Timmy's Got The Power

From the desk of Timmy Occhipinti: 
"I would like to thank the Dept of Environmental services for hearing my call to remove the graffiti at Hoboken's Southern Gateway. The property is owned by NJ Transit and the City worked with them to have the area painted! Great to see our local governmental agencies working together to solve our quality of life issues. Thanks to NJ Transit for acting quickly to address this issue. I have also inquired into the possibility of creating a mural on these walls and am waiting to hear back. Have a great day!"
GA has his exclusive inquiry, sent early this morning:

And by 3 pm today... 

Wow... when it comes to NJ Transit, Tim's got The Power.


  1. What a great idea. Put a mural on a wall that is graffitied myriad times a year. Can't see any potential problem there. Next, how about a mural of those NJ Transit developers handing Mr Occhipinti one of those outsized campaign contribution checks one sees at photo-ops? In the same mural, Mr Occhipinti could be handing back to NJ Transit the key to our city and a blank check to overdevelop the railyard while Curiousgal and prosbus look on cheering. To keep the local flavor, we could have the mural done not by a painter, but by our town's own Old Guard bullshit artist, Mr Occhipinti himself. That'd be great.

    1. Ha! Very funny, ply. In fact, that was one of my thoughts but Timmy insisted on doing the artwork himself.

      And you know when it comes to NJ Transit, Timmy gets what Timmy wants.


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