Who Luvs Ya, Al?

No, not Sullivan.

Arezzo.  This one:
Former Construction Code Officer Al Arezzo is suing the city, the mayor and other city officials, claiming he was unlawfully terminated after a 39-year-career in City Hall.

The suit was filed in Superior Court on Dec. 22, 2011, according to the complaint, which also alleges that Arezzo was "harassed." The complaint specifically mentions Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Business Administrator Arch Liston and Assistant Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo.
Now GA's never met Mr. Arezzo, but have heard 2nd and 3rd-hand anecdotes which are chilling in their depravity.

But it's the first-hand stories of people I know well about Arezzo's conduct as Hoboken's Construction Code Officer which make his accusation as a victim of "harassment' absolutely stunning; the notion he's suing the City for his job BACK, well the guy's got balls the size of coconuts.

It's not my story to tell.

In brief, Arezzo put a 'Stop Work Order' on  Person A's business; a minor bit of renovation was in progress at the time.  He/she was later 'invited' to fill an envelope.  This person declined.  The 'Stop Work Order' was not lifted and this person had to close down the business.  It was devastating financially.

Another story.

Person B did a gut-renovation on his/her home. For reasons he/she can explain, Arezzo denied her a C of O for ONE YEAR. The harassment was passive-  inspectors giving endless punch list repairs and changes with no documentation, asking him/her to change specifications on approved construction, then after it was done as the inspector had asked, it would be rejected for another reason.  Again, no documentation.  Just never-ending requests.   And then the no-show inspections.  This person, unable to move back into their home and at the brink of financial ruin,  nearly had a breakdown.  Mayor Dave Roberts had to intervene on his/her behalf to get the C of O. 

And of course, this these are only 2 stories of who-knows how many.

So, when GA read that Arezzo was claiming to be the victim of harassment, well.  After playing a mournful tune on the world's smallest violin, I had to laugh at the mournful post of Curious Gal, who does not deny being Kim Cardinal, the political operative wife of political operative Lane Bajardi (who has not denied posting as prosbus.

And then hubby attacking the City's termination of Arezzo as "unlawful":

Who luvs ya, Al?

Mr. and Mrs. Melanoma, defenders of corruption, haters of the clean,  progressive Kids First majority School Board.

And that's about it.


  1. The city and prosecutors should offer complete immunity to all those who wish to testify against the man. Let loose the hounds!

  2. Il Duce of the Construction Dept. may be gone, but not quietly into the good night.

    Here's hoping the CFO's precedent will not be repeated. But unlike George, Al does not have the IQ of a carrot. (George only has gaming the system in his gene pool, to make his way.)

    Meanwhile, MBB has heard a bit about the current state of the CD. While Al may be gone, apparently his legacy lives on.

    It remains to be seen how much of that is a function of public servants the City cannot muster sufficient "dossiers" to be rid of, in tandem with inadequate oversight. As well, perhaps "opportunities" are less abundant, since the economy tanked.

    In any event, it seems the m.o. is still pretty much the same. Just that now the flavor is more passive-aggressive than overtly fascistic.


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