Sullivan's Pattern of Misconduct

PATTERN OF MISCONDUCT: One example of Sullivan posting CLOSED SESSION BoE business online. This is a violation of NJDOE Section 18A:12-24.1   Code of Ethics for School Board Members.  punishable by REMOVAL from the School Board.  This is one example of many in print and online.

This is NOT the story of a benevolent NJ Department of Education (NJDOE) giving amnesty to 1 of 350 delinquent School Board members.

It IS the story on one School Board Trustee with a long history of violating NJDOE and NJ School Board Association rules.

Without consequences.

In light of the 'reprieve' which came in the final hour before the BoE meeting last night AFTER 4PM- the State's Criminal History Review Unit CLOSES at 4PM... one can see how Sullivan feels she is above the law.  And above the rules.

With her familial connections,  she knows consequences are for OTHER people.

Like the 349 other people who were not allowed to attend their respective Board meetings last night because they didn't get an after-hours letter from an official at the Criminal History Review Unit.

Well, GA can't say for sure there weren't other 'connected' law-breakers like Sullivan, but I know of one case where an ineligible Board member could not attend their meeting last night.

And Sullivan was ineligible as of 5PM last night, as relayed  by an NJDOE investigator..

PATTERN OF MISCONDUCT: Sullivan published confidential contract negotiations with Superintendent BoE  choice Dr. Anthony Romano.  This is a violation of NJDOE Section 18A:12-24.1   Code of Ethics for School Board Members.  punishable by REMOVAL from the School Boar

GA is a public school parent. This isn't political, this is personal.

A rogue School Board member who can't follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the NJDOE and NJ School Board Association (NJSBA) is not fit to serve.

PATTERN OF MISCONDUCT: Sullivan publishes confidential closed-session Board Business- details of the BoE Superintendent Search. This is a violation of NJDOE Section 18A:12-24.1   Code of Ethics for School Board Members.  punishable by REMOVAL from the School Boar

GA has posted here evidence Sullivan's misconduct IN HER OWN WORDS; this is not opinion.   The above examples are a few of many online where Sullivan has violated NJDOE Ethics rules.

Even more examples exist of Sullivan crapping on  NJSBA Rules of Basic Boardsmanship are scattered throughout cyberspace; meaning the criticism of fellow Broad members- some very nasty and personal NOT TO MENTION the politicization of her Board seat.

Yoo-hoo... from the NJDOE18 A:12-27.School Ethics Commission
c. No member of the commission shall serve on or campaign for any office of a political organization during membership on the commission.
Did you get one of these in 2010?  Sullivan sent them to REPUBLICANS only:

PATTERN OF MISCONDUCT: Sullivan uses the School Board to promote a partisan political agenda

See for yourself another Sullivan's letter to the Editor of The Hoboken Reporter, where she bashes her Board colleagues-  one of countless breeches of the NJSBA Rules of Boardsmanship:

"Board members have diverse opinions, and they will not always be in agreement on issues. Each member of a board has the responsibility to make sure that disagreements stay focused on the issues and do not become personal. Members have equal rights to be heard and to agree or dissent as their consciences dictate. Once a decision is reached, however, all board members should support it. Nothing is more damaging to a board and the reputation of everyone on it than for individual board members to qualrrel publicly with decisions that the board has made. Such actions throws doubt on all of the board's efforts, even those the dissenter may support, and creates in the community's mind an image of an ineffective, combative group."

Does this Sullivan posting comply with the above?

PATTERN OF MISCONDUCT: Sullivan in one of countless online trashings of her fellow Board members

Folks, there's more to the story of the last night's 'save'...

To  be continued.


  1. Great compilation, GA!

    The Leona Helmsley of Hoboken's evil twin (though without the bottomless coffers).

    So one of the challenges is, how do you get all this information into a "disgestible" package, to deliver the message to the apathetic residents who don't register & vote?

    This latest installment of NJ Sociopathy in Politics is just one more example of the importance of mobilizing an informed, reform-minded electorate.

  2. Is there a requirement that the BoE's attorney take action on the Sullivan violations? If so, when?

    Apart from filing late, was there a reason the Criminal History Review Unit would have for withholding her approval and are their findings public information?

  3. Spot-on, Oracle! I too, wondered if this might be actionable and/or OPRA-able.

    The hyper-vigilance required of reform-minded Hobokenites is terribly onerous & exhausting, no?

  4. I'm hoping there's something dark in her past, like maybe she married her first cousin? Don't they look like twins? Or she stalked her college English professor?

    Alas, it's probably something much more pedestrian, like a garden-variety pathology, like Mrs. Richard G. Mason, and / or the fact that she believes she's above the law.

    Ironically, if she reduces the school board budget (which is obscenely high), she stops the flow of easy money that keeps the corrupt old-guard very aroused at the prospect of all that unrestricted cash, which is why one generation ago, we were graduating high school seniors who could not read or write - in any language.

  5. Kudos to all the people who worked so hard to keep Maureen blogging on Patch today so she wasn't tempted to drive as she was obviously stewed to the gills. Better she splatter her impotent rage all over the internet than plow into a bunch of pedestrians waiting for a bus.

    And a nice showing from the Lord and Lady Macbeth of Park Ave too. I think we can start the fund for junior's psychiatrist bills now. Trapped between those two that kid has a very narrow shot at a healthy perspective.

    Gad, what a plague. How did they all end up in the same small town?

  6. Maureen Sullivan did not eek out a later from the State. She has no letter of approval from the State.

    An email was sent from the NJDOE saying she was going to be fixed up.


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