Strike Two!

Does anyone remember this?

When Timmy Occhipinti told 4th Ward voters he would "stand up for them"  in a letter dated Nov 7-  he was actually standing in Mike Russo's Ward!

That's right- he thanked the wrong voters!  Who voted for another guy.  Because he misstated the boundaries of  his own ward, thought it was about 6 square blocks bigger.  In fact, GA posted this warning to 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo:
It looks like the new 4th Ward City Councilman has declared war on your ward and plans an invasion!

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Well, folks.  Lightning has struck twice.  Or shall we say, the bell tolls for Tim?   

Wanna bet?

Actually, I'm waiting for Timmy to get voted off the island.   ding-a-ling....

Don't you DARE say," that's mean, GA! "

I think being a City Council anti-Administration rubber stamp to deny a simple garage refinance to blow a $4.5 million hole (triggering layoffs) in Hoboken's budget is mean, and not bonding a traffic light so our new park/soccer field can open is mean and votes against the hospital sale which left 1,000+ terrified over losing their jobs is mean, and voting down the first resolution to repair faulty wiring and overflowing toilets at the HPD headquarters  is mean.

So don't say I'm mean. 

People, we get the government we elect, or the one that buys our votes.  And if you buy stupid, you get stupid.

And a City Councilman who doesn't know where his own ward is, well... what do you think?  Or one that asks our City Directors for a "plan" to clean up graffiti in.... Jersey City.  Which Timmy thought was in the 4th Ward ward.


It's even harder to imagine he screwed up that border after leading the pre-election "No Gas Pipeline" crusade in which Hoboken's south border was clearly delineated and part of the discussion since as the pipeline ran parallel to the rail yards in Jersey City.   Hey Timmy, what are you doing about the graffiti on Sears at Newport mall?  And I think I saw some in the Ladies room at BJ's.

Remember this?

Well folks, here's how it began, on January 13th with fanfare on Hoboken411 :

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It's too funny, you've got to read this,  the letter he sent to the Mayor, her Directors, Freeholder Romano and the entire City Council:

This graffiti is all over the walls of the underpass on Newark Street in the 4th Ward as you enter/exit Hoboken.

I’d like to think that this is one of the “gateways” into Hoboken and this is unacceptable. Graffiti not only lowers property values but this is what visitors and residents see first upon entering our city.

I am not entirely certain whose jurisdiction this falls under so I included Freeholder Romano.

Please work on a corrective action plan to address the graffiti on multiple walls and let me know your course of action to resolve this. I would like you to provide the plan to address this at next week’s council meeting.

Councilman Occhipinti
Bwaa- HAW HAW....

You thought that was funny?  It gets better.   read Perry Klaussen's note below:
411 Note: No one at City Hall responded to Councilman Occhipinti’s concerns – however, Hudson County Freeholder Anthony Romano did – and said that it is the city’s responsibility (not the County)...

Kurt Gardiner, future Freeholder candidate, did you write that down?

Hey Timmy, do you know why "no one at City Hall responded" to your concerns?  I guess they were  busy laughing.

Wait folks, we're not done.  Not only does the offending graffiti reside in Jersey City, the defaced property belongs to NJ Transit!

So Timmy, if the graffiti is such an eyesore, why didn't you call your friend from NJ Transit... he LOVES you!   In fact,  he loved you for $3,000 in your 2010 and 2011 campaigns! 

2010 Occhipinti campaign donation from NJ Transit employee

2011 Occhipinti campaign donation from NJ Transit employee

How come you didn't you just ask HIM for a "corrective action plan" to clean up his filthy wall?  Why didn't you tell him that the sight was "unacceptable" to the retinas traveling in and out of Hoboken?

Were you afraid he'd stop loving you?

Nah, he'll always love you.

But how do you explain to your constituents that you are standing up for them in Jersey City and Mike Russo's ward, and that you are too lazy to do your own due diligence?  

You embarrassed yourself, Tim.

And your NJ Transit pals who now know you've suggested they're neglectful of their own property, and that it is an eyesore to Hoboken travelers.  And that you find the condition of their property in jerey City "unnacetable".

Timmy, you only have yourself to blame.  Not mean bloggers. Your campaign of self-promotion is what delivered the 'recognition' you're received today...  without that this would have flown quietly below the radar.  But no, you are a blogger's dream-come-true.

Strike Two!

A Tim Fan on Hoboken411

(Thanks to Da Horsey for cutting the City Council record video.)


  1. For whatever influence Tim Occhi-pinhead might have over the outcome of the NJ Transit site, it's easy to connect the dots between Eagler and Tim. Perhaps Eagler has also contributed to Fulop, as the site straddles both Hoboken and Jersey City.

    Why else would someone from Clifton care about a council election in Hoboken?

    Here is presumably Eagler's Facebook bio:

    "Peter C. Eagler (born November 23, 1954, Clifton, New Jersey) is an American Democratic Party politician from New Jersey. He is currently a city councilman in Clifton, New Jersey, a position he has held since 2006. Eagler is currently in his fourth term as a Clifton councilman, having been elected three previous times. Eagler is a former member of the New Jersey General Assembly representing the 34th legislative district. He served as an assemblyman from 2002-2006. Eagler served on the Assembly's Regulated Professions and Independent Authorities (as Chair), Telecommunications and Utilities (as Vice Chair) and Senior Issues Committees. He also served as a Passaic County Freeholder from 1996 until 2005.

    Eagler graduated with a B.A. in 1976 from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Political Science and Russian Area Studies. In 1977 he began working as the Safety Inspector for the New Jersey Highway Authority, serving in that capacity for ten years until he was selected to head the directorship of the Heritage Festivals at the Garden State Arts Center. When the Arts Center was privatized, Mr. Eagler was assigned to the computer area of the Highway Authority where he now works."

    Who else is in the assembly? That's correct! Ramos! Once again, the incest that is New Jersey politics plays a role.

    Like his dates, Tim's toys are inflatable. What is he doing to that poor duck?

    Oh the humanity!

  2. Excellent, Oracle!

    From Eagler's bio, one might assume, like his pol-capo compadre, Ramos, he will also be collecting 3 NJ public servant pensions!

  3. The 6th Ward does stretch up to 6th Street, back by the Housing Authority "projects". The 4th Ward runs from Newark to 6th, Grand to Marshall, with some zig-zags along the way.

    1. Yes, Eric. And I've shown that on the above map- the green area.

      Timmy wrote in the HR that his ward was "From Jackson to Jefferson, and Observer to 6th".

      You think I'm nit-picking poor Tim? Or he's genuinely confused? Meet me by the graffiti in the 4th ward to discuss.

  4. Tim wants something DONE!!!!

  5. I think you should start calling Occhipinti the "Little Lordling". Why? Because of this paragraph:

    "Please work on a corrective action plan to address the graffiti on multiple walls and let me know your course of action to resolve this. I would like you to provide the plan to address this at next week’s council meeting."

    Really? I read this as "I'm going to spend 2 minutes writing a letter, you're going to plan everything and execute it, and I'm going to take the credit." I could do as much as a private citizen of Hoboken (and I know which department to call).

    Whatever happened to rolling up your sleeves and actually doing something to help your community? He's a public servant, not a lord who has every wish granted without question.

    If he had organized a community clean-up to address graffiti in his ward (even if he knew where it was) it would have been a terrific PR event, as it is he looks like an idiot.

    BTW - Signing your letters "Best" means "Fuck you"

  6. So is there a comment posting policy GA? I love the blog and thought I'd chime in but my comment was deleted with no explanation. Am I too new? Is there a waiting period? Language? I'd message you personally but I couldn't find an email address for you. Keep fighting the good fight.

  7. So sorry, snuh... I found your (first) comment in my SPAM bin and retrieved it. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

    Yes, Timmy sure is a nitwit but he's got 'the machine' behind him... somehow he's been anointed as their rising star. Ha! He's more like a rising balloon filled with hot gas.

    Thanks you for your kind words... and for chiming in. Please do chime again!


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