GA Exclusive: The Letters

You can lie to The People but you can't lie to OPRA.

GA OPRAed  2 missing pieces of the growing scandal: how was  School Board Trustee Sullivan seated at the Tuesday Board meeting when she was fingerprinted on January 6, 2012, one week AFTER the December 31, 2011 deadline.  (The date of Sullivan's fingerprinting was furnished by an investigator from the NJDOE Criminal History Review Unit.)

The first of the missing pieces: when was the official NJDOE letter ordering Sullivan to "cease serving as a Board member"of ineligibility issued?

The answer: Friday, January 6, 2012.  The letter was faxed to the Hoboken BoE on Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 3:55 pm.

Note this is an official document on NJDOE letterhead signed by Carl H. Carabelli, Manager of the Criminal History Review Unit.

The next puzzle piece has been much in dispute: when was the edict of ineligibility 'lifted', how was it lifted and by whom?

Because that is the key to why Sullivan was seated at the School Board on January 10th after the official letter unseating her was sent on January 8th. What was the intervening measure that spared her but not the "200" others whose names were published in the Star Ledger yesterday ?

Sullivan's internet persona, franksinatra, is claiming she was "approved" on Monday on Patch.

Here is the 'letter'- actually an email sent on Tuesday, January 10th at 5:08 pm saying that the NJDOE's January 6th letter "we WILL BE rescinding the notice of ineligibility"-- meaning that it had NOT been rescinded prior to that notification.

You get it?

Furthermore, notice that Sullivan appears to have sent 4 messages, and has been conducting official Board business from her personal Hotmail account- not her BoE account, which would be subject to OPRA

Now we know the NJDOE sent an 'unofficial' email notice that the letter would be rescinded in the future.  And the Manager of the Criminal History Review Unit, Carl Carabelli, directed the Superintendant to seat Sullivan on Tuesday.

So has the State rescinded the January 6th letter?  What is Sullivan's status?

Is she or isn't she?

On a seperate note, GA received this from a reader this morning:
Star Ledger wrote about why they pulled the list:

But the state’s list itself is in doubt. The Star-Ledger found that more than a dozen people no longer served on their respective boards, having resigned for various reasons over the past eight months. And in at least one case, a man identified as a school board member for a Newark charter school had never been a board member there, a spokeswoman for the school said.

Thursday evening, Department of Education spokesman Justin Barra revised the number of ineligible board members to 183. The list was initially posted on, the online home of The Star-Ledger, but the newspaper removed it from the site Thursday afternoon over concerns about its accuracy.

In at least a dozen more cases, board members told The Star-Ledger they believed they were in compliance with the two-step background-check process because they first registered online with the Department of Education before the December deadline.

The board members said they also had made arrangements to be fingerprinted — the second step — but could not immediately get appointments because of a backlog


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