Note to Augie: Censorship

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Dear Mr. Torres,

Censorship is taking place over at the Hoboken Forum. My IP address has been blocked since yesterday; I am unable to post, and ALL of my posts were deleted, on ALL subjects.

Last time this happened was during the Hoboken CIty Council election season.

I am advising you of this in hopes you can help before it becomes public and advertisers are notified .I understand that comment moderation is outsourced but the targeting of specific posts and posters, and the blocking of IPs is not an outsourcing issue.

I do appreciate your attention to this matter.

Nancy Pincus

GA sent this note to Augie Torres last night.

As you know, Augie rules the (political) roost over at   And somehow the animals have gotten out of the cage on the Hoboken forum.  By 'animals' I mean political operatives who have enough access to be able to turn IP access to the forum on and off like a light switch.

We're into Day 3 of banning and censoring political speech.  Along with myself, I know of at least 2 others whose IP addresses have been blocked.   They are both supporters of Reform in Hoboken.

And we all vocalize our opposition to the politics of Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Clearly, Beth's 'people' are behind the selective suppression of political speech at

So, I've asked Augie to intercede, because he knows the cast of characters responsible.  Start with  James Barracato.  Beth Mason's webmaster.

James lords over the forum, posting under varus screen names and sometimes his own.

Now James is a consummate liar- ask Al Sullivan.   James has spun some incredible tales to him about me. Crazy ones. Since Al and I are friends, I can say he's a witness to Barracto's psychopathy.  So is Ray Smith, in fact.  Ray can tell you how Barracato claimed I left a vacuum cleaner with a note that said 'Happy anniversary"  on it, at his Weehawken home.  Al can tell you he claimed I was caught on a videotape at Bed, Bath and Beyond setting up a mock wedding-registry for him. 


In a way I envy James; where else could someone turn a personality disorder into a living?  Only in Hudson County.

James, you are invited to come and respond here on GA where I'm able to reply. 

Anyway, someone at that joint will be held accountable for the censorship, and advertisers will be notified.    

Here is a list of all of's affiliated newspapers:
Check out the last one: Horse News!   That one goes out to one of my favorite people, Da Horsey.

In the meantime, I invite friends to post links over there... the more Reformers that get picked off, the more obvious the censorship policy becomes.  Go to it!


  1. I think that at this point we just need to out just as H411 was before his site became a ghost. No more chances to these crooks.


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