Super Tax Cutter

Slam dunk, girlfriend!

You show those boys how to do it.

From the Jersey Journal's "Hoboken Leads the Way on Cutting Taxes":
Thank the City of Hoboken for bringing in the Hudson County average in tax hikes last year to just 1 percent.

City officials in the Mile Square City chopped property taxes a whopping 10 percent last year, according to an analysis that appeared in today's Star-Ledger.
Incredible, considering...
While Hoboken taxpayers received some much needed property tax relief, most residents elsewhere in the county saw property taxes rise higher than 2.4 percent, which was the average statewide increase.
Now, GA  hopes the mayor, Hudson County's #3 'Most Influential' Person and #1 Tax-Cutter-  will continue governing in the way to enable future tax decreases.

Or, simply put: you go, girl!