Two Maureen Sullivans?

As GA noted yesterday, questions were raised by the OPRAed email from the NJ Department of Education's Criminal History Review Unit (CHRU) regarding Maureen Sullivan's last minute rush for clearance- so she could be seated for the January 10th BoE meeting. 

Here's what I mean.

The 19-page flurry of emails made it clear that several departments within the DoE- including the Commissioner's office- were telephoned by a frantic Sullivan on January 5th and 6th.

Here is a  CHRU Investigator John DiLorenzo telling his Manager, Carl Carabelli that Sullivan called 'Guy Madison' and told him she was fingerprinted on Thursday, January 5.

Note that School Board members were required to use a company called MorphoTrak for the fingerprinting. The fees are paid up front by the Board member to be reimbursed later. From the NJ School Board e-newsletter:
After completing the online form and submitting the $10.00 registration fee (plus $1.00 convenience fee to Official Payments Corp.), the board member can schedule an appointment by accessing the link to MorphoTrak for digital fingerprint scanning. The fee for MorphoTrak is $70.25 and must be paid by credit card at the time an appointment is scheduled. The scans are sent to the New Jersey State Police and to the federal government. If no criminal history record of a disqualifying nature is reported, an approval letter will be issued.NJSBA successfully advocated for an amendment to the legislation that allows school boards to reimburse members for the cost of the criminal history checks.
Got that?  So Sullivan told the DoE investigator DiLorenzo she was fingerprinted on January 5th. Then why is she telling someone else, Dee Migliaccio, that MorphoTrak could not "fill demand implemented by the state"...

Then Carl Carabelli calls MorhphoTrak and THEY have no record of Sullivan having made an appointment...

So if the NJDOE had Sullivan's fingerprints,  but they weren't done by MorphoTrak... were they another Maureen Sullivan's?  Take a look...

Carabelli says Sullivan "spoke with the investigator"  and that Sullivan "was printed in 2008 as an administrator for Christ the King Prep School in Newark"... HUH?  GA did the 2009 Kids First campaign graphics, and I'll tell you right now that was not in her bio.

But.. but... here she IS... Sister Maureen Sullivan, in the Christ the King newsletter from Spring 2009:

So.... WHAT does this all mean?   

What does the NJDOE actually have on record for Sullivan? 

A nun's fingerprints from 2008?  Sullivan's from January 5, 2012?  If so, and it wasn't done by MorphoTrak- WHO took them?  The only source GA can glean from these emails for her Jan 5 fingerprinting is Sullivan herself- she said so.

And then, how did this nun, Sister Maureen Sullivan, get into the mix?  And does she fly like Sister Bertrille?  I just loved Sister Bertrille.

Who did you like better: Gidget or Sister Bertrille?

I pick the nun, though Sally Field made a cute Gidget.

Anyway, it's strange.  I welcome anyone else out there to dive in, go for a swim or take flight, and solve the puzzle.


  1. Excellent sleuthing, GA!

    As MBB detailed on the "Disinfecting" thread, others mandated for NJ State vetting must repeat the fingerprinting process EACH time, exclusively via Morpho. (No matter what their "habit.")

    In an effort to avoid unnecessary redundancy (& expense--other NJ statutes involving vetting do not reimburse the "vettee"), MBB knows of one individual who even sent OPRA requests & formal releases of information to each department& Morpho (all copied to the OAG), to effect the intra-departmental transmission of the already-resident in multiple departments, unalterable fingerprint records. Patent refusal to comply by all entities involved.

    As this debacle unfolds, there is much that appears actionable. Not to mention further evidence of Ms. Sullivan's already well-documented disreputable & disturbed character.

    Separate from other legal action, what is the process available to constituents for School Board member censure & removal? What about recall?

  2. Thanks, MBB.

    What's also worth noting is that the OPRA request returned almost nothing from Sullivan. Seems like an avoidance to put anything in writing- all phone calls ... so we can only glean what she told the NJDOE from their internal communications.

    Did SHE tell them about the nun, or did that come from the investigator? Weird...

    So,which one, MBB. Gidget or Sister Bertrille?

  3. If Sullivan was unhappy about having to submit more finger prints when they ostensibly existed in a national or state database, (if indeed she is the same Sullivan as the Newark teacher) she'd be justified, but unless and until the law was revised, she'd have no choice but to comply. She did not.

    Instead, she either procrastinated (or more likely, given her petulant behavior, simply refused to comply) and when it looked like the DoE was serious, she scrambled to keep her seat and created much drama and deflection over her ineptitude.

    May I point out the vast amount of wasted taxpayer time, money and resources on the part of our DoE employees and their directors over her spectacle and charade? Ironic this, coming from a Republican of the toxic sort.

    So at best, we have someone who is too inept to follow simple instructions as mandated by the state of NJ; at worst, she's an ethically-challenged scofflaw who thought she could get away with something. I believe she's both.

    In any case, Sullivan is a piss-poor example for our kids and has no place in education, either on a B of E or in front of a classroom. Instead, she may wish to consider a career in aromatherapy as there's a terrible odor around her actions and behavior.

  4. What happened in 1974 and what happened to my "real"family? I want an answer!


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