Code Problem?

This came from a reader:
hey GA,
this smokestack on L*** Baj*rdi's penthouse apartment is a recent addition, maybe a couple of years old. it was built  below the height of the adjacent building and next to a window.  it looks like it's blowing carbon monoxide into that apartment.  i think those vents are supposed to go beyond the adjacent roof line and not under a window. here's a photo.  is this legal? 

Gee reader, this kind of thing is not my expertise.  That would be the purview of the Construction Office.  

And if this is several years old, GA believes the person who would have been inspected and approved the smokestack is the Construction Code Official.  That would be...  Al Arezzo. 

Curious Gal, anti-Zimmer operative, is a big Al Arezzo fan.

I bring that up because she is believed to be Kim Cardinal (has never denied it) the wife of 'prosbus'- believed to be Lane Bajardi (has never denied it).  Take a look, in this Patch comment; she calls Arezzo a "knight" and "shamefully treated" and a victim of "bully tactics".

And hubby 'prosbus' is a big Arezzo fan, too; calls Arezzo's termination "unlawful".

My goodness, WHAT could inspire SUCH loyalty to the former Construction Code official?  Hmm...

I have no idea.

As for that smokestack, reader I think you need to contact the Construction Office:  Hours: M – F, 9 am – 4 pm, tel: (201) 420-2066

The Acting Construction official is Thomas Shannon.    He's got to know this like the back of his hand.

Not me.  But here's what I found from the NJ State Mechanical Code, Chapter 8- Chimneys and Vents:

If I am reading this correctly, section 804.3.5.4 indicates the vent should terminate 4 feet below the adjacent window.  Is that how you read it?

Does that smokestack look like it's 4 feet below the window?

Really, one can't tell from a photograph.  Maybe prosbus or Curious Gal can measure it for us?


  1. Now what would the Unibrownoser, Inane Blowhardy and his demented wife need to burn? Bundles of printed copies of illegally obtained emails can make an excellent source of heat when the heat from the Feds isn't enough.

    For their poor neighbors and the rest of Hoboken, carbon monoxide would be as sweet as pure oxygen compared to the toxic venomous gas these and all those aligned with Mrs. Richard G. Mason expel.

    1. The funniest comment of late from Hoboken's resident Oracle. Now if you burn all those emails, does that satisfy the Feds and make them go away?

      Is that sufficient from say testimony thowing one under the bus?

    2. Oracle, you're a scream. The good kind.

    3. Smarty, burning the emails at the Blowhardy residence emits a green smoke, the exact shade of envy. This serves as a signal to attract all the Masonite minions who dwell in Hoboken, as well as in the crowded kingdom inside the head of the Harridan of Hudson Street, aka: Mrs. Richard G. Mason, to their home where they lie in wait and wait and lie.

      The fawning few consist of a pre-op cartoon character, and some social Keimers. They are vulnerable to all that is good, true and right. Their only protection are walls made of bundled-bricks of ready cash.

      For the others inside the cranial kingdom, the only shields are Bieber-bangs and troweled-on foundation.

      So great is the wrath of the wicked witch of the east (side of Hudson Street), that when she heard of another Monarch coming to town, she loosed-leafletted and flew into a flier frenzy all to no avail...

  2. Or 4 feet horizontally.

  3. Hmmm... one would have to measure that, I suppose.

  4. The well-entrenched muni-dysfunction (even w/the departure of certain "offenders"), relies on an endless war of atrician to self-perpetuate.

    Kudos to those who can continue to muster the necessary hyper-vigilance!

  5. well then what about those vents across the street behind Starbucks, kidville and kings 12st, right out of the parking lot venting low and strongly directly onto the walking pedestrians?

    1. Hmmm, I guess it would depend if the blowers were venting air or carbon monoxide. If it's high velocity, I believe it's air but if you're concerned by all means call the City.

    2. From what I hear, GA, phone calls are of little use. Letters via the regular USPS tend to be circular-filed. Hand-delivered letters, with the deliverer retaining an initialed/date-stamped copy documenting receipt, perhaps a little better. But still often back-burnered.

      If someone even gets that far, "Stop Work" orders somehow don't become part of the internal paper trail.

      But when it comes via certified mail, on an attorney's letterhead using appropriate action-verbs, perhaps then someone is roused from the culture of the comatose &/or corrupt.

    3. Update? Should someone call the city to check?

    4. Certainly, Hobocrat3.

      You know I always say? It takes a village to nail a (possible) NJ mechanical code violator.


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