Timmy Promotes New Initiative on H411

There he is, 4th Ward Coucnilman Timmy Occhipinti, promoting his latest 'clean up' the Mile Square initiative on Hoboken411, just like he did last time (he asked the City to clean graffiti off a NJ Transit overpass in Jersey City).

That how it works, folks.  The Dark Side uses that cyber-rag to float strategy, smear jobs, propaganda and promotions.

Here it is, published today.

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  1. Interesting scatological implications in this image, vis a vis the placement of Mr. O.'s head, relative to the poised-to-eliminate cur.

    Since Mr. O.'s mouth is cropped in the photo, we are unable to determine if he may perhaps be displaying (apologies for the vernacular), a "sh*t-eating grin," consistent with the tableau's overall theme (as well as with other pictures of Mr. O. that Mr. Klaussen has chosen for his site).

    Indeed, one might speculate about Mr. Klaussen's apparently primitive "pre-occupations" & inchoate rage, based on this & other posts on his apparently idiosyncratic blog.

    (The works of Karl Abraham--especially in relation to early psycho-sexual development-- may be particularly relevant here.)

    1. So clever, GA! Your "graffiti" even went over Shrill's shrunken head, apparently....

      MBB recalls, from Psych-101, that Abraham was mostly about how some toddlers like to play with the contents of their nappies. ;-)


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