The Parade Debate

The great St.Patty's Day Parade debate rages on Patch and MSV, with pro-debauchery crowd (keep it on Saturday!) duking it out with the starched Fruit-of-the-Loomers (move it to Wednesday!)

I'd like to take the third position: pro-debauchery (yeah!) and move it to Wednesday (in another state). 

Now that's guaranteed to please no one, but then the whole thing's a loser- except for opportunists who'll try to score political points on whichever day it falls.

And it's looking like Wednesday.
But  opinions about the parade don't fall neatly within respective political camps.

For example, some of the Mayor's supporters would like the parade to stay where it is.  Others, like myself, would like it to move far, far away...

Boooo hissss, yourself. 

GA loves a good time. And debauchery is a great American tradition, as is getting falling down drunk and projectile vomiting on your own shoes.  G-d  bless our great nation.   Yup, debauchery and drinking are our American birthright. But pissing on someone's house?  Not so much.  Breaking private property?  Never.   Dodging  mobs on the sidewalk?  I have a better idea: how about moving your drunken ass out of the way?

Booooo hissssss again?

Sorry.  But it's about time to pull out the welcome mat when our boorish guests drive us indoors or out of our city.

Why so cranky?

Hmmm... was it the girl who pulled down her pants in broad daylight and peed on the house across the street?  Or the young men who talked about getting some "p*ssy" next to my (then) 8 year-old girl?  Or the busted wooden sawhorse on my block?  I remember a drunk threw his body *BAM* up against McDonald's glass storefront with my kid in  her stroller on the other side.

Well,  speaking of debauchery and public drunkenness, have  you ever been to a Mardi Gras?

From my experience, the drunks roaming the streets of the French Quarter are polite, friendly (strangers pose for pictures and volunteer peeks at their private parts), and don't pee in public nor break private property.  

Hoboken drunks, try it!

Here are some pics GA took in 2000,  at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.