Breaking: Timmy's Jersey City 4h Ward Overpass Gets Painted!

Here's a GA photo exclusive submitted by a reader:

Wow, that looks better than this:

Isn't that AMAZING what NJ Transit will DO for Timmy Occhipinti?  They just GIVE, and GIVE, and GIVE.... that's what you call 'unconditional' love.   

So romantic. *sigh*

Hey Timmy, why don't you ask them to paint your apartment?

GA doesn't have friends like that.

Do you think Timmy will send a 'Thank-you' note?  Stay tuned.


  1. Dear GA,

    It must be nice to have such powerful friends who can get big paint jobs like this done in a flash! No, I don't think NJ Transit will be getting a Thank You note from Timmy because he's not big in the manners department, if you know what I mean. I've noticed as time has passed, that Timmy has gotten more and more rude and petulent. Not that long ago he told Peter Cunningham (I think) to "shut up" and he told Ravi multiple times that Ravi was "out of order" after Ravi had banged the gavel and said Tim was "out of order". What a big baby, through and through. Street Money Ma$on should ask the people in the 4th Ward who were paid to vote for this shill for her money back.

  2. I recall Timmy also got his Pet Shop campaign headquarters painted (yellow) for him. Not by NJ transit, I'm sure!


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