Another One Bites the Dust

The only piece of good news GA heard today was from a source of mine who said:
I know the FBI is still here in Hoboken.
And he wouldn't tell me any more than that.

Except this:
GA: What do you mean?  Are you saying that based on your belief or based on what you know?

Source: On what I know.
Well, that's nice to hear.

GA's heard now that the Mrs. is being tapped there's a renewed focus on hijinks at the HPU. Could that be what my source meant?

Of course, the signs are all there:  the November 9th Ricciardi arrest followed 5 weeks later by the Corea guilty plea.

One may assume the when Feds dangled the promise of attending his kids' weddings whatever Mr. Ricciardi gave them changed the fate of Mr. Corea... who until then had held out for a trial date.

It's been cleared up!  I wonder what Corea's going to tell his new friends at the A.G.'s  office about how that got 'cleared up'.

On to the  not-so-good... Score one for the Dark Side.

Arch Liston.

Any DECENT prospective hire for Hoboken Business Administrator who watches a City Council meeting video will head for the hills.  Which leaves...?

The kind of candidate the Council minority wants- someone weak or inexperienced or preferably a 'friend'.  Someone less likely to notice the entire Russo family tree collecting free health benefits or a missing million in parking collections.

That's their game.

Drive out the new breed of public official- the ones that don't subscribe to the 'I do for you, you do for me' way and install 'friends'. Make anyone of the new breed despise going to work every day, make them want to quit.  Peel off the mayor's staff, get rid of her most capable hires.  Ian's gotta go because he's cleaned up the HPU, taken away the grifters' meal. Who's next?

No one can blame Liston for leaving.  At the same time, he's handed the Dark Side a win.  With the message: 'it' worked.

How will Hoboken attract decent people in an atmosphere so hostile to decency? 

Anybody know?


  1. Maybe we can pray that someone who lives in Hoboken, has the required skill set, and is sick of the corruption will apply. Someone with a passion to see justice done.


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