Another day, another mud fight over at Patch.

There are one or two points of interest in the thicket of nearly 300 comments. GA will tell you what (I think) they are.

One, is that School Board Trustee Maureen Sullivan has 'outed' herself using the screen name 'franksinatra'.   Her inability to control her online behavior was on full display the day after her after-hours reprieve arrived from the NJDOE.
the KF crowd is certainly eating a lot of crow today. their hatchet man, Mark "Turnip" Toback, must have had to order in extra shipments, reserving a huge portion for himself. when you plot an assassination, you better make sure the target doesn't live to tell the tale, but that's what happened here. as all the hatred on this thread shows, KF can't stand it that there's one board member who votes for reform, lower spending and better schools and against bad hires, firing two of the best teachers and crazy schemes to waste our money. Just about every important vote is 8-1, with KF and the machine teaming up against the one reformer, Sullivan. 
The smoking gun that it's Sullivan comes later in the same post, and GA will save that for another day.

But, amusingly after 'frankisnatra' realized she was 'busted', the elected official caught blogging under a pseudonym- she tired to walk-it-back by (creepily) repeatedly referring to herself in the 3rd person.

Too late.

More: Sullivan-sinatra offers this:
funny you mention Sullivan leaking stuff. Maybe she does and maybe she doesn't...
Maybe she does and maybe she doesn't?


Sullivan would like to compare gossiping bloggers with herself- an elected official violating her oath of office by publishing closed session and other confidential Board business online.

Somehow, GA doesn't think the NJDOE's disciplinary authority will have much sympathy for that argument.  Although...

The Tuesday night reprieve (NOT Monday) is compelling proof that Sullivan is TEFLON to NJDOE disciplinary action.

But here is the real danger for her, IMO.  Not from the NJDOE but from the Court.

As the details of her 'special treatment' emerge, others who were fingerprinted after December 31 but BEFORE Sullivan (Jan 6) may resent the public humiliation they experienced when ousted off their School Board.  

GA knows of one such case. 

In this litigious world of ours, it's only a matter of time until someone takes their fury at this injustice, at the State's favorable treatment of a well-connected Board member vs. their unceremonious booting under the same exact circumstance, to Court.

Which will throw a lot of sunlight on the process by which Sullivan was reinstated on Tuesday night.   And whether the NJDOE gave Sullivan special dispensation in their administration of their own deadline.

It's not the crime, it's the cover up.

Speaking of crime, GA is delighted that prosbus and his lethally-obnoxious wife, CuriousGal are posting up a storm.

I had a chat with my legal department, Not-Stempler about someone in prosbus' position blogging as he does. To me it seems counter intuitive; that one would want to lower their profile, considering his proximity and some suspect collusion with the City Hall data theft operation- why is he making such a public spectacle of himself?   (Certainly GA's always been a straight-arrow so can't relate to such debased morality and unlawfulness).

Not-Stempler's response was very interesting.  I've asked him to write something up if he has time.


  1. This Sullivan woman is about as subtle as a jackhammer. I remember when her inappropriate comments concerning the selection of Dr. Frank Romano as the Superintendent were here, there and everywhere. No wonder the guy ran away from a divided Board for an easier job with additional pay. I'm sure Superintendent Toback will appreciate being called a "Turnip" by that idiotic woman. He certainly deserves an apology from her...something she won't give because she's such a small, petty person.


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