Waaa! We Want our Crime Wave!

Said the Hoboken St. Patrick's Parade Committee in a specious announcement yesterday.

"Waaaaaa!  No binge drinking, no PARADE!"

Worse, they BLAMED the mayor, as though it were HER decision to cancel the event,  called her "intolerant".

Damn straight. 

She is INTOLERANT of the CRIME WAVE that the event unleashes on our City every year.

She is INTOLERANT of the tsunami of non-residents  responsible for this crime wave done under the pretense of a 'proud tradition' ( 94% of those arrested on parade day 2011 were non-Hoboken residents)

She is INTOLERANT of sexual assaults on Hoboken residents, destruction of our private property and the hostility of the atmosphere for those who simply wish to go about their business unaccosted.

If the Hoboken St. Patrick's Parade Committee were sincere in defense of their "celebration of Irish heritage" then they would understand how greedy bar owners have allowed it to be debased into an annual 'anything goes' drunk-fest and would wish to protect the community from the invasion of out-of-towners, who (literally) piss on Hoboken, then leave.

If the Hoboken St. Patrick's Parade Committee were sincere in defense of their "celebration of Irish heritage" then they wouldn't have LIED to the public: "The idea of marching in a parade, in the dark, on a week night, is as insulting as it is unreasonable."


GA was informed that the City told the Parade Committee that the parade schedule was "up to them".  Which means THEY would choose WHEN to march and not the City. THEY would choose to march in the DARK.

You get it?  

They SPECIOUSLY blame the MAYOR for forcing them to march in the dark,  weaving this manufactured diss into an act of "intolerance".


My Irish-and-proud red-headed, freckled friend called this antisemitism. I call it the start of the 2013 mayoral campaign.

Has GA made it clear that the Wednesday parade day was a GO until the Waaaaa-Committee cancelled it under the hideous pretext of an assault on their heritage?

Look  at the phoniness of that argument.

The NYC St. Patrick's Day parade is held on March 17th of every year at 11am- last year that was THURSDAY. 

11 am.  On a week day. What's the problem, Hoboken?

Why can't Hoboken's Parade Committee get a divorce from the bar scene? 

That's the question that should be asked.

Can the parade committee celebrate their heritage without the attendant non-residents' drinking binge starting at 8:30 am?

For the really thirsty, GA's heard Hoboken bars are open on Wednesday, too.

Doesn't the parade committee care that their "celebration of Irish Heritage" has been beaten and bloodied in the national media, mocked, because of the crime wave that washes in from out-of-town?

From The New York Times:
Last year the police arrested 34 people after the parade, and two women told the authorities that they were sexually assaulted.

Many of the charges involved punching police officers. Some involved vandalism — breaking a screen window with a bat, for example. In another instance, partiers on a balcony threw a flower pot on firefighters answering a call about a backyard blaze.
From the Huffington Post:
Only time will tell if the bridge-and-tunnel crowd will resume their annual public urination festival this year. Never been? We provide some clips below.

I think the rest of the country gets it.  And I'll tell  you why this is a wet noodle as a political weapon against the mayor in 2013.

GA will let you in on a secret.  Come closer.

The constituency least likely to vote for Zimmer:  BnRs, older residents LIKE the parade but HATE the attendant parade day chaos.  Hate it.  Hate the tsunami of inconsiderate 20-somethings who swamp THEIR city and make trouble, litter the streets.

This constituency largely, silently support the decision to move the parade to  Wednesday.

Shhhhh... don''t tell anyone.

And for those Hoboken residents who LIKE the parade, the Mayor didn't cancel it.  The Hoboken St. Patrick's Waaa-Committee  did.

Somebody tell David Liebler.

More: the disappointed masses who come from out of town don't vote here.  Let them get sloppy elsewhere.

GA hopes the Waaaa-Committee reverses their decision so they can have a dignified Wednesday celebration of their Irish Heritage.

GA loves my Irish brothers and sisters out there.

A special shout-out to Deirdre Wall, proud Irish-Canadian, freckled red head and Hoboken resident.  I hope you get your Wednesday parade.

G-d Bless the Irish.


  1. Using some kind of elitist, anti-ethnic software program, Greg Bond claims that sunset is at 7PM the week of March 11th. This would mean, according to his xenophobic theory, that a 5PM parade would not occur "in the dark" as stated by the parade committee. Next he'll try selling us on that evolution crap.

    Kudos to the Parade Committee for ignoring Bond's junk science. Please visit our Gift Shop as you exit.

    1. Grizzy, I sure wish this putrid software were available 6,000 years ago when dinosaurs and man walked the Earth together, to ensure an intra-species St. Patty's Day Parade in daylight.

      In Bedrock, New Jersey.

  2. PS. I was pleased to see Mr Liebler has announced a new policy.

    "This year EatDrinkHoboken asks you to please be respectful to others and the residents of Hoboken."

    This year. Now if he had only said that last year, we could've cut back an the sexual assaults and people taking a dump off the balcony. Better late than never. I hope he says it again next year. It could become another great tradition.

  3. I was disappointed to read the parade committee's letter justifying their decision to cancel the parade with incendiary rhetoric and accusations for which there is no evidence. The committee's charge of "ignorance and ethnic/religious intolerance" is an unacceptable bully tactic designed to divide the community against the Mayor. The committee does not represent everyone of Irish descent in Hoboken. I for one fully support the Mayor's effort to control what has unfortunately become a day of public debauchery and rampant property destruction. If it is the parade, as a celebration of Irish Heritage, that is important to the committee the move to a weekday should not be problematic. Hoboken's Halloween and Memorial Day parades are perfect examples of successful well attended community celebrations held on a weekday.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Really well put, ply.

      A suggestion to bar-owners: price gouging.

      Raise entry fees from $20 to $100 (or north) and drinks to $20 each.

      As for house parties...

  5. Feel a need to repeat myself, as said before:

    A sad day for the St Patrick’s Parade indeed.

    But let's put the blame for this cancellation squarely where it belongs - on the bar and restaurant owners who have marketed the parade’s companion drinking event heavily and year after year resisted good faith efforts to keep things under control as the abuses ratcheted up. The powers that be in our community proved long ago that catering to an increasingly rowdy and dangerous crowd is something that goes too largely without consequence, but with great profit. The word on the street has long been it is condoned to come to our town and throw caution to the wind, and most of the guilty of public drunkenness and all that goes with it get away with it. Laying the blame at the feet of the house parties is misplaced. They are a symptom.

    I will go on record as saying that for the short term crisis management, holding the parade on a Sunday should have at least been given a shot.

    The parade committee is better than that press release and should be ashamed of that poorly drafted letter which itself seems to be written in anger with an unacceptable and uncalled for level of name-calling. It is both confrontational and accusatory, without having the good sense to offer a spirit of cooperation of any stripe, or offer any solutions other than "taking my ball and going home in a snit". It's externalization of blame, while largely true, can not really be taken very seriously as it is too busy striking a condescending tone, lobbing insults and denying there is a very real problem. The current dynamic on parade day should not be a cause for anger, but rather a rally call to solve the issues of the day.

    Final score: emotion 1, problem solving and cooperation, 0.


  6. i agree.....its time to go after these bar owners for over crowding....it is dangerous ...... and i believe worse then the apt party's. "Fines" for overcrowding, releasing groups of drunks onto the street to allow for a new group in. Then with that money use it for security. Since the bar owners refuse to help financially. I state this only because these bar owners will not contribute to this mess.

  7. Also, most of these people maybe 10 to 20% are repeat offenders of the "alcohol- police-EMT- hospital" visits. Every weekend there is approximately 5 to 10 people tied up to a bed in UMC emergency room for alcohol related injuries on any given day. Hoboken needs a law for these repeat offenders.....I believe Hoboken would be the best place to have this law since there is a bar or liquor establishment on almost every square block in town.

  8. I have a story for you guys and I could not stop laughing when I heard it.

    There is this friend we have known for many years but he can not control his liquir....its a shame because he is hysterical, smart and a nice guy. Well he loves to go to the many different casinos every few months and play Black Jack. So the last time he went, he sat down and started playing BJ and asked the waitress for a drink.....she looked at him and pointed up to a camera....and there he was on the camera for all to see.... I'm not sure exactly what it said....but basically....."Do not serve Alcoholic beverages to him. lol

    moral of the story....there is problem solving:)


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