Banned, Censored by

Damn straight, Al Sullivan!  

ALL of GA's links posted on were just deleted and my posting privileges rescinded.

Ah, so what.  But here's what it tells you.

This happens when the 'opposition' doesn't want others reading particular posts over here.  GA went back to October 23, 2010-  another time I got banned.  Here's what happened back then:
Last night I tried to post a link to GA's 'Timmy Sings' post after I went there and saw it had been deleted. That's when I noticed ALL links to GA previously posted were gone. Scrubbed clean.   
Hmmm... and today I posted Strike Two! about Timmy's crusade to get City Hall to clean grafitti on an NJ Transit structure in Jersey City....

Do you think somebody's a little thin-skinned?  Or...

I suspect Timmy's numerous handlers who wish his political star to rise do NOT want the word that he's a dunce getting around. shhhhhh... don't tell anyone.  I know that the late Maurice Fitzgibbons (may he Rest in Peace) was a mentor, I wonder who's got that gig now?  Whomever it is,  a lot of effort goes into the packaging, that's for sure.  Certainly one wouldn't want the product to soil himself and dirty his fine wrappings- G-d forbid he does, DO NOT let the word get out!

Pssssst... I've got news for you handlers.  He's a dunce.  I'm thinking you bet on the wrong horse.  Time to cut your losses?  We all make mistakes.

Anyway, I'm guessing Timmy's people behind the message board ousting and deleting.  Or...

The links to this post were deleted numerous times yesterday- Connect the Dots.

That was the one about Beth Mason's camera crew attending Mayor Zimmer's Jan 3rd court testimony in the Campbell vs. City of Hoboken lawsuit.

Now THAT one raises a lot of questions, and is sure to be discussed  here in the coming days.
Based on the nature of the questioning, and the presence of Mason's film crew, GA wonders if Beth Mason may have actually been coordinating with the plaintiff's attorney AGAINST THE INTERESTS OF THE CITY.

Which raises these questions.
And of course, will sMason be called to testify?

Well, the entire discussion seems to be one SOME don't want to have.

So keep talking, people.


  1. i'd be proud to paste links to GA posts over there on your behalf, until i get censored too! viva la revolution!

  2. Thanks, JAM!

    If you wouldn't mind mentioning I was banned and all my links deleted...

    That place must be under new management!

  3. looks like someone already beat me to it.


    When the Regime commanded that books with harmful knowledge
    Should be publicly burned and on all sides
    Oxen were forced to drag cartloads of books
    To the bonfires, a banished
    Writer, one of the best, scanning the list of the Burned, was shocked to find that his
    Books had been passed over. He rushed to his desk
    On wings of wrath, and wrote a letter to those in power ,
    Burn me! he wrote with flying pen, burn me! Haven’t my books
    Always reported the truth ? And here you are
    Treating me like a liar! I command you!
    Burn me!

    ~Bertolt Brecht

  5. I thought of that same poem, Grizzy.

  6. omg....for years horrible people would post terrible things on those blog. Now they are being specific on who they delete. Not good for the only paper in our area the Jersey Journal. not good at all. So sorry to hear this GA.

  7. It is interesting that honestabezi (who is up to 4 or 5 names now and also LtTruthSeeker on patch - is getting all of his posts deleted.

    His posts are dumb but not especially offensive.

    Either he is deleting them himself or someone else is doing it so the banning of GA will not seem to be singling her out.

    Interesting that they haven't banned Smarty.

    But if you read Patch (you need pepto for this) it's plain to see that Lane & Kim will be working for anti-KF. So getting rid of GA on is tactical to the BOE race where they fear her more than Smarty (so far). Beth has been able to get her crap into the gazettes that own Surely she can get people removed from the site.

  8. NJ.Com, The Jersey Journal and their parent company, The Newark Star Ledger, have been declining very rapidly in terms of their journalistic standards. (Read Jarret Renshaw's coverage of the council minority's attempted sabotage of the hospital and parking garage deal).

    It's also ironic that they'd engage in such an obvious act of censorship when the entire internet is abuzz with government censorship issues. Apparently, there's no need for Big Brother when news outlets censor themselves. For shame!

    Too, it's important to note that what this means is there are insiders who will do the bidding of patrons like Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Mason. Blog posters should not expect that their anonymity will be respected.


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