Breaking: LIST of BoE Members Ordered Vacated Published

The Star Ledger is reporting that 200 NJ School Board members have been ordered to step down immediately.

Under the state law enacted last year, the only one of its kind in the nation, all school board members, including charter school trustees had to complete the "criminal history review" by Dec. 31.

An NJDOE spokeswoman said, of the original list of 350 'ineligible', 
"some members had completed the process incorrectly or failed to pay required fees. Their status is yet to be determined".
The following are the School Board members from Hudson County who  have been ordered by the NJDOE to vacate their positions IMMEDIATELY.

And one name is conspicuously missing.

Maureen Sullivan. A Board Trustee was fingerprinted late last week but eked out a letter removing her from the 'ineligible' list on Tuesday evening.

Do these 200 realize the amnesty option is available for the politically connected?

Read the COMPLETE list of 200 ousted Board NJ members HERE:

W. Nevins McCannHudsonDr Lena Edwards Academy Charter
Naisha AndrewsHudsonDream Prep Academy Charter
Paula JonesHudsonDream Prep Academy Charter 
Teresa Jones-TuckerHudsonDream Prep Academy Charter 
Charles MurrayHudsonDream Prep Academy Charter 
Karen RidleyHudsonDream Prep Academy Charter 
Mark TihasekHudsonDream Prep Academy Charter 
Loren BritezHudsonEast Newark
Fernanda FernandesHudsonEast Newark
Johanna LopezHudsonEast Newark
Donna O'DonnellHudsonEast Newark
Elaine SilverstoneHudsonGuttenberg
Noel BankHudsonJC Community Charter 
Theda Riggins-CrawfordHudsonJC Golden Door Charter 
Frank MolinaHudsonLiberty Academy Charter 
Israel NievesHudsonLiberty Academy Charter 
Eliu RiveraHudsonLiberty Academy Charter 
Michelle SanchezHudsonLiberty Academy Charter 
Simon StephenHudsonM.E.T.S. Charter School
Alberto DeArmasHudsonSchomburg Charter School
Adrienne SiresHudsonWest New York