The Barker

That's him!  (See pic below, taken on December 26, 2011)

The chap who barked "Zimmer's going down!" as he passed me in Best Buy on Friday. 

Do you know WHO he is? I've got no idea.

I'll bet Frank Raia knows-  they were shopping there together.  Maybe BoE member Peter Biancamano knows, he's with him in the pic below, next to Frank.

Well, whoever he is, he sure hangs out with some of Hoboken's movers and shakers. Like Raia.

GA likes Frank. He's a gentleman, and for one who has achieved so much in life is down-to-earth and approachable. Not the nouveau riche, the- help- stays- in- the- kitchen type.  No, he's nice to everyone.  GA 's also heard that his wife performs many charitable works here anonymously.  I heard of one act of extreme kindness done through a third party so as to maintain her anonymity.  She must be quite a gal.

GA's always impressed by acts of unconditional, selfless giving. Say what you will about Bill Gates, have a look what the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has done:


Number of employees: approximately 980(1)
Asset trust endowment: $33.5 billion(1) (2)
Total grant commitments since inception: $26.19 billion (1)
Total 2010 grant payments: $2.6 billion*

Geographic Reach

The foundation supports grantees in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Internationally, we support work in more than 100 countries.

If I were loaded, that's what I'd do. Give it away.  

G-d Bless Mrs. Raia.

And the other mover and shaker next to the unidentified Barking Guy, BoE member Peter  Biancamano, is also a gentleman.  Although GA didn't understand why he wrote this wrote this in his recent letter to the Hoboken Reporter:
"Divided board"?

As a public school parent this concerns me.

How are they divided?  How does that serve the interest of the district's children?  How does that serve their effectiveness as a Board? How does it serve their ability to make decisions which impact our entire community?

I see this Board voting together over 90% of the time.  That's not exactly "divided". GA thinks they've been doing a terrific job, not a "divided" job.

"Divided" is not good. So what did Biancamano mean by that?

Maybe he's  been hanging around with guys who yell "Zimmer's going down!" at strangers in public places.  Maybe  he's been hanging out with the crowd that trashes the good things happening in our public schools. Maybe he's letting himself be tainted by political hatreds.  Who knows.

Peter, please don't  be divided!

Take a look at one of the great  things happening in the district you preside over- Smartboards in every classroom!  Here's my very own daughter showing me how it works!

You also wrote...
Um, should a sitting Board member really be saying that?

Isn't that a rather harsh condemnation of ALL the 1,200 or so kids in Hoboken's school district?

And you know, many of these children have READ your assessment of them. And I am sure they regret "disturbing" you. Indeed.

In fact, my public school kid would like to apologize for her "disturbing" advanced-plus test scores and her 3 grades-above math/language arts placement and her Johns Hopkins Honor Award.  She is truly sorry to have disturbed you as well as the MANY other academically advanced kids in our schools- the ones you preside over. They too, would like to offer their condolences on your "disturbance".

As for the under-performing kids, now that they know how disturbed you are by their inadequacy, I am sure they will be quite disturbed themselves.

Perhaps a better way to address their under-performance is NOT by excoriating them in public, but to examine the reasons for this phenomenon and offer solutions.

Otherwise, it looks... divisive.  Maybe that's what you meant by a "divided" Board.

Further, are you trying to drive parents AWAY from our public schools?  Surely your indictment of our children's performance as "disturbing" must disturb the parents of young children who are considering their school options in Hoboken.  

Is that the message a sitting Board member should be sending? 

The message sounds like this:  For a truly disturbing educational experiences, try our Public Schools!

I guess I've strayed from my subject...

WHO is that guy in the photo?


  1. That's Michael Holmes. Lives down the hall from Ma and Pa Russo in the Church Towers vertical trailer park. An overpaid school bus driver (making $50K a year back in 2008 - the average bus driver was making $31K), currently on disability for back pains that don't seem to prevent him from sitting through long council meetings or seeking physical confrontation outside city hall. He's the classy fellow that caused a disturbance at the Church Towers polling place during the last BOE election.

  2. Classic trough-feeder behavior, public barking.

    One might wonder which MD(s) may often certify & then re-certify "disability" for public servants in Hoboken & Hudson County. One might wonder how far Mr. Holmes might be from retirement & collecting his tidy pension.


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