Happy New Year, People!

Inaugural countdown (and reminder to be EARLY)

Giatttino campaign paid for oppo-research on...?

Mayor-elect Bhalla: "City accepting pre-payment of property taxes..."

Checked power

39% Mystery deepens...

HO! HO! HO! Zimmer Claus brought you a VETO!

BOMBSHELL: Giattino Joint Committee paid $73.9K to Trump MAGA fundraiser!

UPDATE: DeFusco SILENT on "Evil Diamond Men" Facebook slur

UPDATE: 5-Hour Council Meeting

Dark Side's RUN-OFF election ordinance VOTE TONIGHT

ELEC Report Audit: Math Mystery Solved!

BREAKING: Fisher-Giattino REPLACE their "Municipal Audit Committee" Resolution...

UPDATE: Giattino Joint Committee ELEC missing $48,207.70 in disbursements

before there was Photoshop...

UPDATE: HHA approved settlement to Carmelo Garcia on Nov. 9 (2017)

BREAKING: Fisher-Giattino POWER GRAB Resolution