Got a Gerbil?

A friend of mine calls The Hoboken Reporter a "gerbil cage liner"

(I've never owned a gerbil but one assumes that's not a compliment.  GA would have said "litter box walk-off mat" instead).  

Not a gerbil.  GA's kitty. She's got one orange spot on her ear and a fluffy orange tail.

Now, GA likes Ray Smith, and yes, Al Sullivan.  (Sorry, bludiamonds)

But their Editor-in-Chief Caren Matzner- not so much.


Because I just know Ray didn't put in the dopey descriptive "juicy" to describe the Beth Mason leaked-video of the Beth Mason-taped mayor's Jan 3rd court testimony.

Because  Ray didn't decide to put the "juicy" Mason leak on PAGE ONE-  said "juice" are the Mason attacks on Zimmer's communications office from the mouth of  plaintiff's Attorney, Catherine Elston...  and the coverage of the State of the City speech on PAGE THREE.  (Now, GA saw Ray at Wednesday's event.  If  lil Timmy O. farted on Wednesday night, the HR would have it online by midnight: "Occhipinti Stops Gas Leak, Saves 4th Ward")

Because Ray doesn't put leaks from Zimmer's political adversaries on PAGE ONE, and the litany of Zimmer's accomplishments and goals for 2012 on PAGE THREE.

Who's responsible for this? These are editorial decisions.  What's her beef with Reform?

Something tells me a Mayor Mason or Mayor Russo or Mayor Ramos SOTC speech would rate a cover story.

As for Ray, he does his job and does it well. I don't doubt his 'fair and balanced' work gets butchered by Sweeney Matzner- if  she deems it worthy of publication.

Advice to Ray: get out of there.


  1. Long-standing rumor has it, Caren holds an abiding fealty to the Barry family.

    A Reporter-gig (with any of the rags in the "dynasty") is just a taxi ride, for any self-respecting journalist. A "negative-learning experience," for anyone with even a sub-atomic particle of integrity.

    1. thought from the headline this would be about something else, whew. that issue of the reporter had two stories on the front page both about the mayor's accomplishments, the recycling one and the other one. a speech rehash story is never read especially after it has been on the web for days so putting it on page 3 was a kind move. I used to work in media and criticism runs both ways, on the whole better to have newspapers then not. every paper in town has good and bad in it if you look at the big picture except 411 which is just a scr. sheet. I am an environmentalist and was impressed by Dawn's recycling effort when I read that on the HR.

    2. Fair comment, Hobocrat3.

      Well, I admit I was gunning for them 1 week after splashing the "juicy" write-up of that Beth Mason leaked video of the Mayor's Court testimony in the Campbell case- on page 1.

  2. Thanks, M.B.B. Feel free to dish more on that, right here on the pages of GA. I'm all ears.

    How welcoming Matzner was... letting Mason park her "juicy" leaked video schlock on page one, and sticking Zimmer's SOTC on page 3 with ZERO online coverage. Her reporter was there Weds. night.

    Ray will move on to bigger things.

  3. Perhaps Matzner's memoir (MBB forgets the title, but her "debut," & somewhat well-reviewed), written as "Caren Lissner," could be illuminating in some ways, regarding experiences that may inform aspects of her own personal & professional development.

    Far be it from MBB to suggest any possible "clinical issues." (That's that Shrill person's purview.)

    But certainly, one might presume an apparent unconditional acceptance of idiosyncrasies, by her "journalistic mentor," Joe Barry, that has apparently fueled an almost slavish devotion/pathological loyalty. And hence, a persistently distorted "lens."

    The "ascendancy" to Publisher of Joe's rumored former mistress--as a possible "concession prize/kiss-off gift," along with providing a handy solution to any further appearance of journalistic impropriety/ financial disadvantage around remaining at the helm after his felony conviction---just adds to the tawdriness of it all.

    Obviously, all this would also seem to have certain enduring practical advantages for Barry's Applied Development Co. activities (the Reporter loves to feature byline-less laudatory stories about real estate projects, along with the plethora of agency ads), as well as for certain Hudson Co. factions of a similar [a]morality.

  4. Wow, MBB. Now THAT'S what I call "juicy".


    Got more?


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