Bertrille.

Who did you like better: Gidget or Sister Bertrille?

I pick the nun, though Sally Field made a cute Gidget.

Anyway, it's strange.  I welcome anyone else out there to dive in, go for a swim or take flight, and solve the puzzle.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Email Trail

Remember the whole BoE criminal background check kerfuffle from a month ago?

According to a NJ state law passed last May, all School Board members had to have completed criminal background checks and been fingerprinted by Dec 31.  And 8 out of Hoboken's 9 BoE members did.

The exception: Maureen Sullivan.

And as of the evening of the  Tuesday, Jan 10th Board meeting, Sullivan had NOT been approved- until this message was emailed to Superintendent Toback at 5:08pm at on Tuesday evening:

Well, that was a surprise!

Because Toback had received a fax on January 8th  saying Sullivan was "non-compliant" with state law and would have to "cease serving immediately" as a Board member.

So HOW did she do it?  How did she manage to swing this 11th hour miracle from a state bureaucracy?  Did she have help?

GA OPRAed one month of email communications from Carl Carabelli, the Manager of the DoE's Criminal History Review Unit (CHRU), regarding the Sullivan matter.  Last month.

I just received it back- 19 pages.   That's right.  A mad flurry of communications from Sullivan and parties at the DoE, a desperate effort to spare her the embarrassment of being unseated at January 10th BoE meeting.

I'll share some.

Start with the one on Friday morning from Helene Leona at the Education Commissioner's Office.

Check out what Sullivan told her: "the Board is trying to get rid of me to pass things through".  Huh?   Um, didn't the BoE Agenda pass 9-0 at the next meeting?   So, she relayed this paranoid excuse to the Commissioner's Office.  I guess she didn't want to say she was too lazy to get off her caboose and take care of it like everyone else did on the Board.  Except her.

Then look at Pam Castellanos' reply.

Here's one from Carl Carabelli later on Friday, Jan 6.

This is confusing.  I thought Sullivan got her fingerprints done on Jan 5?  But MorphoTrak told Carabelli on Jan 6 that Sullivan "has not scheduled an appointment".  GA was told that Board members were not allowed to use another company.   So what does that mean???

Well, Carbelli sounds none too sympathetic: "Further she had 6 months to apply!!!!" (4 exclamation points) 

Well, here's one from Sullivan herself, Tuesday afternoon, less than 4 hours before the meeting;   she implored the State to send something to override their Jan 6 directive, the one for her to step down.

What does this tell you?

Sullivan made a huge ruckus- with threats (to take her grievances to the Commissioner) to pull strings denied to those less... hysterical.

And in the whole episode, did anyone catch a moment of contrition or remorse for her failure to follow the rules others did?  

I didn't.

Code Problem?

This came from a reader:
hey GA,
this smokestack on L*** Baj*rdi's penthouse apartment is a recent addition, maybe a couple of years old. it was built  below the height of the adjacent building and next to a window.  it looks like it's blowing carbon monoxide into that apartment.  i think those vents are supposed to go beyond the adjacent roof line and not under a window. here's a photo.  is this legal? 

Gee reader, this kind of thing is not my expertise.  That would be the purview of the Construction Office.  

And if this is several years old, GA believes the person who would have been inspected and approved the smokestack is the Construction Code Official.  That would be...  Al Arezzo. 

Curious Gal, anti-Zimmer operative, is a big Al Arezzo fan.

I bring that up because she is believed to be Kim Cardinal (has never denied it) the wife of 'prosbus'- believed to be Lane Bajardi (has never denied it).  Take a look, in this Patch comment; she calls Arezzo a "knight" and "shamefully treated" and a victim of "bully tactics".

And hubby 'prosbus' is a big Arezzo fan, too; calls Arezzo's termination "unlawful".

My goodness, WHAT could inspire SUCH loyalty to the former Construction Code official?  Hmm...

I have no idea.

As for that smokestack, reader I think you need to contact the Construction Office:  Hours: M – F, 9 am – 4 pm, tel: (201) 420-2066

The Acting Construction official is Thomas Shannon.    He's got to know this like the back of his hand.

Not me.  But here's what I found from the NJ State Mechanical Code, Chapter 8- Chimneys and Vents:

If I am reading this correctly, section 804.3.5.4 indicates the vent should terminate 4 feet below the adjacent window.  Is that how you read it?

Does that smokestack look like it's 4 feet below the window?

Really, one can't tell from a photograph.  Maybe prosbus or Curious Gal can measure it for us?

Keep Him in Sewage

Though not on Wednesday night's City Council agenda it will be coming up...  and there's no one else GA would rather see neck-deep in sewage than my dear friend, Tony Soares.

Please reappoint him to the North Hudson Sewage Authority to continue his great work there.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Got a Gerbil?

A friend of mine calls The Hoboken Reporter a "gerbil cage liner"

(I've never owned a gerbil but one assumes that's not a compliment.  GA would have said "litter box walk-off mat" instead).  

Not a gerbil.  GA's kitty. She's got one orange spot on her ear and a fluffy orange tail.

Now, GA likes Ray Smith, and yes, Al Sullivan.  (Sorry, bludiamonds)

But their Editor-in-Chief Caren Matzner- not so much.


Because I just know Ray didn't put in the dopey descriptive "juicy" to describe the Beth Mason leaked-video of the Beth Mason-taped mayor's Jan 3rd court testimony.

Because  Ray didn't decide to put the "juicy" Mason leak on PAGE ONE-  said "juice" are the Mason attacks on Zimmer's communications office from the mouth of  plaintiff's Attorney, Catherine Elston...  and the coverage of the State of the City speech on PAGE THREE.  (Now, GA saw Ray at Wednesday's event.  If  lil Timmy O. farted on Wednesday night, the HR would have it online by midnight: "Occhipinti Stops Gas Leak, Saves 4th Ward")

Because Ray doesn't put leaks from Zimmer's political adversaries on PAGE ONE, and the litany of Zimmer's accomplishments and goals for 2012 on PAGE THREE.

Who's responsible for this? These are editorial decisions.  What's her beef with Reform?

Something tells me a Mayor Mason or Mayor Russo or Mayor Ramos SOTC speech would rate a cover story.

As for Ray, he does his job and does it well. I don't doubt his 'fair and balanced' work gets butchered by Sweeney Matzner- if  she deems it worthy of publication.

Advice to Ray: get out of there.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Next Move, HoldCo

According to reliable sources, anger about the Hoboken411 piece, Is HUMC Primed to Kill More Patients?, has percolated up to the top levels of HoldCo management.

The top.

As you know, HoldCo is the owner of Bayonne Medical Center(BMC) and Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC).  Recall the opposition to HoldCO's purchase of the HUMC, orchestrated by Beth Mason.  Remember how she took her attacks to the airwaves in a massive ad buy attacking Zimmer AND HoldCo after the hospital sale. Watch this:

What does that tell you?

The narcissist can not move on.  With hubby Richard Mason's wealth, Mason bought some revisionist history; this ad was a declaration of war on HoldCo, attacking it as a "Christie donor' while undermining the hospital operations by announcing fictitious free medical care 'giveaways' that she claims were negotiated by the Council minority.

Of course, this all followed the stunning "City Council Minority Reaches Agreement with Buyer to Save Hospital" document, analyzed by GA's legal department, Not-Stempler:
It is horn book law that a municipality can only act in accordance with the powers conferred upon it by statute. As a Faulkner Act municipality, the enabling statute does not create within Hoboken a separately recognized “Council minority” and there is no precedent that would confer upon the council minority (emphasis on minority) to bind the City in any event; especially in light of the fact that the functions related to the sale of the hospital have been properly delegated to the municipal hospital authority created for that purpose. It also does not appear that the Council minority had municipal legal representation during the course of its “negotiations”. Only duly retained council, paid for by the City, can assist and advise government officials in the discharge or exercise of their duties. Perhaps if the Council minority had the assistance of effective counsel, then the letter may have contained different terms. 

What's the reason for all this background, you ask?


Hoboken411 published an absolutely stunning accusation: that HoldCo hospitals "kill" patients and kill "more" of  them.

That 'article' is in a different league than ones making fun of political opponents, fabricating stories about them- which is the usual Hoboken411 fare.

HoldCo is a business owner; the BMC and HUMC are their business.  Hoboken411 has accused their business of murder.

GA's talked to a lawyer friend who dissected the piece for me and WHY Klaussen has opened himself up to serious litigation-  in the manner in which it was written and the unsourced data posted.  GA does not wish to interfere with any possible complaint so will refrain from discussing the legal analysis.

Needless to say, the next move is HoldCo's.

Firt, GA believes they HAVE to respond, now that this accusation has been put in the public realm.

Depending on how they choose to respond, this could get very interesting.

Because if HoldCo does file a complaint against Perry Klaussen, not only will he be deposed but so will Beth Mason. 

And finally, the details about the financial and political web between those two will become public.

Mason may be asked about specific incidents- such as the leak of confidential city negotiations in the SWAT team settlement which appeared as an H411 "exclusive".  And  maybe the F.B.I. will tune in to see if that conflicts with what she told them when she was interviewed.  Imagine that.

Or maybe HoldCo's attorney will ask Klaussen how he coordinated his famous "HUMC DOA" graphic  with the Mason political operation, to establish motive for the libel.

Whatever HobldCo wants to or needs to know with regard to the attempted undermining of the hospital sale followed by the LIBELOUS accusations of murder will be exposed during the discovery phase.

And guess what?

Klaussen, who can't afford a legal battle, will throw Mason under the bus in a nanosecond.   Plus the person who gave him the libelous screed and data to publish- GA doubts it was Klaussen, who actually writes very little of his own material. 

This could be very, very interesting.

It's not everyday a corporation is accused of murder in the 'press'  And Klaussen DOES have press credentials- G-d knows how he got them.  But that is something that HoldCo should know.

So, what will they do?

At a minimum Mason may get tossed off her HoldCo 'board' seat.  But GA suspects such a response  cannot be' justified' without formalizing a complaint against Hoboken411 and establishing her ties to the libelous web site.

I really think Klaussen stepped in it this time.  Next move, HoldCo.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Eenie Meenie Miney Moe...

Now the parade is NOT moving... the Hudson Reporter says:
Despite a newspaper article that says the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee will look for a new location for their annual celebration this year, Parade Committee Spokesperson Bill Coughlin maintained Friday afternoon that the parade for 2012 is cancelled and won't be held anywhere.
 Okie doke. I think Wednesday's still open here....


The Jersey Journal has announced that the Hoboken St. Patrick's Parade Committee has decided to "old the parade somewhere else."  

The announcement comes a day after the Irish Anti-Defamation Federation issued a statement agreeing with the Mayor and calling the festivities around the parade "distasteful" and "crime-ridden".

Here is a comment from the blogger happytalk, which sums it all up for me:

Irish Anti-Defamation Federation Supports Hoboken Parade Decision

Irish Central is reporting that the the Irish Ant-Defamation Federation has backed the mayor calling the activities that accompany the annual parade “distasteful and “crime ridden.”
The statement, sent out by recording officer Mary Beth Phillips states:

“The Officers and Members of the Irish Anti-Defamation Federation, based in Philadelphia, would like to support Hoboken's Mayor Dawn Zimmer, in her decision to cancel the St. Patrick's Day Parade in her town.

Although we are saddened by the loss of this tradition (what should be an all-generations, family-friendly celebration of Ireland's patron saint, and display of our Irish heritage and culture for those claiming Irish roots), we think Mayor Zimmer was wise to put a stop to the distasteful, dangerous, and crime-ridden activities that have accompanied the parade, especially since last year's parade-associated crimes included three reports of rape.

Mayor Zimmer is sending a strong signal to all, whether Irish-American supporters of the Hoboken parade, revelers in the bars, and even spectators, that things are out of control. Her necessary cancellation of the parade is just one step towards fixing a dreadful batch of problems.

We applaud her decision to try to make St. Patrick's Day the pride-filled celebration and holiday it should be. Mayor Zimmer does not want, and cannot afford, for Hoboken to be New Orleans at Mardi Gras, even if it means drastic changes are needed this particular year.

For all those who disagree with her, we at the IADF recommend ways to create a family-friendly celebration once more, one that will not tax the police and other services required of the citizens of Hoboken."

The group got one thing wrong: Zimmer didn't end the parade, Hoboken's St. Patrick's Parade Committee did.

The committee used their own parade for a political statement against the mayor, siding against the safety and security of our residents.  They had a YEAR to figure out how to make it work on Wednesday. Each one of them ought to be replaced.

Meanwhile, if you take a look at the IADF web site, something tells me that 'Leper-Con', the fake Irish heritage celebration excuse for a bar crawl, will NOT be appreciated.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Libel411's 'Trick' Graph

I confess, GA didn't pay much attention to Grim Reaper Klaussen's Graphs-o-Death-  his predictors that  HoldCo-owned hospitals would more likely kill than heal you.

But... the (2) graphs were 'tricks' designed to confuse if  glanced at and compared side-by-side;  the bars drawn to different scales.  See?

A reader email pointed this out by actually READING the numbers on his graphs:

it says that ACTUAL deaths for 2010 in:
doesnt that suggest that there are more deaths at JCMC the BMC?
Of course, reader.  Here's what Klaussen's graph should ACTUALLY read if both are combined at the same scale. 

Notice... Klaussen's data shows ACTUAL deaths LESS at the HoldCO hospital, BMC, than at the JCMC.  His 'projections'?   Libelous sludge.

Well, this is all just 'stuff and nonsense'. 

I know that, you know that.

But... GA directed a lawyer friend to the article, to see if it was the grenade at the hospital's corporate owner that I thought it was.  In short: Yep.

My lawyer friend was positively incredulous that Hoboken411 published that.   In his view, "the hospital's owner has to respond" with some kind of legal action.

Further, the way piece was written, and the unsourced material presented as fact... well, unless the hospital chooses to ignore this, he's in BIG trouble.

Is it mean to hope he is?

Stay tuned.

Libel411 Accuses HUMC-HoldCo of MURDER

Wow!  Folks, GA rarely ventures over to that cauldron of stupidity, Hoboken411, but I did check today for a rebuttal to last night's SOTC.  No rebuttal but instead a shocking accusation lobbed at our hospital's new owner.   Even for that festering sore on the rump of Hoboken's blogosphere, this one teetered over the edge.

Into libelous waters.

Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 asks readers if the Hoboken University Medical Center(HUMC) is "primed" to "kill more patients".     Get it?   He's inferring the HUMC killing spree is well underway, the question is will they kill MORE now under HoldCo?

Wow, again.

Then Grim Reaper Klaussen presents 2 unsourced bar charts illustrating projected deaths, presumably at the hands of the HUMC and BMC killers...

Paging Dr. Bundy.  Dr. Gacy, you're wanted in O.R.  Dr. Dahmer, patient is code blue....

Here's what Klaussen-stein wrote:
Is HUMC primed to kill more patients?

A Hoboken411 source wanted to share some information that may concern you all. It’s regarding the owners of the Bayonne Medical Center (who now own HUMC), and the apparent tendency for more patients to die in their care.

Paging Philip Schaengold... paging Philip Schaengold, HoldCO CEO... contact your legal department...
He said that, based on raw statistical data, once the new owners took over in Bayonne – the death rate at the hospital skyrocketed nearly doubling that of Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) despite the two hospitals serving essentially the same demographics.

Not sure I’d be too comfortable with what happens when a hospital is put into the wrong group of hands – sounds like it could be disastrous.
Oye vey.  If Klaussen-vorkian isn't served with a libel suit by 5 pm tomorrow, I'll be shocked.   Take a look.

The Vanquished

Last night's event  at DeBaun Hall tells you everything you need to know about how Hoboken's political landscape has shifted in one year. 

One year ago...

The November 2, 2010 purchase of  Timmy O. in the 4th Ward special election (570 'workers' and 1200 votes) took the Council majority from Zimmer.  Within 24 hours 'someone' leaked the plan to replace  Carol Marsh with Beth Mason to the Hoboken Reporter. And on January 5, Mason and Russo were sworn in as City Council President and Vice President.

Those were heady times for the new City Council majority.  They were ready to flex their muscle on a number of crises: a crumbling waterfront,  a cash surplus battle, the taxpayers on a $52 million dollar hook and facing the loss of our hospital...

That was the backdrop for the mayor's SOTC last February 22nd.

GA was there, one row back from Mason and Timmy; they sat 3rd row center with an entourage, nearly filling the whole row like a human wall opposing the skinny woman on stage. Here's what I wrote:
Curiously, Mason and Timmy sat side-by-side in the 3rd row, center (Giacchi sat apart)... and as I watched their interaction from one row back I couldn't help but think how the graphic I was much pilloried for had indeed come true. Because Timmy looked all the wardrobe-accessory to Mason; getting his cues on when to clap, when not to, from her. He actually started to clap when the Mayor addressed 'wheeling'- then stopped abruptly perhaps noticing how stonily Mason sat beside him. Ah, well. Should I stop picking on him?

Neither Mike Russo nor Terry Castellano showed up. But wouldn't you know, Russo had a rebuttal on Hoboken411 the next morning; it was published later in the Jersey Journal.

Those were the days.

Fast forward to last night's SOTC.

The mayor's City Council opponents- now a minority,  had a busy year.

They tried to wreck our City's finances with a $52 million dollar hospital bond default and for spite  blew a $4.5 million hole in our budget by rejecting a simple garage bond refinance, gave away our budget surplus ,  stopped our BA from moving budget line items around triggering a DCA warning they were violating NJ state LAW, and this scolding from NJ Governor Christie:
“It is completely unacceptable that the city council placed local politics ahead of the 1300 employees at the Hoboken University Medical Center and the people in the community who rely on the critical services provided by this hospital..."
He was referring to Beth Mason, Mike Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti. (They'd rejected $5 million in emergency funding to keep the hospital open forcing the State's assistance.)

And, then something which no one could have imagined:  last May, Mayor Zimmer turned over the City's entire data banks (39 hard drives) to the F.B.I. after discovering her email account was hacked.

This unprecedented access to the City's communications has sprung open a Pandora's box of Hoboken political corruption; EVERYONE is waiting for more shoes to drop.  And shock waves have reverberated through all levels of city government straight up to the City Council.

From the Jersey Journal, November 10, 2011:
All four of the Hoboken City Council's minority members say they were not involved in a suspended IT officer's alleged hacking of city officials' emails.

Yesterday, suspended IT officer to the mayor's office Patrick Ricciardi was charged with intercepting emails intended for Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and others and forwarding them to at least three unintended recipients, officials said.

While some believed that council members Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti, Michael Russo and Theresa Castellano - all Zimmer opponents - were involved in the incident, they have all denied wrongdoing.

Castellano, Russo and Occhipinti each said they did not receive any emails from Ricciardi.

Castellano and Occhipinti said they knew nothing about the incident. Occhipinti added that he hopes the details come into light.
Where there's smoke, there's... email.  Notice whose names are missing from the last paragraph above.

An intense campaign led by Mason and Russo to obtain the mayors' staff's emails to prove claims of politicizing the communications office preceded by the Bill Campbell suit alleging the same preceded by by actual email theft 'ordered' by someone... has cast these Council members under a cloud of suspicion.  (see the timeline)

And all that was the backdrop for the Mayor's SOTC, where she spoke of an incredibly successful  year for Hoboken:
  • The hospital was saved along with our city's financial health
  • Municipal taxes declined 10%- the 6th largest decline of any city in NJ
  • Flooding reduced through new pump station
  • A number of park projects were completed or are in progress:  Pier C park was fully opened in 2011, and the City will soon begin construction on Sinatra Park and Castle Point Park, followed by 1600 Park and Hoboken Cove. With a $3 million County grant and a portion of the $20 million bond passed in 2011, the City will be purchasing property for a park in Southwest Hoboken. 
  • Recycling increased more than 50% since the City switched to a single stream recycling system in April, 2011.  
  • Total crime dropped by 16% since 2009, the lowest level in a generation. 
  • Pedestrian-car collisions are down nearly 30% since 2009.  
  • Bicycle-car collisions are down more than 60 percent since 2009. 
  • The corner cars program ha 2,000 members and 99 residents gave up their parking permits
Now, what elected official charged with governing Hoboken wouldn't want to hear this litany of success for our City?  Can you think of any?

What Hoboken elected official wouldn't celebrate the drop in taxes, drop in crime, drop in bike accidents, new parks, the rescue of our city's only hospital and the discharge of a $52 million albatross on the taxpayers' necks?  Can you think of any?

What Hoboken elected official would hold politics over the welfare of his/her constituents- the beneficiaries of these numerous quality-oft-life achievements?  Can you think of any?

I can.

Folks, one member of the City Council minority attended last night.

Beth Mason.  No entourage. Only Gumby, sans green vinyl sack. No front row, center.  She sat alone, near the rear.  GA was told she took notes.

And today, no Russo rebuttal on Hoboken411.  (Yet)

See what I mean about changed political landscape?  This wasn't simply a diss.

In their absence and the lone Mason's retreat to the back of the auditorium, the vanquished spoke volumes.

The Mayor, her administration and the City Council majority have had an extremely productive year. And because the Council minority translate this GOOD for Hoboken to their own political failure tells you all you need to know about their character and motivations.

To them it's about POWER, to 'our guys' it's about PARKS.

And that's why Reform will STAY popular.

Something Mason money can't buy.

On a personal front, the evening was a big disappoint for me. My plan to pounce on Dave Roberts for a pic was ruined when the elusive former mayor slipped out the door right after the speech.  No schmoozing for Dave, no future family heirloom for me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The State of the City

Are you going to hear the Mayor tonight?

Here's the info:
The event will take place on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 7:00 pm at the DeBaun Auditorium in Edwin A. Stevens Hall on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology.

The main entrance is on 5th Street directly across from the Stevens Park. The wheelchair entrance is located in the rear entrance of the building on River Street with handicapped parking located behind the two buildings (McLean & Babbio) located directly across the street from the ramp. For additional information, visit: http://www.debaun.org/Directions.html.
GA  went last year, and I recommend it to those who'd like hear the summation of where we've been and the vision for the year ahead.  And boy, it's been some year.  Horsey's got a good write-up over at the barn.

It's also a way for those who like he  job she's done (lowering our taxes by 10%, saving the Hospital along with the HMHA, hands-on managing Hoboken's Hurricane Irene preparations, with Ian Sacs improving parking and transportation in Hoboken with initiatives like Corner Cars...) then show your appreciation and support.

And you might even get your picture taken by Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411, who'll be lurking out-of-sight aiming his camera at bald spots and nose-pickers to post on his nearly-dead cyber-rag:

Thank goodness he snapped that right after I picked my nose, and completely missed my bald spot!

Anyway... just ignore the creature lurking in the mezzanine.  And try to make it.

Who Luvs Ya, Al?

No, not Sullivan.

Arezzo.  This one:
Former Construction Code Officer Al Arezzo is suing the city, the mayor and other city officials, claiming he was unlawfully terminated after a 39-year-career in City Hall.

The suit was filed in Superior Court on Dec. 22, 2011, according to the complaint, which also alleges that Arezzo was "harassed." The complaint specifically mentions Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Business Administrator Arch Liston and Assistant Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo.
Now GA's never met Mr. Arezzo, but have heard 2nd and 3rd-hand anecdotes which are chilling in their depravity.

But it's the first-hand stories of people I know well about Arezzo's conduct as Hoboken's Construction Code Officer which make his accusation as a victim of "harassment' absolutely stunning; the notion he's suing the City for his job BACK, well the guy's got balls the size of coconuts.

It's not my story to tell.

In brief, Arezzo put a 'Stop Work Order' on  Person A's business; a minor bit of renovation was in progress at the time.  He/she was later 'invited' to fill an envelope.  This person declined.  The 'Stop Work Order' was not lifted and this person had to close down the business.  It was devastating financially.

Another story.

Person B did a gut-renovation on his/her home. For reasons he/she can explain, Arezzo denied her a C of O for ONE YEAR. The harassment was passive-  inspectors giving endless punch list repairs and changes with no documentation, asking him/her to change specifications on approved construction, then after it was done as the inspector had asked, it would be rejected for another reason.  Again, no documentation.  Just never-ending requests.   And then the no-show inspections.  This person, unable to move back into their home and at the brink of financial ruin,  nearly had a breakdown.  Mayor Dave Roberts had to intervene on his/her behalf to get the C of O. 

And of course, this these are only 2 stories of who-knows how many.

So, when GA read that Arezzo was claiming to be the victim of harassment, well.  After playing a mournful tune on the world's smallest violin, I had to laugh at the mournful post of Curious Gal, who does not deny being Kim Cardinal, the political operative wife of political operative Lane Bajardi (who has not denied posting as prosbus.

And then hubby attacking the City's termination of Arezzo as "unlawful":

Who luvs ya, Al?

Mr. and Mrs. Melanoma, defenders of corruption, haters of the clean,  progressive Kids First majority School Board.

And that's about it.


A reader sent me this screenshot of Monday night's Daily Show with John Stewart.  Read the caption. 

What if the color is removed?

And the image rendered in graphic pen?

With Gothic font?

 Ooops... forgot this.

Huffington Post has the hilarious bit- click here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Timmy's Thank You Card

click to read

FBI: Start with the Campbell Suit

Dear F.B.I. Friends,

Did you read GA yesterday?  We know you've been monitoring Hoboken blogs for some time now. Well just in case, here's a recap.

GA took 3 events: the Bill Campbell lawsuit, the Patrick Ricciardi affair, and the Mason/Russo Email Jihad, and placed them on a timeline.    The chronology is telling.

The narrative begins with Patrick Ricciardi.

In early January 2010 (after getting a bargain basement price on a luxury condo via a City-sponsored Workforce housing program) Ricciardi set up his private Archive and began stealing the mayor's email.

Eight months later, Hoboken's PIO, Bill Campbell, was laid off.   The date was August 6, 2010.

On October 12, 2010 Campbell filed a lawsuit against the City of Hoboken.  The complaint lays out his claim that his replacement, Melli, is a political hire, thus he was ousted due because the Mayor politicized the City's communications office.

Six months AFTER Campbell filed his suit, on April 1 2011, Mason and Russo sponsor a City Council resolution to obtain ALL of the mayors staff's emails: those of Melli and Bryan.  The basis of the Mason/Russo demand: the "politicizing of the City's communications"  mirrors the Campbell complaint with one extra target: Zimmer's Chief of Staff,  Bryan.

Six weeks later, on May 18, 2011.  Patrick Ricciardi, also the City Council Meeting videographer, is absent from that night's meeting; his IT office is reported padlocked.

I will stop there, my F.B.I. friends, because YOU know the rest.  (Notice how GA still calls you 'friends' though you've NEVER invited me for falafel at Mamoun's).

C'mon FBI... I know you want it and want it BAD...

Okay, so that's the timeline recap.

The reason I call your attention to this is because GA thinks the emails of Zimmer's aides were in fact 'ordered' for the Campbell lawsuit, Phase 1 of the larger political strategy to attack the Mayor for 'politicizing' her staff. ( GA imagines Ricciardi ran his data theft like a 'Sears and Roebuck' catalog, filling requests for particular individuals' emails by copying them from the City servers into folders in his private 'Archive'.)
GA believes Phase 2 was to attack Zimmer at the City Council on the SAME charges, the fledgling law suit would be unfolding with the backdrop of the email battle with City Hall, buttressing its otherwise dubious claims. GA theorizes that those leading the charge at for the staffers' emails, Mason and Russo, were in on Phase 1 and knew about their acquisition from Ricciardi and had seen them.  Remember what Mason said at the CIty Council on November 14, 2011:
"That there are significant issues here and unless there's proof I'm going to say I've NOT seen those emails..."
 Now, where does the Mason videotape of Zimmer's testimony in the Campbell case come in?

The grueling cross examination by the plaintiff's attorney, Catherine Elston, hit precisely on the Mason-Russo 'politicization of City Hall' charges, including events which happened AFTER Campbell's August 6, 2010 firing (like the City posting the Russo-Dwek transcript).

F.B.I., was any 'help 'provided by elected officials to Elston in her case against the City?  Do you know?

Not that Ms. Elston herself would have known the shady provenance of anything that may have been provided for her use, if anything was.

But the presence of the Mason videographer, Mason's leak of the video to the Hoboken Reporter AND the posting of the watermarked video on the virulently anti-administration Hoboken411 seem to validate GA's suspicion the Campbell suit was a political operation from the get-go. And it not only suggests elected officials may be cooperating with the plaintiff suing the City, but  may have orchestrated  the law suit to damage the mayor and her staff.

This is GA's THEORY.

So F.B.I., if you buy this theory, does it jive with what you've heard from these officials in your interviews with them?

Is the theory supported by any of the electronic data you have in your custody?

Do you know if any emails were procured by Ricciardi for the Campbell case? At whose request?

Gee, F.B.I.  This opens up another can of worms, doesn't it.

Maybe this is why all of GA's links on this subject keep getting deleted on the nj.com message board keep getting deleted.

Did you know they've blocked my IP, too? What does THAT tell you, F.B.I.  Do you smell fear?

Breaking: Timmy's Jersey City 4h Ward Overpass Gets Painted!

Here's a GA photo exclusive submitted by a reader:

Wow, that looks better than this:

Isn't that AMAZING what NJ Transit will DO for Timmy Occhipinti?  They just GIVE, and GIVE, and GIVE.... that's what you call 'unconditional' love.   

So romantic. *sigh*

Hey Timmy, why don't you ask them to paint your apartment?

GA doesn't have friends like that.

Do you think Timmy will send a 'Thank-you' note?  Stay tuned.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Timeline: Campbell vs. Hoboken, Mason, Russo & Ricciardi

Da Horsey's got a pretty smokin' piece up today about Beth Mason's videographer, Tim, at the January 3rd court appearance of Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  Tim taped her testimony which Mason then leaked to the Hoboken Reporter and posted, watermarked, on Hoboken411.

That's all become public.  GA broke it last Tuesday.

What's been the response from Camp Mason?

GA's been banned from posting on the  nj.com Hoboken message board, and ALL my postswere deleted.  Anyone who linked to GA was banned.  Including Da Horsey.  (Technically GA is still banned, but I have 'unbanned myself'- so screw, you censors)

Folks, this kind of pushback is very unusual.  So what does this tell you?

They're afraid of any more sunlight and are trying to shut it down.  Because there is SOMETHING they are trying to  hide.

And since my F.B.I. friends read the blogs, pay attention.

GA  reads the effort to shut down this discussion as consciousness-of-guilt and it's up to YOU, my dapper Newark. friends, to find what they're guilty of.

But Da Horsey was on to something when he wrote this today: 
This charge of politicizing the city website actually began in April 2011, oddly right around the time of the FBI surveillance tape's release showing Michael Russo with Solomon Dwek and other Jersey City crooks who took the Dwek loot. As he would co-sponsor with the then brief Council Presidency of Beth Mason the same charge. Their resolution requested all the emails of the mayor's aides going back to January 2010:

No evidence was presented by Beth Mason or Mike Russo showing even a modicum of evidence to their charge. But oddly, this resolution pointed to the EXACT SAME TIME as the FBI noted City IT manager Patrick Ricciardi began intercepting emails of the mayor and the mayor's staff!
Right-o Horsey.

So, what exactly does the theft of the mayor's email, the Mason-Russo effort to use a City Council resolution as 'cover' to legally obtain emails (it's believed) they've already seen, and the Billy Campbell case have to do with each other?
It comes into focuswhen you look at the timeline.

TIMELINE- Campbell vs. Hoboken, Mason & Ricciardi

December 22, 2009- Patrick Ricciardi closes on a luxury workforce housing unit at less than 1/2 market price.
Ricciardi buys unit at the luxury MetroStop through Hoboken's Workforce Housing program (affordable housing for middle income City workers). That year he was paid over 190K. The 2-bedroom, 2-bath 1268 sf luxury unit-with a terrace, was sold to him for the bargain-price of 260K on 12/22/09-  the program is administrated by the City. GA asks, "How did Patrick Ricciardi Qualify for Workforce Housing?"

 January 2010 Patrick Ricciardi creates 'Archive File'  and begins stealing the mayor's emails and 2 unnamed staffers' emails.
From The United States of America vs. Patrick Ricciardi, page 7

b.In early 2010, defendant RICCIARDI created the Archive File without the knowledge or consent of the Mayor or the Mayor's Office Employees. c. Defendant RICCIARDI set up the Archive File so that it would automatically forward all e-mails sent to the Mayor and two high-ranking Mayor's Office Employees to the Archive File.

August 6, 2010- Billy Campbell, Hoboken Public Information Officer, is laid off.

October 12, 2010- Billy Campbell files lawsuit against the City of Hoboken.
The complaint claims Melli, his replacement, is a political hire,  and "ulterior political motives pressured Campbell's layoff".

From William D. Campbell vs. City of Hoboken, page 14

March 28, 2011Russo meeting w/Dwek becomes public in "The Jersey Sting"
Russo countered that there was no talk of a bribe. "Anyone who portrays that," Russo said, "is lying."

April 1st, 2011 - Mason/Russo sponsor City Council Resolution for ALL Melli and Bryan emails
Council President Beth Mason and Vice President Michael Russo want to see all of the e-mail sent and received by Mayor Dawn Zimmer's chief of staff and communications director, accusing them of politicizing public communications on behalf of the city.

Mason and Russo want to see all e-mails since Jan. 1, 2010, from the city-issued e-mail addresses of both Melli and Bryan. The resolution directs the city to produce “communication related to the expenditure of tax payer funds for Hoboken’s public relations and communications initiative.”
April 4th, 2011- Jersey Sting authors release Russo F.B.I. surveillance video on The Star Ledger
 Russo charged that the authors of the book "The Jersey Sting", incorrectly describes the meeting he had with Dwek. Russo insists that "No bribe was discussed." Today authors Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin released a copy of the recording showing the full meeting between Dwek and Russo at the Light Horse Tavern in Jersey City that indicates otherwise.
April 6, 2011-City of Hoboken web site posts transcripts of F.B.I. surveillance video of Michael Russo meeting with Solomon Dwek.

May 16, 2011- Mason/Russo re-introduce (amended) resolution for Melli/Bryan emails
Council President Beth Mason has re-introduced legislation requesting copies of emails from City Communications Director Juan Melli and Mayor Dawn Zimmer's Confidential Aide Dan Bryan sent to and from the local media and bloggers. Her intent is to see if the mayor's communications staffers have been sending out political information on taxpayer time.
May 26, 2011- Mayor Announces F.B.I. at City Hall and the removal of computer equipment.
In fact, the FBI was at Hoboken City Hall today and "removed equipment," Mark Tabakin, the city's corporation counsel said this afternoon. Tabakin would not say what equipment was taken.
November 9, 2011- Patrick Ricciardi arrested AND Mayor Zimmer deposed in Campbell case (see transcript)
Ricciardi had been arrested earlier that day for allegedly slipping confidential City Hall communications to unauthorized parties, including allegedly at least one present city official who has not been named.  In court, Ricciardi, a Hoboken resident, had his hands and feet shackled.  He faces a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison if convicted on three charges for which he was arrested.
November 14, 2011- Beth Mason implicates herself in the Ricciardi  email conspiracy to Roman Brice at the Hoboken City Council.
"Council President, first of all I'm raising concerns because these are issues of libel. And I'm gonna make it very clear. That there are significant issues here and unless there's proof I'm going to say I've NOT seen those emails and maybe Mr. Brice should release the emails between YOU and the mayor's political aides that I asked so we can REALLY see what has been a coordinated effort as a smear campaign between THOSE of us who don't agree with this administration and continue to speak out and you're not gonna shut me UP! I'm tired of this constant (?), false accusations between members of this council.

January 3, 2012- Mason sends videographer to tape Mayor Zimmer's 4 hour deposition in the Campbell suit. Plaintiff's layer, Catherine Elston does not object to Mason's videographer; the City attorney does. Elston, hits every Mason political talking point in her examination. She questions the mayor extensively about the publication of the Russo transcript- which was NOT included in the complaint and happened AFTER Campbell's firing.

January 15, 2012- Mason leaks video to Hoboken Reporter, they publish "juicy" details.

January 17, 2012- Mason gives video to Hoboken411.  He posts entire 4-hour video with a vicious, partisan hit piece called "Hoboken411 Exclusive: Did Zimmer commit perjury". Same day, GA breaks that the HR leak and videotape were provided by Beth Mason.

Did you get all that?

You can draw your own conclusions, but here's GA's theory.

The Ricciardi email 'heist' was well under way by the time Campbell got fired on August 6, 2010.  By then, Ricciardi was an established 'Sears & Roebuck catalog' type operation; if one wanted the emails of any individual in particular they knew who to go to.  The idea for the Campbell suit may have been a collaborative effort.  In pursuit of 'proof' that Campbell was ousted for political reasons, the conspirators went to 'Sears and Roebuck' Ricciardi and ordered the emails of Melli and Bryan for anything they could 'use' in the lawsuit.  These emails were illegally obtained and shared.

WHAT was shared and with WHOM?

Based on the timeline, GA believes that the Mason- Russo email jihad stemmed from the email 'hunt' for the Campbell suit.  The Campbell suit was a 'project' to embarrass and weaken the mayor and 'destroy' her 2 top staffers.  The Campbell suit was conjured as a pure political operation; Mr. Campbell, angry about being fired, was willing.

Remember, no explanation was ever given by Mason and Russo why they targeted these 2 staffers as 'politicizing' City Hall- why not any other Director or staffer?

It was because of the Billy Campbell law suit.  GA believes Mason and Russo were part of the conspiracy to dig up  dirt for the plaintiff's use and to provide Campbell's attorney, Catherine Elston, with the 'backup needed.  What they had done for the Campbell case became the email jihad 'case' against Melli and Bryan.

What was Elston given?  What was she told?   By whom?

Was Elston given or told anything that was not properly procured?

If so, GA is not implying she KNEW of the material's shady provenance: I couldn't say that.  But the persons providing it knew. Everything.  Further...

GA is sure there was no smoking gun in the emails, never was. Melli and Bryan did NOTHING wrong. 

But that doesn't mean their emails weren't shared,.  GA believes they were. And  just ASKING the question suggests wrongdoing.

There is a LOT more to this case than a City worker seeking compensation for his firing.

And it begins with Patrick Ricciardi.  And GA believes it ties the Sears and Roebuck operation to the larger conspiracy to damage the mayor and her staffers through a dupe, Billy Campbell.

Mason could give a rat's ass about Campbell.  She got her email jihad, threw lots of mud. She got her videotape and put it on Hoboken411.

And that's why they DON'T want to talk about it.

That's my theory, anyway.

The Snookvasion

 This came from a GA reader today:
I am surprised i did not see a story from you about the snooki and jwoww crew to hoboken?
My response: Who's Snooki?

Okay, that's not quite true. Here's what I know about her: she's a reality TV star, petite, voluptuous, has a very cute face and a retro beehive do.  But oce she opens her mouth, the romance is over.  GA has no idea who 'jwow' is.

Please let's keep it that way.

Sorry if you think I'm a snob, but I don't watch TV that lowers my IQ.   

LA (Little Avenger) and I enjoy the  National Geographic channel, Animal Planet, Discovery, Science and  History channels, that's basically it. So I've  never seen a "Jersey Shore" episode-  caught a snippet on YouTube, and that was enough.  You can have Snooki, I'll take Planet Earth.

All I can say is, Hoboken already has one cable tv superstar, Buddy Valastro.  That's enough.

So if I haven't yet made myself clear,  my response to the reader is, GA thinks that Hoboken needs 'Snooki and Jwoww' like it needs an anthrax shower.   Case closed.

Here's what the Snookvasion means to residents: when your favorite restaurant is occupied by a TV media circus, you're behind the velvet rope.  If you go to Starbucks and Snooki's there, you might as well fly to Brazil and pick your own coffee beans,'cause that's how fast you'll get served.

Like if you try to buy your kid a cookie at Carlo's.  Bring an ID and birth certificate.

Sorry to say, but the tizzy surrounding this Snookvasion says something about us, and it's not good.

It shows how little Hoboken culture has in common with our Manhattan neighbor's.  Now THAT place is teeming with famous people and superstars- and it's no big deal.  NYC is not impressed with celebrities.  They walk the streets, sit next to you in restaurants, ride the subway (Richard Dreyfuss once asked me for direction on the R train) and it's no big deal.   As it should be.

Even Hoboken has it's celebrities who live here quietly amongst us without fanfare.  Those are the kind GA likes.

Guess who I used to see frequently shopping in A&P?   

Eli Manning.  I didn't know who he was, just a tall,  young guy with a baby face.  Then, I saw him on a TV commercial and said "I know that guy!" Anyway, he'd shop during off-hours when the store wasn't busy, and acted like an ordinary chap. No entourage.  I recall he was behind me at the cashier once and waited in line like everyone else.

Now that's the kind of celebrity GA likes.

Eli, good luck in the Superbowl!  And if you're in townm avocados are on sale this week, 3 for $5

click HERE for this week's circular

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dr. Shrill, Psycho-Therapist: Shark on the Couch

It's been awhile since we've heard from Dr. Shrill, Psycho-therapist. the creator & syndicator of the soon-to-be smash hit series, “Denial Is Not a River in Egypt."  In her own words:
This exciting new reality concept looks for the best examples of disturbed people who seem particularly clueless about their disorders. We are especially looking for individuals who display their pathology very publicly. Use of social media, blogs, local access TV, etc. to further splay the sickness gets extra points for our consideration. (It makes our job easier!)

So imagine my excitement when my “Psycho-Scouts” (what a great job title, if I say so, myself), pointed me to Hoboken, via Grafix Avenger, that brilliant satirist of Hoboken’s nuttiness! As you know, NJ has its “Housewives” and “Shore” characters. Even that Buddy Valastro (BORING, except for the OCD displayed in the icing).
Dr. Shrill has provided us in the past with some fascinating analyses of our local characters: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mason, for example.
In fact, Mr. & Mrs. Mason seem a fascinating dyad of mutually enabling pathology in many regards. Both can be seen as poster children for narcissistic personality disorder, co-morbid with anti-social and histrionic features.

They have the added factor of wealth, which affords them much more elaborate opportunities for acting out behaviors. Their blatantly ego-gratifying behaviors (which they seem to rationalize as some form of altruism & somehow believe others share their view---indicative also of impaired reality testing skills), now seem to occur more frequently & floridly, as they perceive their imagined reality to be crumbling around them.

And because of that wealth, they have amassed an entourage of enablers/sycophants, who participate in their elaborate dance of denial and serve to reinforce their distorted sense of reality, self-importance and systematic disregard for the rights of others.
Then there was her stunning portrait of that raging borderline bundle of pathologies we call Lane Bajardi, Mason operative.
Mr. Bajardi appears to present a history of paranoically-rooted, symbolic annihilation fantasies---often of a rather ritualistic nature, via media-focused schemes & vendettas. There appears to be a nearly constant desire to be “on camera,” via a myriad of sometimes novel approaches to attention-seeking. This is evidenced by his ritualistic behaviors with certain “props.” The attachment to certain objects---in particular, an easel. One might postulate this is a symbolic “stand-in” of sorts. A “security blanket,” if you will, e.g., a “transitional object” that offers some sort of self-soothing. This may in fact offer some “solace” for Mr. Bajardi, not unlike thumb-sucking & hair-twirling behaviors, so common during the Oedipal Phase.

Co-related, are his increasingly transparent, failed attempts to apparently mimic Multiple Personality Disorder on your local blogs. For Mr. Bajardi, these strivings only seem to have resulted in further public humiliation, which could in turn be speculated only serve to further fuel his narcissistic injuries and rage
Bravo, Dr. Shrill! 

Well, the dear doctor has been so busy with her many projects, aren't we lucky she dropped in to see us?  And look what caught her eye: these twisted fantasties from the mind of Mason operative and webmaster, James Barracato.
Ray (Smith) can tell you how Barracato claimed I left a vacuum cleaner with a note that said 'Happy anniversary" on it, at his Weehawken home. Al (Sullivan) can tell you he claimed I was caught on a videotape at Bed, Bath and Beyond setting up a mock wedding-registry for him. 
Weird huh?  Dr. Shrill thought so, too.  Here is what the good doctor had to say.

G.A. reports such fascinating persecutory fantasies on the part of Mr. B.! Ideas of reference in delusional systems are particular favorites, here at "Denial Is Not a River in Egypt"!

(We're especially grateful for this up-tick in the psycho-drama, especially since Meta-Psycho-Scout has reported an unfortunate development: that vicarious primitive need-gratify object, Snooki, is apparently attempting to invade "Denial's" coveted territory! We do NOT appreciate the competition in our voyeur-enabling niche-market, thank you very much!)

Bed, Bath & Beyond videography of a faux bridal registry! Was it allegedly filmed by the in-store camera or perhaps instead by that Mr. Ricciardi, prior to his reported indictment? (Psycho-Scouts have been following him in his other desultory dimensions.) Is a copy available for "Denial's" review? How about the registry itself, so we might assess what Mr. B. fantasizes as Ms. G.A.'s design-vision for his Weehawken home decor?

Even more piquant is the vacuum cleaner, delivered to Mr. B.'s door with an anniversary greeting---as if G.A. is cast as his personal Fuller Brush Woman! What a novel twist on that old chestnut of a sexual fantasy! We also assume, given his "profession," Mr. B. does not work outside the home & is perhaps "symbiotically-attached" to his laptop---akin to the paradigmatic "traditional homemaker" with her vacuum cleaner.

Was it a higher-end tool, such as an Electro-Lux or a Dyson? Or perhaps the more pedestrian Hoover? Was it cord-less or hand-held, such as a Dust-Buster?

(All these details DO matter, in teasing out the symbolic meaning! Suction-power, the array of hoses & attachments, etc. And also the cognitive-dissonance factor: if expensive, then it represents--to Mr. B.--his symbolic value to Ms. G.A.!)

Indeed, a "mock wedding registry" & an "anniversary gift," courtesy of Ms. G.A.! One might postulate Mr. B. may in fact hold some deep, convoluted libidinal attachment to Ms. G.A., for which his elaborate web-based attacks reflect his fierce struggle to deny! In the murky depths of his unconscious, is he perhaps somehow symbolically "married" to Ms. Pincus? He surely seems obsessionally "wedded" to her blog!

Given the increasingly positive public response to G.A., Mr. B. must surely be grappling with that most soiling (there's that vacuum cleaner again!) of emotions: ENVY!!

(Meanwhile, envy's ugly green head appears to be rearing itself in the local press, hence the concerted efforts to apparently "scrub" G.A.'s presence elsewhere---a sort of symbolic "vacuuming"!)

All evidence of a deeply troubled soul, not unlike that other Mr. B.: Mr. Bajardi!

To hold such conflicted strivings would indeed pose serious extra- & intra-psychic threats to "survival," & deep betrayals of the idealized "primary caretaker," Ms. Mason---& in turn, her own primary caretaker/enabler---Mr. Ricky!

Oh, the inner turmoil! How we wish we could get a camera inside these disturbed psyches!

But unlike so many in the panoply of Hoboken psychopaths, we at "Denial" are not steeped in that narcissistic, grandiose cognitive distortion: mind-reading!

We are just a psycho-babbling brook, feeding into the stream of consciousness. All for your entertainment!