Up To Her Old Tricks

Was anyone wondering how the Hoboken Reporter got Mayor Zimmer's 4-hour videotaped deposition days prior to the release of the transcript?  Oh, you don't know what I mean.

See for yourself, as printed in our local paper:
HOBOKEN -- Hoboken police have made an arrest on a warrant issued for Lane Bajardi, a local politically involved Hoboken resident. The arrest came after he was accused of having allegedly assaulted a local blogger at a Board of Education forum a week ago. Bajardi was charged with robbery because the victim allegedly had his camera taken by Bajardi.
Ooops! I posted the wrong Hudson Reporter article!  I hate when I do that.

Here's the correct one:
Attorney debates juicy Hoboken topics with Zimmer; video obtained exclusively by Reporter

Zimmer recently testified for more than four hours in one day in the OAL court regarding the appeal of former city Public Information Officer Bill Campbell’s layoff.

Campbell was hired during the previous mayoral administration and was let go by Zimmer’s administration during the fall of 2010. The mayor had already hired a new city spokesman in May 2010.

While transcripts of the testimony are not expected to become public until later this week, video footage of the mayor’s testimony was obtained exclusively by The Reporter from a source not directly involved in the case.

C'mon, Ray.  Was that you or did your Zimmer-hating Editor, Caren something-or-other slip that in?

Well, we certainly know who your 'source' was. At least GA does.

Beth Mason. 

That's according to my source, who is not involved directly in the case, either.

Mason sent her videographer to film the deposition, then gave it to the Reporter to view-only FIRST, to get in in the print edition.  And after that,  the clinically-dead H411 posted the 4-hr video, with the website's logo watermarked, along with the kind of poisonous invective that killed off his readership.

F.B.I., are you paying attention?

F.B.I., this is the mania of the woman who would go to any length to damage the Mayor.  One could imagine that might include reading the Mayor's email and cooking up a City Council resolution to provide 'cover' for such illegally obtained documents.... and of course, funneling such documents through Ricciardi's friend at Hoboken411, with a companion  smear by the operative Bajardi.

F.B.I., have you ever found him on a Mason ELEC filing? 

No offense Mayor, but if I'm going to sit for a 4-hour video, I'll be watching Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh, not you.

I'm guessing Number 41 will find some use for her 4-hour video, which GA will call 'Gone With the Mind'.... because, you know.


  1. wow! i recall reading about the mayor's questioning and the article (can't recall where) mentioned that a video crew had set up in the room and taped the whole thing, over zimmer's lawyers objections. i remember at the time saying "hmm, yes, i WONDER who's behind that one?" but forgot all about it until now. man, beth mason is really psychopathic.

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  3. oh my goodness.....again .....keep getting deleted lol..... every time Campbell is brought up.....

    Remember,this happened the last time when everyone wanted to know the name of the police officer who arrested Mr Sacks......

    Who is the judge and the def lawyer for Mr Campbell's, names?......not so hard...and who was that terrible lawyer defending Ms zimmer, you could see the mayor was exhausted.....

    1. The Judge is Jessie Straus? Is that the judge in the Video?

  4. Whoever her new camera boy is, he would be wise to get paid by Mrs. Richard G. Mason very soon as she is notorious for not paying employees.


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