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City of Hoboken seeks Business Administrator to be harassed, publicly berated and disrespected by a quartet of loons, stunt performers and vote buyers (did we mention probable F.B.I. persons-of-interest?) on a bi-weekly basis.  Not only will these four make your job unpleasant, but will thwart you from performing it every chance they get in order to lambast you at public meetings for not performing the job they prevented you from doing. The only way to stop this hideously unprofessional and discourteous behavior is to PLAY BALL with them. That means winking when 4 million quarters go missing from Hoboken's HPU collections or not noticing Mike Russo's entire family tree on the City's health insurance plan.  And if anyone asks, just say "It's been cleared up!"  If you don't...  select a  physician who'll prescribe buckets of Xanax, no questions asked.  The only escape from this hellish assignment which no money is worth is worth the price of, is to QUIT.

Say it ain't so, Arch Liston.


  1. That's the problem. Anyone who watches the meetings would know it's a thankless job. That's what they want isn't it?

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  3. Separate from the muni-financial certification/skill set needed, the job requires someone just masochistic-enough to "be" with the insanity, who also doesn't mind allowing themselves to become burned out in short order. And/or someone [deludedly] idealistic enough to believe they can fix a very deeply-rooted, seriously dysfunctional system from within. In other words, someone just insane-/self-destructive-enough for the stretch through Zimmer's current tenure.

    (Please forgive MBB for being unseemly---& with all due respect to the deceased---but just how long after her grisly stint as Fiscal Monitor did Ms. Tripodi succumb?)

    As for the next election, who knows what the world will bring? It remains to be seen if a reform coalition can walk the talk, regarding registration & getting the vote out.

    Ditto, with whatever real-world impact the FBI may have, this time around.

    But the sh*t economy is in Hoboken's favor. Probably lots of competent desperation out there.

    Whoever replaces Liston is in for a wild ride.


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