Star Ledger Pulls BoE 'Step-Down' List

Yesterday's Star Ledger N.J. article, officials tell 200 school board members to step down after failing to complete background check, featured a list of those who where told to vacate their Board seat; GA published the Hudson county excerpt.

When I checked back this morning, the list was gone. Replaced with this note:

Note: Earlier today, we posted a list of school board members who were told to vacate their positions. However, after reviewing the list, we determined there were some doubts over its accuracy, so we removed the list.
GA finds that interesting, because the article indicated that the NJDOE was still reviewing the status of a number of names.  The inference there was the list contained those whom were (conclusively) determined to 'ineligible'.

So why pull the list?

GA is guessing that some have either complained directly to the NJDOE, or indirectly through counsel about this action.

Further, it's clear that the NJDOE directed the removal of one name  off the list in contradiction to their own policy, and done in a suspicious manner- after hours in the minutes before last Tuesday's Board meeting.

GA's talking about BoE member Maureen Sullivan.

And I'm told the  blowback on THAT one may have reached the highest level at the NJDOE.


  1. Perhaps someone can ask Paula Dow about this when she's in Hoboken for the MLK event....


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