We're #40!

Out of 50!

That is, according to this week's Hudson Reporter's list of the "most influential" folks in Hudson County:
The Reporter has compiled a list of the top 50 most influential movers and shakers of Hudson County, from top political officials to local bloggers and activists.
Here we are... and check out who's right below us, the less-influential #41, you-know-who...

Hmmm... just how many Benjamins has Mr. Ricky Mason parted with for this 41st placement below Hoboken's bloggers?  (Excuse me for a moment, please...)

Oh, I hate myself sometimes.  But not now.

Actually, GA's mildly offended the rat-bastards over there at the HR couldn't at least give Da Horsey a shout-out- an alternative media source several for thousand readers a day.  Yep, that's right.

Even this modest blog- which the HR never fails to name when Mason's 'not-paid-for-friendship' easel-weasel cooks up a scheme to trash it- sees 5,000 unique visitors/week- give or take. 

There was only ONE instance where the local paper cited this blog for something other than a weasel hit-job; they liked this one about Stack (the HR's #2) and wrote about it here.

GA supposes acknowledging  the strength of particular political blog sites acknowledges the size of the under-served audience out there.  That's right. How does one trust a media source that 'loses' a letter from the mayor, and publishes utterly disingenuous letters from those with hidden connections- they did it again this week. (GA's working on that)

You won't believe that one.

So, that said at least they did admit the notionof an 'internet community' out there influencing... something.

And that includes you.

But the BEST part is how it shows the great equalizer of the internet medium: a person who's spent MILLIONS (literally) to buy influence in our community is 'ranked' below a motley crew of bloggers and online activists and... you.

Bwaa- haw haw....

That's the great Democratizer of the blogosphere. That's why the attacks against some have been so fierce and so nasty by those who resent.... independent voices.

But not Mr. Ricky Mason!  In fact, GA hears he wants his money back!

(Update\, 12:20 pm)
A GA reader sent me this:

surprised you didn't put salt in that wound..
Thanks, reader. You did it just fine.

Yes, Mayor Zimmer made an impressive #3, though I would have put her on top.

Does any other Hudson County official have the Governor's ear?  Would any of them have gotten 5 million-dollars from the State in the 11th-hour to rescue the sale of a municipal hospital in their respective cities?

Of course not.

Zimmer's influence got the F.B.I. here very quickly, and she has been cooperative in a manner unprecedented from a mayor of a municipality; giving the Feds unfettered access to a city's entire data bank.

So, she is by far (in my view) the most consequential political figure in Hudson County.

And, for a little salt... 38 places ahead of her bitterly jealous critic, you-know-who.


  1. HR gave her props for "her seemingly limitless ability to spend money." What a fond memory. The sort of thing you'd like on your headstone.

    Here lies So-and-So
    He had a seemingly limitless ability to spend money


  2. HR also states Mrs.Richard G. Mason has her sites set on the assembly. How will she campaign from prison?

  3. Knowing what you know about the HR, beyond fodder for a good lampoon, you value what it says about anything because...??

    Just a gentle reminder: personal opinion blogs (like GA, MSV, 411) all constitute "alternative media outlets." Generically, but not journalistically.

    Lots of personal investment (& public response) can often blur that reality. Even when the intentions are good & the goals are noble. (And especially when the local so-called "legitimate press" is so bottom-feeder corrupt.)

  4. look forward to the mason email newsletter: "WE DID IT!!! we're #41, we're #41!!!" LOL, she must be fuming this weekend.

  5. She won't be fuming because with her pathology, any attention is welcome. She'll smile and wave on her perp walk which can't happen too soon.

  6. Just checked the list in the Reporter.

    eSecaucus Newsy, community blog with fewer comments than 411. No wonder Burns is bored.

    JCList Minimalist, anything-goes message forum a la NJ.com. High churn - 445 replies on the pipeline thread.

    Galaxyfacts.com One man's pissing contest vs the administration of his building.

    I'm curious as to why no Hoboken blog could crack that esteemed list. Whatever.

  7. dear MBB, did I say that?

    I know the effort the Dark Side puts into spinning our local media, to push a narrative... including #41.

    I'll leave it for readers to decide if the investment was worth it.

    JAM, you got one of those, too?


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