Not Far Off?

Sending a videographer to tape the mayor's court testimony... to leak to the media while many believe she's being watched by the F.B.I. for engaging in such conspiratorial operations, same pattern of funneling material to Hoboken 411..  to post on his cyber- ghost town with an angry screed penned by her not-paid-for-friendship friend...  

What's next?


  1. A charming publicity still for the soon-to-be-released musical film: "Mentl" subtitled "The Mrs. Richard G. Mason Story" with such hits as "D.A. Can You Hear Me?", "A Specious Lie" and "Where is it Mis-Written?"

    Who knew straitjackets came with shoulder pads?

  2. Personally, Oracle I think it's a good look. Snappy. Never out-of-season. It becomes her, as she becomes it.

    What say you?

  3. And when Dicky dumps her, it's perfect for conjugal visits with pre-op Gumby.


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