Innocents and their Detractors

credit: Alan Skontra

Look at those wonderful signs. Isn't that nice?  From Patch:
Students from Hoboken Charter and three other schools walked on Friday morning in the 14th annual March on Washington Street to celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

The students, who also came from All Saints, Elysian and Stevens Cooperative School, marched along Washington Street from Hoboken Charter, located near Seventh Street, to the steps of City Hall. The Hoboken Police Department closed the south bound lane of traffic for the march.

The students and their teachers carried signs, sang songs and chanted “freedom” and “MLK”.
We have great kids in this city.  Smart, talented, socially conscious.  Good students who work hard.

And the adults?  Not so much.   (Except for you. And me).

Well, actually most of the adults here are just fine.  But a handful cause a disproportionate amount of chaos, spraying the air with their poison like feral cats marking turf.  Lately they've saved their most toxic treatment for Hoboken's kids.  GA can tell you this is true, as my kid is routinely bashed in the trashing of student performance in our public schools and trashing of their administrators.

pencil sketch by LA (Little Avenger), age 9

And such hyper-partisan social misanthropes bash from without and from within. 

 How does one explain a sitting School Board member who blasts the performance of the schools she was elected to govern, attacks fellow Board members, insults and demeans Hoboken's School Superintendent by calling him "weak" and a "turnip"?

Superintendant Toback, this Board member is really gunning for you.

GA's amazed no disciplinary action has been taken against the repeated misconduct of this one Board member- and under her own name. 

 But this is Hoboken.  Land of no consequences.

Which is why the crowd that follows rules and respects the law waits for the F.B.I. to do something.  Again.

And they will.

But unlike some, GA thinks it's going to take time, a lot more time than 'expected'.  So much in fact, that those with the most to worry about will be lulled into a false sense of their own omnipotence.  Good.

One is already there, posting under a dizzying array of screen names in a manner surely to offend the judge at his federal pre-sentencing hearing.  Remorse?  No, not that one.  He lacks the essential conscientiousness of wrongdoing and shame to warrant special consideration. No that one will do time. Well, I'll wait for Not-Stempler's insight on that subject. 

So... what started this riff?

That pic.  Of the kids in all their innocence and essential goodness.  Knowing how debased their enemies are, and the depths to which they'll go to harm our school district and attack progress.


  1. LA, like her mom, is clearly very talented! It's very disturbing that a sitting BoE member will not build on the positive strengths and sucesses of our district but instead spews toxicity at every turn.

    If a missed deadline (and inadequately filed) state-mandated background check does not require the enforcers of this law to get her to resign, what will it take for this bialy of a bitch to step down?

    1. I ditto Oracle. (Especially the talented Avenger gene pool part!)


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