Next Move, HoldCo

According to reliable sources, anger about the Hoboken411 piece, Is HUMC Primed to Kill More Patients?, has percolated up to the top levels of HoldCo management.

The top.

As you know, HoldCo is the owner of Bayonne Medical Center(BMC) and Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC).  Recall the opposition to HoldCO's purchase of the HUMC, orchestrated by Beth Mason.  Remember how she took her attacks to the airwaves in a massive ad buy attacking Zimmer AND HoldCo after the hospital sale. Watch this:

What does that tell you?

The narcissist can not move on.  With hubby Richard Mason's wealth, Mason bought some revisionist history; this ad was a declaration of war on HoldCo, attacking it as a "Christie donor' while undermining the hospital operations by announcing fictitious free medical care 'giveaways' that she claims were negotiated by the Council minority.

Of course, this all followed the stunning "City Council Minority Reaches Agreement with Buyer to Save Hospital" document, analyzed by GA's legal department, Not-Stempler:
It is horn book law that a municipality can only act in accordance with the powers conferred upon it by statute. As a Faulkner Act municipality, the enabling statute does not create within Hoboken a separately recognized “Council minority” and there is no precedent that would confer upon the council minority (emphasis on minority) to bind the City in any event; especially in light of the fact that the functions related to the sale of the hospital have been properly delegated to the municipal hospital authority created for that purpose. It also does not appear that the Council minority had municipal legal representation during the course of its “negotiations”. Only duly retained council, paid for by the City, can assist and advise government officials in the discharge or exercise of their duties. Perhaps if the Council minority had the assistance of effective counsel, then the letter may have contained different terms. 

What's the reason for all this background, you ask?


Hoboken411 published an absolutely stunning accusation: that HoldCo hospitals "kill" patients and kill "more" of  them.

That 'article' is in a different league than ones making fun of political opponents, fabricating stories about them- which is the usual Hoboken411 fare.

HoldCo is a business owner; the BMC and HUMC are their business.  Hoboken411 has accused their business of murder.

GA's talked to a lawyer friend who dissected the piece for me and WHY Klaussen has opened himself up to serious litigation-  in the manner in which it was written and the unsourced data posted.  GA does not wish to interfere with any possible complaint so will refrain from discussing the legal analysis.

Needless to say, the next move is HoldCo's.

Firt, GA believes they HAVE to respond, now that this accusation has been put in the public realm.

Depending on how they choose to respond, this could get very interesting.

Because if HoldCo does file a complaint against Perry Klaussen, not only will he be deposed but so will Beth Mason. 

And finally, the details about the financial and political web between those two will become public.

Mason may be asked about specific incidents- such as the leak of confidential city negotiations in the SWAT team settlement which appeared as an H411 "exclusive".  And  maybe the F.B.I. will tune in to see if that conflicts with what she told them when she was interviewed.  Imagine that.

Or maybe HoldCo's attorney will ask Klaussen how he coordinated his famous "HUMC DOA" graphic  with the Mason political operation, to establish motive for the libel.

Whatever HobldCo wants to or needs to know with regard to the attempted undermining of the hospital sale followed by the LIBELOUS accusations of murder will be exposed during the discovery phase.

And guess what?

Klaussen, who can't afford a legal battle, will throw Mason under the bus in a nanosecond.   Plus the person who gave him the libelous screed and data to publish- GA doubts it was Klaussen, who actually writes very little of his own material. 

This could be very, very interesting.

It's not everyday a corporation is accused of murder in the 'press'  And Klaussen DOES have press credentials- G-d knows how he got them.  But that is something that HoldCo should know.

So, what will they do?

At a minimum Mason may get tossed off her HoldCo 'board' seat.  But GA suspects such a response  cannot be' justified' without formalizing a complaint against Hoboken411 and establishing her ties to the libelous web site.

I really think Klaussen stepped in it this time.  Next move, HoldCo.


  1. Holdco suing would be a great thing. Klaussen got his "credentials" from the owners of the Jerky Journal because he was willing to be the scum-sucking bottom-feeder for them. And you wonder why they blocked you from


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