A reader sent me this screenshot of Monday night's Daily Show with John Stewart.  Read the caption. 

What if the color is removed?

And the image rendered in graphic pen?

With Gothic font?

 Ooops... forgot this.

Huffington Post has the hilarious bit- click here.


  1. Fascinating metamorphosis, GA! Particularly apt, in that Kafka-esque milieu that is Hoboken!

    (And while we at "Denial" had no part in Mr. Stewart's brilliantly mordant analysis, we still appreciate the free plug at the bottom!)

  2. Why does the Republican Party scare the shit out of me? While I can agree with some of the economic positions that they take, the group of old white men that, i.e. McCain and Gingrich, that dominate the party and suck up to idiotic trampy wannabee shrews (think Palin and Bachman and our own Big Mo Sullivan)and espouse such horrific social positions just make me retch with the thought that they could ever be in a position of power, as in the White House. Did we not learn from the Shrub disaster?


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