Thar She Is!

Tonight: Maureen Sullivan on the dais at 7:30 p,m

 ... the question is WHY?

Reports that BoE Trustee Maureen Sullivan was fingerprinted late last week (past the NJDOE's December 31 deadline) and....  a source at the NJDOE confirmed that approval letters required for eligibility would not be sent until TOMORROW indicate she's sitting on the wrong side of the dais.

It seems either strings were pulled like a harp OR... somebody call the police.

GA was told that tonight Sullivan is "doodling, looking down" and is "poker-faced" 

To be continued...

(Update: 8: 50 pm)

GA confirmed a letter magically 'arrived' one hour prior to the meeting from the highest ranking administrator of the Criminal History Review Unit: STRINGS PULLED.


  1. Must be nice. Ordinary people screw the pooch, no one bails them out. Very "humane" of the state to tell everyone else to piss off and take care of Big Mo.


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