Dr. Shrill, Psycho-Therapist: Shark on the Couch

It's been awhile since we've heard from Dr. Shrill, Psycho-therapist. the creator & syndicator of the soon-to-be smash hit series, “Denial Is Not a River in Egypt."  In her own words:
This exciting new reality concept looks for the best examples of disturbed people who seem particularly clueless about their disorders. We are especially looking for individuals who display their pathology very publicly. Use of social media, blogs, local access TV, etc. to further splay the sickness gets extra points for our consideration. (It makes our job easier!)

So imagine my excitement when my “Psycho-Scouts” (what a great job title, if I say so, myself), pointed me to Hoboken, via Grafix Avenger, that brilliant satirist of Hoboken’s nuttiness! As you know, NJ has its “Housewives” and “Shore” characters. Even that Buddy Valastro (BORING, except for the OCD displayed in the icing).
Dr. Shrill has provided us in the past with some fascinating analyses of our local characters: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mason, for example.
In fact, Mr. & Mrs. Mason seem a fascinating dyad of mutually enabling pathology in many regards. Both can be seen as poster children for narcissistic personality disorder, co-morbid with anti-social and histrionic features.

They have the added factor of wealth, which affords them much more elaborate opportunities for acting out behaviors. Their blatantly ego-gratifying behaviors (which they seem to rationalize as some form of altruism & somehow believe others share their view---indicative also of impaired reality testing skills), now seem to occur more frequently & floridly, as they perceive their imagined reality to be crumbling around them.

And because of that wealth, they have amassed an entourage of enablers/sycophants, who participate in their elaborate dance of denial and serve to reinforce their distorted sense of reality, self-importance and systematic disregard for the rights of others.
Then there was her stunning portrait of that raging borderline bundle of pathologies we call Lane Bajardi, Mason operative.
Mr. Bajardi appears to present a history of paranoically-rooted, symbolic annihilation fantasies---often of a rather ritualistic nature, via media-focused schemes & vendettas. There appears to be a nearly constant desire to be “on camera,” via a myriad of sometimes novel approaches to attention-seeking. This is evidenced by his ritualistic behaviors with certain “props.” The attachment to certain objects---in particular, an easel. One might postulate this is a symbolic “stand-in” of sorts. A “security blanket,” if you will, e.g., a “transitional object” that offers some sort of self-soothing. This may in fact offer some “solace” for Mr. Bajardi, not unlike thumb-sucking & hair-twirling behaviors, so common during the Oedipal Phase.

Co-related, are his increasingly transparent, failed attempts to apparently mimic Multiple Personality Disorder on your local blogs. For Mr. Bajardi, these strivings only seem to have resulted in further public humiliation, which could in turn be speculated only serve to further fuel his narcissistic injuries and rage
Bravo, Dr. Shrill! 

Well, the dear doctor has been so busy with her many projects, aren't we lucky she dropped in to see us?  And look what caught her eye: these twisted fantasties from the mind of Mason operative and webmaster, James Barracato.
Ray (Smith) can tell you how Barracato claimed I left a vacuum cleaner with a note that said 'Happy anniversary" on it, at his Weehawken home. Al (Sullivan) can tell you he claimed I was caught on a videotape at Bed, Bath and Beyond setting up a mock wedding-registry for him. 
Weird huh?  Dr. Shrill thought so, too.  Here is what the good doctor had to say.

G.A. reports such fascinating persecutory fantasies on the part of Mr. B.! Ideas of reference in delusional systems are particular favorites, here at "Denial Is Not a River in Egypt"!

(We're especially grateful for this up-tick in the psycho-drama, especially since Meta-Psycho-Scout has reported an unfortunate development: that vicarious primitive need-gratify object, Snooki, is apparently attempting to invade "Denial's" coveted territory! We do NOT appreciate the competition in our voyeur-enabling niche-market, thank you very much!)

Bed, Bath & Beyond videography of a faux bridal registry! Was it allegedly filmed by the in-store camera or perhaps instead by that Mr. Ricciardi, prior to his reported indictment? (Psycho-Scouts have been following him in his other desultory dimensions.) Is a copy available for "Denial's" review? How about the registry itself, so we might assess what Mr. B. fantasizes as Ms. G.A.'s design-vision for his Weehawken home decor?

Even more piquant is the vacuum cleaner, delivered to Mr. B.'s door with an anniversary greeting---as if G.A. is cast as his personal Fuller Brush Woman! What a novel twist on that old chestnut of a sexual fantasy! We also assume, given his "profession," Mr. B. does not work outside the home & is perhaps "symbiotically-attached" to his laptop---akin to the paradigmatic "traditional homemaker" with her vacuum cleaner.

Was it a higher-end tool, such as an Electro-Lux or a Dyson? Or perhaps the more pedestrian Hoover? Was it cord-less or hand-held, such as a Dust-Buster?

(All these details DO matter, in teasing out the symbolic meaning! Suction-power, the array of hoses & attachments, etc. And also the cognitive-dissonance factor: if expensive, then it represents--to Mr. B.--his symbolic value to Ms. G.A.!)

Indeed, a "mock wedding registry" & an "anniversary gift," courtesy of Ms. G.A.! One might postulate Mr. B. may in fact hold some deep, convoluted libidinal attachment to Ms. G.A., for which his elaborate web-based attacks reflect his fierce struggle to deny! In the murky depths of his unconscious, is he perhaps somehow symbolically "married" to Ms. Pincus? He surely seems obsessionally "wedded" to her blog!

Given the increasingly positive public response to G.A., Mr. B. must surely be grappling with that most soiling (there's that vacuum cleaner again!) of emotions: ENVY!!

(Meanwhile, envy's ugly green head appears to be rearing itself in the local press, hence the concerted efforts to apparently "scrub" G.A.'s presence elsewhere---a sort of symbolic "vacuuming"!)

All evidence of a deeply troubled soul, not unlike that other Mr. B.: Mr. Bajardi!

To hold such conflicted strivings would indeed pose serious extra- & intra-psychic threats to "survival," & deep betrayals of the idealized "primary caretaker," Ms. Mason---& in turn, her own primary caretaker/enabler---Mr. Ricky!

Oh, the inner turmoil! How we wish we could get a camera inside these disturbed psyches!

But unlike so many in the panoply of Hoboken psychopaths, we at "Denial" are not steeped in that narcissistic, grandiose cognitive distortion: mind-reading!

We are just a psycho-babbling brook, feeding into the stream of consciousness. All for your entertainment!


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