Monday, October 31, 2011

Gumby and Nurse Ratched Sighting

Taken near Wallace school

Oh no, she stuffed him in a sack!

That's none other than Nurse Ratched's personal bodyguard, Matt Calicchio zip-locked inside of Gumby's epidermis. It must be pretty steamy in there without any air holes for breathing.  What, the help don't get oxygen?

Well, you could seal me inside a vinyl sack for the right price. It wouldn't even cost you that much.  How about it?

It's an interesting choice of costume on Mason's part.  A hospital theme.  That's kind of like Dr. Kevorkian dressing up as an ALS patient. 

So, GA's been getting texts, emails- and pics, from readers who've spied this odd couple around town.

A word to the wise: if these two come knocking at your door today, you'd better have treats or this Gumby will key your car.

This (raga)muffin is missing a few raisins

Words to Remember

"I find it appalling that in the United States of America there are those who would vilify a company for finding a way to take a hospital that’s on the verge of closing and make it profitable again."
-Thomas J. Azzolini, DPM
Hoboken University Medical Center
October 30, 2011

Dead Letter to the Editor

 by Greg Lincoln

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

There have been disturbing trends of note lately, warning signs of grave danger to us all. We see them on TV and in other media, but dismiss it because we think it could never happen in Hoboken.

I am talking about Zombies.

Let’s face the facts: the Zombie Apocolypse is inevitable, it is not a myth. Zombies are not just a fad or a fashion, they could end human society as we know it. And Hoboken is no safer than anywhere else from the undead menace.

Zombies have been spotted in Hoboken. The threat is imminent, and the time to act is now.

I live in the 3rd Ward, and unfortunately, I know Councilman Michael Russo has done nothing to prepare our ward or our city for the invasion of the walking dead. Nothing has been done to educate the members of our ward, nothing to prepare emergency supplies, nothing to care for the elderly. Much like when Hurricane Irene came, he’s leaving all the work for the Mayor to do.

This isn’t entirely unexpected, as Mike Russo tends to do a lot of talking but takes no positive action. He has yet to do anything to bring us the 3rd Ward park he promised. The Mayor has pretty much done all the work to relieve the flooding and road paving situation in the 3rd Ward, with little or no effort on Mike’s part.

But there seems to be something even more nefarious going on here. Councilman Russo seems to be taking steps to ensure that the Zombie Apocalypse will impact the 3rd Ward directly. He voted to shut down the hospital (in the 3rd Ward), which would remove any hope of care for those injured or infected by Zombies. His family refuses to pay the $300,000+ still owed to the city, which could be used for supplies with which to protect ourselves from the undead horde.

These actions beg the question: Is Michael Russo trying to let Hoboken be overrun by an army of the undead?

Mike Russo, King of the Zombies?

Perhaps he wants members of the 3rd Ward to have their brains eaten and further turned into Zombies themselves. It certainly puts a new spin on “I do for you, you do for me.” It is possible he plans to sacrifice all the living in Hoboken? Perhaps he thinks he can be the leader of the Zombies?

A good Zombie votes as he is told.

It raises more and more questions: Can the undead vote? Would Russo support more Zombies like Tim Occhipinti to be on the City Council? Do we need to institute Brain-to-Play laws? How would Russo control the Zombies? And how did he get involved in necromancy in the first place?

It takes brains to sustain evil plans.  Lots and lots of brains.

In all fairness, this may just be speculation mixed with circumstantial evidence. It is perfectly reasonable to expect Councilman Russo to simply flee the undead masses and try his best to defend his family in the Shore house he bought from his father for $1 (in order to allow his father to divest himself of assets with which to pay his fine.)

Teaching his son a new kind of corruption.

Meanwhile, those of us that are stuck here need to take action. I propose we stage a protest today (Monday, Oct 31st) at 3:30 p.m. We will meet at 13th and Washington and march towards Stevens Park. I hope this protest will raise awareness that we need to act as a City to prepare. I advise bringing your children (disguised, if needed) to make sure they are safe from Zombies.


Greg Lincoln

Mason Got Played (by HoldCo)

Folks, this is fascinating.   And gut-busting rich.

GA attended the Special meeting last night expecting a showdown between City Council majority and minority members, but got instead a showdown in the mind of City Councilwoman  Beth Mason.

That's where pathological obstruction (a term used by a public speaker) met certifiable megalomania in a burst of pyrotechnics designed to razzle-dazzle; once again Mason presented a narrative where she is the central figure saving Hoboken from the incompetence of  Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  

In fact, Mason manufactured the drama, the stage it played on and her own starring role.

Unfortunately for all of us, the stage is in her mind. And the entire city, the HUMC, it's employees, the Hospital Authority, HoldCo were hostages to the delusions of grandeur fed by the inexhaustible wallet of hubby Ricky Mason.  But not for The Wallet, she'd have been left roadside by her more wily Council peers long ago. Instead they shrug their shoulders and take her money.  Yeah, the woman's nuts, but she's got plenty of dough and dispenses it like Halloween treats.

GA's heard that's what 'they' think.  'They' meaning County and Hoboken politicos. A source told me they say she's "batshit-crazy" and try to "stay out of her way". 

For the rest of us there last night, the stunt she pulled was so outlandish Mike Russo looked like he wanted to use that black thing on his chin as a shield from her craziness.

What am I talking about?

THIS- these were handed out just prior tho the meeting.

Read headline: City Council Minority reaches agreement with Buyer to Save Hoboken Hospital!

Oh, how I wish GA's legal department, Not-Stempler were awake; I will pump him for some legal analysis of this document later this morning.

But we did manage a quick chat last night, and the sum of it...

Mason got played by HoldCo.

Her agreement is toothless.  Non-binding.  As good as a birdcage liner.  Or a paper airplane.

Because 'the Council Minority'  has no legal authority to negotiate for the City with the Buyer.  


'The Council Minority' is not a legal entity,  is not recognized as such and not empowered to 'make deals' either for the City or on it's own behalf.  Any 'deal' made with the Buyer would need the approval by the bankruptcy court and the creditors to be viable, and put forth by the authorized legal entity to represent the City's interests.

Not their OWN.

The absurdity of selected City Council members declaring themselves a legal entity with negotiating powers to circumvent the COURT, CREDITORS and the AUTHORIZED legal entity is seen by everyone- except the Council minority.

In the words of Not-Stempler, this non-binding negotiation is "beyond bush league". (And we haven't even broached the substance of the 'agreement')

So, people.  What do YOU think HoldCo thought about this self-appointed negotiating team?

I'm guessing HoldCo's attorneys had difficulty restraining their mirth.

Like a parent who'll let a child pretend she's a princess as long as she puts her toys away, HoldCo let Beth Mason believe she was "negotiating a deal" as long as they got the "YES" vote.

HoldCo gave Mason the 'agreement' because it got them a VOTE, knowing it was a gerbil-cage liner, but making her feel important, like a player.

In the words of Not- Stempler, HoldCo "made an ass out of her".

In the words of GA, she got played.

Now for this 'agreement', it looks like Mason thought she was getting Russo a gig with the "sports and alternative medicine program"- he's a physical therapist.

And a seat on the board!

Well, if the MAYOR has a chair on the Hospital Authority, I want one too!

GA will have more on this later... plus a special Halloween Treat from former 3rd Ward City Council candidate, Greg Lincoln.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bring Your Children

Meet the FACE of MORT's littlest victim.

HUMC workers, bring your child to the City Council at 6pm tonight.

Let Russo, Castellano, Mason and Occhipinti explain to him or her WHY they are putting Mommy or Daddy out of work.

Let THEM explain to your child why their young life is about to change for the worse.

Why should YOU have to?

Let one of THEM tell your child why they can't allow the City to satisfy a SIMPLE condition of our closing agreement with the hospital buyer when it would save the hospital AND your Mommy's job?

Have your child ask why they are acting like children.

Since Timmy's the most child-like of the four (his scripts are written in language any 5 year old can understand) perhaps he's the one to talk to.  If your child doesn't mind public speaking, perhaps he/she can ASK Timmy directly to vote "YES" tonight.

It'll sound like this:

Child (5 years old): Please vote "yes" because my Mommy needs a job.

Timmy: No.

Child: Why?

Timmy: Because I hate the Mayor.  We all do. (points to Mason, Russo, Castellano)

Child: The WHO?

Timmy: The Mayor. See, I  make your family miserable, then the mayor doubles your taxes to pay back the $52 million hospital bond, and lays off LOTS of  city workers... that's good for ME and my new political FRIENDS!  Cause all I  do for a living is answer the phone at a shitty help desk. But NOW I'm a big shot , a  SOMEBODY.  I can LAY PEOPLE OFF!  Isn't that cool?   I can actually put people on those long, shuffling lines of depressed people at the unemployment office!  Ooh, that feels good... 'll bet I can make those all presents disappear from under your Christmas tree. I'm King of the World!  Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Child: You said a bad word! (starting to cry) I don't understand... Christmas is coming...

Timmy: Then maybe Santa will bring your Mommy a new job! (laughing)  Does she know how to bag groceries?

Child: You're mean.

Timmy: Sure, kid.   I learned from the best. (points to Beth Mason)

On second thought, perhaps your child ought to talk to Mike Russo instead.  Unless Mike's too busy carving pumpkins at his haunted house.

I hear Terry Castellano's going to a wedding tonight. Nice for her.  

Beth Mason?  Forget it. 

Please, everyone.  Show your support for the HUMC workers and their FAMILIES and join their rally tonight.

It begins at 5pm at Hoboken University Medical Center at 308 Willow. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

HUMC Rally at 5PM Tomorrow

GA has been told that HUMC employees are planning to march from Hoboken University Medical Center to City Hall tomorrow night, starting at 5 pm.

 PLEASE show your SOLIDARITY with these workers and ATTEND at 5 pm.

1,200 who will lose their jobs UNLESS someone on the Council Minority votes "Yes"making Ordinance  Z-139 immediately effective.  Not only do they lose their jobs, our hospital closes, our $52 million bond must be paid THIS TAX YEAR, layoffs of city workers.... this is a DISASTER for Hoboken. 

MSV is reporting sources say the Council minority is NOT BUDGING.  Which means the hospital closes.

The public response must be loud and clear. We have a ROGUE CITY COUNCIL MINORITY that  is ABUSING their power and not acting in the People's best interest. Their militant partisanship threatens to plunge our City into bankruptcy and cause devastating tax increases.  And close our hospital.

Their VOTE tomorrow will affect EACH and everyone of YOU. Please stand with the HUMC and stand up for Hoboken.

Tonight GA received this from my terrific Councilwoman:
Message from Councilwoman Jen Giattino:

The Facts
the cost for a monthly residential parking at the midtown garage is $185 a month
  • HUMC OPCO,LLC will have access to 400 transponders 
  • NOT SPOTSat the midtown garage for $45 a month for the first 3 years
  • HUMC OPCO,LLC will have access to 400 transponders NOT SPOTS at the midtown garage for $65 a month after that.
The real breakdown
  • Cost per hour of a monthly residential spot 26 cents
  • Cost per hour of a HUMC OPCO,LLC spot during thefirst 3 years  26 cents
  • Cost per hour of a HUMC OPCO,LLC spot after the first3 years  37 cents
If the Hospital no longer operates as a Hospital or health care facility the rates of the transponders become whatever the current market rate of a monthly parking is and all 400 transponders must be paid for.

Even if they only want 100 transponders they must pay for 400.

This is a great deal for the City of Hoboken and its' taxpayers.

  • saves The Hospital and over 1000 jobs there
  • saves the taxpayers from another tax increase
  • saves city employees jobs.
Please attend the Council meeting. Please urge your council person to VOTE YES!
Thanks, Jen.

Nurse Patti Says...

“Our livelihood, the livelihood of this community, this city is hanging in the balance on four votes,” said Patti Stacer, a registered nurse. “I think it’s personal. I think that they did it for political gain…. They really don’t understand the effect it will have on us as a total community.” She said the four Council members should visit the hospital and see how many people are going to be hurt if the hospital closes. “They need to take a walk through this building and look me in the face and tell me why they can’t vote ‘yes,’ and then I can tell my kids why I can’t do for them because I don’t have a job,” said Stacer.
GA  has nothing to add.  Nurse Patti said it all.

Now listen to Dorothy.
One employee who’s worked at the hospital for more than three decades, Dorothy DeMauro, the director of volunteer services, said the issue shouldn’t be personal. The awning outside does not say ‘Zimmer University Medical Center,’” she said. “It says ‘Hoboken University Medical Center.’ It’s Hoboken that we’re concerned about.”
Shame on you, MORT.

The REAL Russo Haunted House


GA's obtained photos of the REAL Michael Russo Civic Association Haunted House 2011 (co-sponsored  by his cousin Terry Castellano). 

Although the event takes place tomorrow evening at 7pm (AFTER the City Council meets to vote on the FATE of our hospital)  the images you see below were provided by the Ghost-of-HUMC-Future (with Mike Russo as "Scrooge")... BEHOLD.

Follow the spirit, Scrooge-Russo... The Ghost-of-HUMC Future shows what awaits... is this what you want?

Look here, Scrooge-Russo... at your legacy, if you follow that batshit-crazy Beth Mason...

Here is how you'll be remembered, Scrooge-Russo...

If you love this City you'll SAVE OUR HOSPITAL. And SAVE OUR CITY.

Folks, please come to City Hall tomorrow at 6 pm and show your support for our hospital and our City.

And, one more thing...

Did you know that buttons, t-shirts, mugs, wall clocks, baby bibs, caps.. all sorts of tchotchkes emblazoned with the original GA Recall Beth Mason logo are available here, at the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop?  

They're selling so well, GA is going to expand the Recall Beth Mason product line... just in time for the holidays!  HURRY, and order yours now!

And don't forget to recall Beth Mason!

Friday, October 28, 2011

BnRs Vote to CLOSE St. Mary's Hospital

Two 'born and raised' Hobokenites are about to put (formerly known as)  St. Mary's Hospital, founded in 1863 (New Jersey's oldest hospital)  out of business.

St. Mary's Hospital, 1906

Those Hobokenites are Theresa Castellano and Michael Russo.

Both  are elected officials, entrusted by the people to act in their respective constituents' best interest  And both won the votes of a plurality of their peers, many born in St. Mary's; many buried family members who spent their final hours in St. Mary's.

Now these two 'born and raised' Hobokenites have joined forces with a 'yuppie' who's lived in Hoboken for 4 years (Timmy Occhipinti), and his wealthy 'mentor' from Virgina (Beth Mason), to shut the doors  of St. Mary's Hospital forever.

Last Tuesday, all 4 of them voted to STOP our bankrupt hospital from closing the following day by voting NO to satisfy a clause Buyer's closing agreement.

They voted NO on allowing the parking agreement to become effective BEFORE the closing, instead of waiting the usual 20 days.  Thus HoldCo, the buyer, promptly canceled the hospital closing with an ominous warning from their lawyer.

Folks, these 4 have been resisting this sale from the get-go, (most virulently and nastily by Councilwoman Beth Mason) this may have been that proverbial last straw.

Can this deal be salvaged?

Sunday evening at 6 pm is a 'do-over', the City Council gets to vote on satisfying HoldCo's closing stipulation. But why expect a different result when the same 4 people are being asked to take the same action they rejected days earlier?

GA is not particularly optimistic.

Which is a real head-scratcher.

Look, everyone knows that Beth Mason is batshit-crazy. So her former-friends have told me.  They don't recognize the woman hellbent on personal destruction of ANYONE in the path of her scorched-earth politics... her hatred of the mayor has pushed her over the brink.

As for Timmy?  Stupid.  Really, truly.  Watch the guy's facial expressions at the City Council.  Giving Tim power to effect the City's financial future is like giving a monkey a driver's license.  And all of us are riding the car that this monkey is driving over a cliff.  (Oh please, when is the AG going to take his keys away?)

Now to the head-scratcher: why are 2 proud 'born and raised' Hobokenites joining forces with 'newcomers' to destroy a proud Hoboken institution, one they have certainly known and benefited from all of their lives.  As well as their constituents dependency on it?

Remember, it's the so-called 'yuppies' who aren't using the local hospital in great numbers; the  constituents of Castellano and Russo are far more likely to be patrons.

Were I one of their constituents, I would be calling them right now.  In fact, call them all.  And tell them to DO the RIGHT Thing.

And please ATTEND the City Council meeting at City Hall on Sunday at 6 pm.  And tell Castellano, Russo, Occhipinti and Mason to vote "YES" and SAVE THE HOSPITAL.

Tim Occhipinti at 917-721-3926 today to tell him to vote "Yes" on Sunday
Michael Russo is at 201-401-9687

Theresa Castellano is at - (201) 656-9449

Beth Mason at 646-339-299 If that box is full, call 201-656-7549

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creating Our Monster

This Sunday, the future of our hospital, 1,200 jobs, our tax bills, the city's bond rating, hang on a single word...

...of one who condemned at least 100 Hoboken families to lose their incomes at Christmas.; the  imminent LAYOFFS  of City workers, the result of a single word..

Because of her enabler's unwillingness to enforce one word: STOP.  

GA fears for our city, and the victims of the Mason Layoffs.

But why not greet the Apocalypse in style?

If you'd like a T-shirt like the one our model is wearing above, please visit the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop.  

And you can  click right here to buy Today's Featured Product:

The Mason Layoffs Grow

All aboard,  hospital workers!  To the Beth Mason Unemployment Train... toot toot  

It's leaving the station on Sunday morning...

The Mayor's scheduled an emergency City Council meeting on Sunday at 9 am for a last-ditch effort to save the hospital closing canceled by the Buyer, HoldCo, yesterday.

Check out the ominous language from HoldCo's attorney in her letter. The letter was titled "NOTICE OF FAILURE TO SATISFY CLOSING CONDITION"

GA doesn't need her well-compensated legal department, Not-Stempler for this one.  HoldCo, the hospital buyer, reserves "all of their rights and remedies" because Beth Mason and Her Team (Russo, Occhipinti and Castellano) refused to follow our closing agreement by voting "NO" to effect our parking agreement with the Buyer prior to the scheduled Oct 26th  closing.  AFTER they were warned it would  stop the closing.

Mike Russo actually mocked the fact the"NO" vote would stop the hospital from closing, crying "the sky is falling! The sky is falling!".

Watch this clip courtesy of Da Horsey- see Beth "Layoffs" Mason vote for the hospital closing to DIE, and the  MOCKERY of Mike Russo after.

Now, here we are.  Read the HoldCo lawyer's language for yourself; and while you read it, think about the 1,200 jobs on the chopping block.

This is dead serious.  HoldCo is telling us "expressly" to stop f*cking around.

So why are we?

Ask Beth Mason.

It's hard to follow the damage this one woman means to wreak on the lives of ordinary working people.  By CHOOSING layoffs.

She voted "NO" vote on the garage bond ordinance  that needed 6 votes to pass (it was costless to Hoboken, even have added 50K to our coffers).  She was WARNED her "NO" vote was guaranteed to cause sweeping city-wide layoffs of City workers, but she just didn't give a damn.  A few days later, she blasted a slick (and vapid) ad all over cable TV, in a desperate attempt to distract us from the Mason Layoffs- GA's political consultant friend, The Nose, had a spot-on analysis of this  strategy.  In essence, "Look HERE, don't look THERE".

The woman is 2nd Ward City Councilwoman Beth Mason, detached and remorseless about throwing  ordinary folks out of work.

And by 'ordinary' I mean people who don't have Brinks trucks-full of cash to feed a vicious, mindless vendetta against the Mayor, with the workers of the City as collateral damage.  The Mason Layoffs.

If Mason is a NO-SHOW on Sunday or votes "NO" on satisfying the Closing Agreement with HoldCo, then she is VOTING for 1,200 MORE LAYOFFS.

The Mason Layoffs keep growing.  Who is safe from the fury of this self-interested wrecking ball?

It's time for the people of the 2nd Ward to give serious consideration to a recall effort.  Her egregious, undignified conduct has forfeited her right to the power of her office.

Available at the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop... and more stuff!

And let's face it, but not for  the SPOILER Franz Paetzhold, we'd have Councilman Greaney and none of this CRAP.  Of course, there was also the 53K in street money she spread like candy under the eye of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Partner and husband, Ricky Mason, her Campaign Treasurer.

Perhaps to keep track we ought to name the layoffs she's unleashed on Hoboken:
  • The Mason (garage bond) Layoffs
  • The Mason (hospital) Layoffs
All of this suffering to make one woman's life miserable- Dawn Zimmer.  Imagine that.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop

Just in time for the holidays!

GA is proud to introduce Hoboken's only Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop!

After last night's nutty performance at the City Council, it was only a matter of time...

The Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop is exclusively for fans of competent government and elected officials who DON'T  spend piles of their husband's money to blow up our town.

And here it is!

Click here to visit the Recall Mason Gift Shop

Folks, this is a real gift shop where you can BUY stuff!

Emblazoned with the slogan that seems to be catching fire around town... RECALL Beth Mason.

Here is the artwork (enlarged) which appears on most of the gift shop items:

And for those of you who'd like to recall Beth Mason for Christmas, we have this design:

HO HO HO!  Isn't it jolly?

If anyone would like one of these designs on another of the available products, simply contact the Gift Shop at

More designs to come!  

City Council Militants

What are you waiting for
So, did you watch the City Council meeting last night?

In case you didn't,  Corporation Council Mark Tabakin explained that the parking arrangement with HoldCo is a LICENSE agreement, NOT a lease agreement. Which Tabakin then explained means the statute Beth Mason was brandishing to prove the deal was 'illegal' was in fact, "irrelevant" (Tabakin's word). Tabakin called it an "access agreement" and not the lease of actual space.

So in one fell swoop, the exorbitant Mason media blitz was left a smoking heap of ash.

 Exactly what GA told you before the meeting.  Courtesy of my incredibly well-paid (by others) legal department, Not-Stempler.

(GA comedy note #1: as if we didn't have proof that Mason doesn't actually understand what she's against, prior to the vote she called the transponders 'transformers' followed by the flip '... or whatever they are!"  That's right, Councilwoman.  Rich people don't need to know stuff, that's what they pay 'the help' for)

Transformers! Ha ha ha ha...

Pssst...  just for you, Councilwoman Mason:



Do 'we' understand now, Councilwoman Mason?

(Pop quiz to follow... no, you can't pay a consultant to take it for you)

(GA comedy note #2:  In a stunning display of projection, Mike Russo repeatedly berated Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs for his "arrogance".  In case you're new to watching City Council theater, Sacs is the most publicly BERATED and ABUSED ('THEY' had him arrested!)  public official GA's ever seen in ANY administration.  And  Russo's got the cojones to admonish Sacs for arrogance, simply because Sacs is COMPETENT.  In Russo's world, not kissing his hiney nor swooning at his lineage, amounts to "arrogance" In GA's world, Russo's attitude amounts to "schmuckery."

Speaking of Sacs, he gave an incredibly detailed, clear recitation of the FACTS (with respect to the parking access agreement), which the other side has twisted  like a Bavarian pretzel.

From my notes:
  • The garage parking agreement is NOT with an "out-of-town developer" it is with HoldCo for a minimum of 7 years.
  • IF the hospital is 'gone' after 7 years, the developer immediately takes over the parking obligation at MARKET RATE in the amount of 400 transponders-24/7. Whether or not they are 'used' this is an obligation per contract, effective immediately to guarantee a revenue flow. This would be ON TOP OF the revenue the garage is generating from actual USE.
  • The maximum capacity for the midtown garage at any ONE time is 730.
  • HoldCo has been licensed for 1000 transponders, the current allotment of the HUMC.
  • The ACTUAL usage of the transponders  in the ENTIRE HISTORY (including emergencies like Hurricane Irene) of the midtown garage at PEAK has been 400. That's 40% of the actual total transponders at any one time.
  • The HoldCo agreement is for 400 at the midtown garage ('essential' staff- emergency medical, medical: doctors, nurses) and 600 at the municipal garage several blocks east (not the harrowing journey over mountains, hills and across rivers portrayed by the hapless Occhipinti, who's lapsed comfortably into MORT's mindless attack dog role)The 600 transponders are for 'non-essential' staff (administrative, maintenance, etc.) a term which Timmy took great umbrage to... though GA could make a case that Timmy is 'non-essential staff' on the City payroll.  In fact, other than barking out his scripted tirades, GA doesn't see much 'there' there.  Do you?
  • The base rate for staff is $65/week based on an 8-hour/day license (1/3 of $185 24/7 license).
  • The reduced rate is $45/week ($20 per week) which Sacs explained would MORE thank pay for itself because those transponders would be used at underutilized municipal garages which would  be SURPLUS revenue for them over what would be generate without those additional 600 transponders.  FANTASTIC WORK, IAN.  
Mayor Zimmer, Director Sacs, Toni Tomarazzo, the Hospital Authority.... these are the heroes of the hospital rescue. 

GA urges anyone who did NOT see the meeting last night to watch it.  Because until the public understands the absolute incoherence of MORT (Mason, Russo, Occhipinti and Terry Castellano) you won't fully get it.  Honestly, I didn't.   

GA's heard from those who attended the last meeting things  like "Beth's crazy", "they're bent on destruction", "they're trying to destroy the City", but those truisms hit me last night watching as the 4 minority Councilpersons displayed the kind of resistance GA could lonly decribe as militant.  

These are militants, in a profoundly counter-productive war against the Mayor, funded by Beth Mason's secret weapon- her foolishly compliant spouse.  (Yeah, Ricky Mason.  YOU.)

It's their fight and the rest of us are collateral damage.   

All I could say is, folks are finally catching on- judging from the email from people whom I've never met, asking what could be done and how the recall process works.  And if Da Horsey doesn't mind me saying so, he's been getting the same.

So, for our elected officials who seem to fear no consequences for their actions, your contituents' desire for consequences is growing.  That's not because of the blogs, blame  yourselves.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beth 'Layoffs' Mason Lies Again

original Mason photo credit: MSV

Ready for this, folks?   

GA's about to show you that Beth "Layoffs" Mason's EXCUSE for the impending Mason Layoffs of City workers has more holes in it than a golf course.

Here we go!

Yup, the 'reason' Mason gave yesterday in her announcement was that city-wide LAYOFF notices were issued because "Four City Council members refuse to support this potentially illegal agreement  because of the legal exposure it will cause taxpayers"

("This potentially illegal agreement" is what everyone is calling the 'lease' of  the midtown garage to HoldCo, the hospital buyer, set for a period of 99 years.)

Do you get what she's saying?

"Layoffs" Mason is using Hoboken taxpayers as a human-shield to protect her from blowback for triggering a wave of layoffs.  Because, according to her, the agreement with HoldCo is 'illegal'.

Here's exactly how "Layoffs" Mason put it yesterday:
This weekend The Star Ledger reported the agreement violates state law and Hoboken411 reported such parking agreements require  a competitive bid process.

Four City Council members refuse to support this potentially illegal agreement, because of the legal exposure it will cause taxpayers.  As a result, the Mayor issued city-wide layoffs notices last week and stated this may include police and fire layoffs.
Where to begin?

This weekend's Star Ledger report that the agreement violates state law has been refuted by... the state. This appeared in yesterday's Jersey Journal:
 On Saturday, The Jersey Journal and The Star-Ledger reported that state law caps parking lease agreements at 50 years. But today, state Department of Community Affairs spokeswoman Lisa Ryan said the state has no oversight over such matters.
So there's no "violation of state law" in the agreement with HoldCo.

Next (and this one's a hoot)... there's the 'report' on Hoboken411that such parking agreements require a competitive bid process.  And here's the N.J. statute that the legal scholars at the We-Smear-For-Dollars Think Tank dug up, their premise  for declaring the garage agreement 'illegal':
N.J. Statute § 40:60-25.1 states that public land can only be leased for “periods of time not exceeding 50 years.” However, the statute requires that the lease be made only after a competitive bid process.
Has anyone except "Layoffs" Mason ever confused cyber-rag Hoboken411with the American Bar Association?

Anyway, there's nothing as impressive as a heap of legal mumbo-jumbo following a statute-number.  Right?


GA's legal department, the inimitable (and expensive) Not-Stempler was not impressed.  (Can you believe he bills at $850/hour?)  In fact, the usually sunny fellow showed his impatience with "Layoffs" Mason's perpetual Spin cycle in his rebuttal on GA yesterday.  

Well, believe me when I tell you that Not-Stempler is disgusted by the Mason Operation's misuse, misunderstanding and craven manipulation of  the law to justify hurling City workers out of jobs.   We had a brief chat this morning, and here's how he DESTROYED Beth "Layoffs" Mason's argument that the statute applies to the HoldCo agreement.


Legally, the midtown garage agreement with HoldCo is the purchase of a LICENSE, not a lease.  

HoldCo is buying the license for transponders to access a parking structure for a price of X-dollars for 99-years.  They have not LEASED the structure itself.  It is therefore a LICENSE agreement for the sale of transponders in the quantity and period of use defined by the agreement. 

This from the mouth of my $850/hour legal department.  (That's about $850/hour more than GA pays him).

Further, Not-Stempler gave the example of paying for a hotel room; you are not actually leasing the room, you are purchasing a license to access the room for x-amount of time for a price of x-dollars. 

The HoldCo license for transponders to access the midtown garage works the same way. 

Message for the legal geniuses at Hoboken411 who dug up N.J. Statute § 40:60-25.1 to justify the MASON LAYOFFS: nice try.  But you really ought to confer with an actual lawyer before you blow smoke from your asses... perhaps Ricky Mason?

Now, let's review our conclusions regarding Beth "Layoffs" Mason's debunked lies:
  • There is no violation of state law in the midtown garage agreement with HoldCo.
  • There is no  N.J. Statute § 40:60-25.1 application re: 'lease' 50-year limit, nor 'competitive bid requirement' because the agreement with HoldCo is a license for transponders, not a lease.
And that concludes this chapter of 'Lying for Layoffs'.

What new whoppers will tomorrow bring?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Not-Stempler Rebuttal to Beth Mason

 GA's legal department is very, very busy; I hate to bother him.  (My legal department's a him) 

But given the latest round of Beth Mason hoo-ha (a legal term); her slick video and its claims of shady deals, then today's release citing those legal think tanks, The Star Ledger and Hoboken411, claiming that the garage lease is illegal, GA had to run this by a real lawyer.

My legal department a.k.a. Not-Stempler.

So I forwarded the whole kit-n-kaboodle for Not-Stempler's review and comment.

If I haven't told you already, Not-Stempler has a 'white shoe' law firm; why he bothers with me, I haven't a clue.  But who's  complaining?  Not me. Not-Stempler's like my Ricky Mason, except no sex. That's assuming... never mind.

So here's what Not-Stempler had to say about Mason's latest campaign:
I have reviewed the commercial, the excerpts from the city council meeting and the flyer that you submitted to me for review and comment.

Generally, I am more than happy to assist you in trying to pierce the “green curtain” of legalese and present issues in laymen’s terms. I assume that the materials that you have submitted are authentic and the commercial and the flyer was actually released by Ms. Mason.

I say so, because frankly, they are replete with glaring mistakes of law, assumptions that have no legal basis and exhibit a profound misunderstanding of the complex legal issues that are involved with the bankruptcy of a hospital, let alone a municipal hospital.  Coupled with her bizarre statements at the council meeting, a critique is frankly a waste of $850.00 an hour.

To detail and catalog all of the silliness that appears to have been scripted by political consultants, who themselves have no knowledge of the process, the relevant case and salutatory law or an appreciation of the underlying financial transactions would itself become tedious and boring.

The sale of the hospital, of which the parking agreement is a part, is a transaction that was approved by a respected and highly regarded bankruptcy court judge. The transaction will close, unless some creditor appeals that court approval, which is too remote a possibility to waste time on speculation. Instead of focusing on nit picking gotcha type of laymen’s misunderstood and mis-analyzed questions and inventing fake issues, the parties would be better off working to close the transaction and move forward.  The train has left the station, in the vernacular. 

As an aside, the epitome of nonsensical gibberish which you submitted for me to review was the petulantly inarticulate opposition to refinancing the existing bonds regarding the garage.  It should be used as a text book example of why uneducated and politically motivated elected officials should have no input when making fundamental business decisions that effect many taxpayer pockets.
Did you see that, folks?  $850/ hour.  I told you the guy's no slouch.

And, oh yeah... did you like this line: 
It should be used as a text book example of why uneducated and politically motivated elected officials should have no input when making fundamental business decisions that effect many taxpayer pockets.
Love you,  Not-Stempler!

The Mason Layoffs

Hey Councilwoman Mason, how about tossing some of those big bucks you spent on your ad campaign into a Christmas toy fund for kids of people getting laid off because of YOU?

You know, the ad that's supposed to make Hoboken forget you wouldn't vote for a simple bond conversion- a 6th vote was needed in order to pass it. All the Reform Council members voted AGAINST layoffs.  That's 5. They just needed one more vote- YOUR vote to  save the City from laying off  perhaps 100 or more men and women.

As a result, the hole you blew in Hoboken's finances is forcing City workers OUT OF JOBS.  And you knew it when you cast your 'NO' vote.  Yes, you did.

You were warned.

Here's what the Mayor's Office told you on October 14th,  before you voted to layoff City workers:
Three million dollars in transportation initiatives have already been removed from this year’s budget, and the City would be forced by the Council’s refusal to pass a bond refinance to do another round of major layoffs and find $7 million more in the 2012 budget.

None of this is necessary, however, since the bond refinance, which would resolve all of these issues, is not only costless but actually saves the City $50,000 due to the favorable interest rates available.
Blow as much of your dough on political consultants and slick advertising... none of it replaces competent governing and your FIRST responsibility- what's best for the people of Hoboken.  Not YOURSELF.

The word is spreading.

A friend of GA's spoke to a distraught City worker; he is terrified about the layoffs.

Sir, you can thank Beth Mason.

Here's what the Mayor told us on October 20th, AFTER Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry C. (MORT) voted 'NO' on the bond refinance: 
“I deeply regret that this action must be taken, but unfortunately the City Council minority's blocking of these essential bond ordinances leaves me no choice,” Mayor Zimmer explained. “Layoffs should not be necessary at all, but the City Council minority has intentionally created an easily avoidable budget gap that must now be addressed in a fiscally responsible manner.”

“The City Council minority was fully aware that the failure to approve these bonds would create an unnecessary budget gap that would require drastic cost cutting measures. During the past week I have repeatedly made clear that otherwise unnecessary layoffs would become necessary if these important bonds were voted down,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I want to assure the public that my Administration will do everything that it can to ensure that we continue to provide our community with all essential services through privatization, shared services and other measures, despite the need to reduce staffing as a result of the City Council minority's actions."
Many City workers will have plenty of time to watch Mason's dopey ad on television soon.

It didn't have to happen.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weapon of Mass Distraction

left panel: Mason ad   right panel: lines outside the Unemployment Office in Jersey City. Mason voted "NO" on a routine bond conversion for the midtown garage which will result in massive layoffs of City workers.  It didn't have to happen. Mason plays politics with City Workers' jobs.  What does she care?  She's LOADED.

So what did you think of that Mason video rolled out on her "news source" yesterday:
Councilwoman Beth Mason has taken her message to the airwaves with what sources indicate is a massive television buy intended to get the word out about this developer subsidy. She points out that citizens throughout the country are protesting governments subsidizing huge corporations with taxpayers’ money. It urges residents to call Zimmer’s office (201)420-2013 and tell her call off this terrible parking deal.
If you didn't see it yet, here it is:

Mason made us quite a gumbo: Christie + Zimmer + the anti-Wall Street demonstrations + a mysterious, unsourced 155 million dollar figure + a garage in Hoboken... everything but the kitchen sink. A weird concoction arranged slickly on a platter.   Served in your face.


Whatever the reason, it cost a pretty penny.

I asked a friend who's got a good nose for political strategy - I'll call him The Nose-  to watch it and give me his thoughts.  (I don't want to give up too much about him, just to say he's worked on Capitol Hill and been around politics for years)

The Nose consented, deploying his eyes and ears in service of his brain to make sense of Mason's pricey message-jambalaya.   After a couple of minutes he called back, breathing excitedly from- his nose.

GA took notes as these words ran from The Nose:
This is a desperate move, its damage control. A smokescreen away from the layoffs. They don't want people talking about how they've signed the death warrant for 100 city workers.

They don't want to be connected to the voting down the bond that caused layoffs... this is a sleight of hand strategy.  They're trying to focus attention away from themselves,  trying to make people forget the big pile of poo in the middle of the room. 

This is desperation strategy- the ad's not well thought out.  It was done on the fly. It's  not based on any underlying principle, it's the work of a political consultant.   Nobody spends this kind of money on fundamentally false unsupportable arguments unless they're trying to bait and switch change the topic away from themselves.

They didn't expect the arguments to be laid out so cogently and so well at the City Council. I don't think they expected the speakers to be so well-prepared. They did such a good job that there was no response, there is no response, there is no credible explanation for voting down the bond and causing the layoffs.

And the next day they saw they were getting blamed for the layoffs and for turning on their own.

And they really have no answer. So this is a desperate effort at distraction. They want a big turnout on Tuesday at the City Council to rant and rave and distract from their responsibility for forcing the layoffs.

This reeks of desperation and came from a political consultant, probably that Paul guy. (Swibinski)
A weapon of mass distraction.

That makes perfect sense.

The manic over-reaching, the fusion of Wall Street to Willow Street,  scary-big  dollar figures, a massive ad-buy prior to next Tuesday night's City Council meeting... yup, she knows she's in trouble.  MORT (Mason, Occhipinti, Russo & Terry Castellano)  didn't think Zimmer had the guts to do what they'd been warned would be the outcome of playing politics with City workers jobs. A high-stakes game with no personal risk  to themselves, only a political one.  And their calculation was that Zimmer would fold and raise taxes.

She didn't.

The thought The Nose left before he ran:  whenever Mason's in trouble, she throws money at it.

Nose, you picked it again.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mason Gallery Shut Down? UPDATE


According to an ear witness,  Beth Mason's Gallery 1200 has been shut down because the City Councilwoman did not obtain  the proper certification from the City to use  her space accordingly. It's called obeying the rule of law.

Not so transparent, for the self-titled Queen of Transparency to declare her former headquarters a gallery/event space without following proper procedure.

Well you know, rules are for other people.

(Update, 10/23/11 4:30 pm)
 From a reader:
Dear GA,

Saw your new piece and thought you might like to know that 1200 Washington Street, the location of Mason's "little shop of horrors"  is on the NJ State and National Registers of Historic Places. 

No zoning variances from the ZBA or Certificate of Appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Commission have been granted for the gallery.

Tomorrow is also a sad anniversary for this building.  It will be 30 years since some number of people (8 -13?) were murdered there in one of Hoboken's infamous arson fires.  It was horrific and it saddens me to think that no one was ever prosecuted for all of those arson murders.
I sincerely doubt that Mason knows or cares about this history.  The fact that she would flout our zoning ordinances is consistent with her narcissistic behavior and it is probably indicative of other liberties she's probably taking a-la Leona "only the little people pay taxes" Helmsley.

Mason Mud on TV

A GA reader sent me this:
Omg!! Just saw a tv commercial . Missed the beginning but was about Christie and then in shady, slow-mo.. How Dawn is giving 155 million subsidy to developers until the next century!!! About the parking. Then urged viewer to call Dawn to tell her not to do it.

Must cost a pretty penny. She must have bought a local cable package... Saw on TLC and CNN.  Did not see any paid for or anything...

Beth is pure evil!!!!!
GA would like to know the group claiming credit for this.

Can one of you peeps out there  videotape the commercial when it comes on?  GA can't find it online... yet.  Maybe one of you can, and forward the link.

More on this to come.

(Update, 4:45 pm)
Da Horsey's got it so you DON'T have to give the H411 sleaze-merchant traffic to see it (Mason 'gave' Klaussen the online exclusive)

Friday, October 21, 2011

(Another) Mason Announcement

Chilling Words

GA got this email from a 'BnR'.

It cuts straight to the sociopathy of the 4 individuals (Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry Castellano. a.k.a. MORT)  who voted to lay off a swath of Hoboken City employees at Christmas:

The reason they don't care is because they win either way.

People on the street think the "majority" passed or didn't pass something that caused these layoffs.

Most on the street aren't getting the subtlety that this particular issue required a super majority. On the street, when something "doesn't pass", it's the majority's fault. That why they like the votes 5-4.

No need to correct that need at all. A shoulder shrug says it all.... "geesh, what a crew"

I heard some workers complaining today about the "layoffs  "ya know...she always wanted to privatize this department anyway" Wonder who has been whispering this around?

That is the worst thing about this. They have calculated it six ways to Sunday and have come up with the same answer every time... fuck the workers! As long as Dawn looks bad and they look good.... it's all the same to them.

Well, GA reader, we'll just have to work harder to get the word out, won't we?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Russo-Castellano Abandon the HPD

Even more surprising than the screwing MORT (Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry C.) gave City employees on their refusal to convert the midtown garage bond from non-taxable to taxable, was the screwing they gave their peeps at the Hoboken Police Department.

Call GA naive, but that one shocked me.

Because as I heard Chief Anthony Falco recite the litany of filthy and dangerous conditions at the Police headquarters I thought surely decency would trump politics- for once.

Chief Falco said it himself at the close  of his presentation, "Set politics aside for once and do what's right for once...  Officers get cold, get sick.  I implore you to pass this ordinance."

It worked for me.  Were I on the City Council, that would have been a slam dunk.  Of course the ordinance to fund repairs to our police station should have passed, 9-0.

But it didn't.

Check out some of the problems that the Chief described, as he implored the Ciy Council to pass the bond ordinance: 
  • There is no operable HVAC system.  There hasn't been on for years.  In the winter officers use space heaters. But if all are used concurrently, circuits blow.  This caused a fire in the men's locker room recently. 
  • The electrical wiring is outdated and does not meet usage requirements. New wiring is needed. This caused at least one fire already.  (GA suggests electrical inspection is urgently needed)
  • Cell block toilet facilities back up and empty outside of the building.  Urine can be smelled inside.
  • The upstairs toilets leak to the floor below.
  • Water leaks onto the IT room servers.  Chief Falco had water leaking onto his computer.
  • There is mold in the gym.
  • In the men's locker room facility there is 1 toilet and 1 shower for 130 men. 
  • No storage room. Evidence is currently being stored in 3 trailers outside. A 4th is required.
  • The lobby layout poses a threat to officers and the public.  A separate area for processing those arrested is required. This would have a separate entrance to reduce the chance of someone escaping.
  • The sidewalk in front of the station is broken and has caused people to trip and fall.
  • Security cameras are non-functioning and  need repair
  • IT equipment is antiquated.
  • Telephone system needs revamping.
  • More 4x4s needed to navigate flooded streets. 
  • Hoboken needs a firing range; we currently rents one in Bayonne  for an annual cost of 25K. 
GA was stunned at how  hazardous a few of these conditions were.

Particularly the outdated wiring and non-working HVAC.  The building should be fully sprinkler-ed, but in light of the potential for fires, it should be tested regularly until the electrical system is fixed. 

And mold? A friend became sick recently from exposure to mold at her workplace.

Processing criminal suspects in the same area that the police interface with the public?  Doesn't sound like a winner. 

GA is truly amazed at the neglect, the abandonment of these officers with a series of lame-ass excuses.

Timmy the Tool mumbled something about the police getting new headquarters per the Master Plan; a nice way of saying "F**k you".

Mason mumbled something about not having the money to fix everything at once, and not agreeing with all items listed.  However, when asked to name which line-items she disagreed with, she couldn't. 

Terry C., whose husband was a cop, mumbled something about the City  not being able to bond for  everything, that we just couldn't afford it.

And Russo?  He said the money should come from our capital budget, not a bond. Without explaining the miracle of finding it there.

Well, with 'friends' like these...   who needs friends like these? 

Every member of MORT failed the HPD.   Shame on  you.

Who voted to give the HPD the funding for repairs? Bhalla, Cunningham, Mello, Giattino and Marsh.

Now officers, to truly understand what your 'friends' have done to our City and it's workers...

Just released from City Hall:


Following the City Council minority's vote to block the refinancing of bonds for the Midtown Garage and a bond for capital improvements, Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced that it would unfortunately be necessary for the Administration to begin a city-wide layoff process in order to close the resulting budget gap.

“I deeply regret that this action must be taken, but unfortunately the City Council minority's blocking of these essential bond ordinances leaves me no choice,” Mayor Zimmer explained. “Layoffs should not be necessary at all, but the City Council minority has intentionally created an easily avoidable budget gap that must now be addressed in a fiscally responsible manner.” 

The refinancing of the bonds for the Municipal Garage would have saved the City $50,000. Instead of achieving this savings, the failure to refinance will require the City to unnecessarily spend $4.5 million to pay down the existing bond. This cost will have to be offset by staffing cuts in order to stay within budget and avoid a significant tax increase.

The capital improvement bond was desperately needed in order to address long neglected infrastructure needs including providing heat and proper security measures for the Police Department Headquarters and replacing broken equipment necessary for the City to plow snow, sweep streets, and pick up garbage. These desperately needed items will now have to be deferred or offset by additional cost saving measures.

Since the City Council minority blocked approval of these critically needed bonds, the City is now left with a $7.3 million budget gap.  As a result, all City employees were provided with a general advisory concerning possible layoffs earlier today.

“The City Council minority was fully aware that the failure to approve these bonds would create an unnecessary budget gap that would require drastic cost cutting measures. During the past week I have repeatedly made clear that otherwise unnecessary layoffs would become necessary if these important bonds were voted down,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I want to assure the public that my Administration will do everything that it can to ensure that we continue to provide our community with all essential services through privatization, shared services and other measures, despite the need to reduce staffing as a result of the City Council minority's actions."

MORT: The Bottom of the Deck


GA watched  last night as the 4 members of MORT (Mason, Occhipinti, Russo & Terry Castellano) dropped the axe on the necks of working moms and dads just in time for Christmas.

Moms and dads who work for the City, that is.

GA knows a few- cops and firemen, and their kids who go to Wallace school with my daughter, LA (Little Avenger). I wonder what it will be like for them this Christmas, released into a  lean job market in a slow hiring season.  How will they make ends meet? Will they have to choose between paying bills or gifts for their kids?  What will financial  stress do to these families?

These are our neighbors.

It didn't have to happen.

The midtown garage bond conversion from non-taxable to taxable would have incurred no cost to Hoboken, and added $50K per annum to City coffers.

A no-brainer, right? 

Not for the brains of MORT, steeped in their bitter brew of political self-interest, narcissism, entitlement, and cruel calculation.

Here they are, the people who CHOSE to put the City in financial jeopardy and create jobless households.  Straight from the bottom of the deck.

Tim Occhipinti came with a script, signaling his keepers had pre-wired the deafness to reason and logic on display last night.  Nope, he stuck to his script and read it- big words and all, with the lilt of manufactured outrage mixed with glee at scoring a touchdown for his team.  Team MORT.  His skull a fortress impenetrable to the suffering his "Me too!" governing would play in putting Hoboken men and women out of work.  In spite of adults speaking slowly and clearly to The Fool like they were teaching a 4 year-old how to ride a bike with training wheels, their words bounced off him like rubber bullets.  No, Timmy came to please his masters.  His masters want the chaos MORT creates to be blamed on the Mayor.  And The Fool of Team MORT left with the script he came with, no wiser but flushed with victory.

Mike Russo is the brains of MORT.  Rage- real hatred for the Mayor has crept into his City Council theatrics. It feels personal;  a real departure from the Russo modus operandi of  'it's only business' and 'politics is a contact sport'.  The jovial manipulator has been replaced by a guy with a grudge. GA thinks he's furious at the mayor for calling in the FBI.  Now the dominoes are falling around him.  Friend (and 'revenue stream?) Al Areszzo gone, the Russo Civic Association at 420 Adams closed, fear of FBI scrutiny frustrating his mother's job search;  the mayor's pulling away his ability to do favors for people which is Russo's source of power, influence and money- favors such as clearing a seat on the zoning board.  My seat, for example.  (And you ain't getting it, either)  Another sign of his diminished influence is his inability to  score Mamma a job.  Of course he's livid, and taking it out on the object of his fury,  Dawn Zimmer. Layoffs?  Collateral damage. Russo now sports a tiny inverted triangle on his chin, looking more like The Devil every day.

Beth Mason plays The Empress of MORT.  Profoundly narcissistic, anyone who challenges her sense of entitlement must be destroyed. She blames others for her own failures; her vendetta against the Mayor and people of Hoboken (for twice rejecting her) rules her political life. She's completely reactive; can't articulate what she's for but can tell you what she's against. Her rage has hollowed her out, made her indifferent to the suffering of others; flexing her 'muscle' and wreaking pain on the people of Hoboken was her aim last night. She's all reflexes now.  The Empress cannot believe her predicament; the possibility of a Federal indictment looms. She blames the Mayor for bringing the FBI to town, and not the immorality or illegality of her own actions- she's the victim.  The plan: make chaos for the Mayor and link her to Governor Christie  (hence the mythical "Christie endorsement") to set up a 'political victim' defense if  she goes down.  If.  Until then, The Empress is using all resources at her disposal to cause as much pain as possible for the people of Hoboken.

Terry Castellano plays The Tower of MORT.  GA will go to the Tarot meaning here:

The card is one of the negative cards in the Major Arcana. It symbolizes changes, conflict and over all disruption of life. Bad news and calamity are quite often following this card. As a card that signals an end of a cycle, this usually means difficulties in relation to it.  This card being negative in nature has little to add to it. The secondary meaning quite often represent drastic or more sudden changes than the primary meaning indicates. A generally bad card and a difficult one to interpret in a positive way. 

There you go. "A generally bad card". The Tower supports her cousin, The Devil.  She carries his vendettas  minus his pleasant veneer. Her visage is scowling, she makes faces, is openly disrespectful toward those she dislikes including members of the public, and speaks out of turn- often in a hostile and disruptive manner. The Tower does not fear consequences.  The Tower can coldly refuse funding repairs for Hoboken's police station that doesn't have heat in the winter nor properly flushing toilets.  The Tower can refuse a simple bond refinance to save the City from  layoffs.  The Tower is a soldier.  All for the greater good of destroying our popular Mayor and  what she represents- 'new' Hoboken.


So last night Hoboken saw politics played from the Bottom of the Deck.

Now our City has a financial crisis it should never have had.  And many Hoboken families can expect a crisis they don't deserve.

With MORT to thank.