Rooting for Failure

GA's got some more on last night's meeting at the BoE

Here's what I learned: members of our School Board are rooting for the failure of our kids.

For these officials, politics come first.  So maybe we call this group 'Politics First'.  Because they want to sabotage the success of our new Theater Arts teacher, Danielle Miller.

What does this mean?

By starving the Theater Program of resources and support for its new Director,  Politics First hopes to  revive a campaign talking point- the denial of tenure for Paula Ohaus.  Which requires the Theater Program to fail; our kids are collateral damage. 

And Politics First coordinates strategy with out-of-town help.

Last night, Theresa Burns of Secaucus asked the Board to vote against this: a $6,500 stipend for each of the (2) plays Ms. Miller will direct.

Ms. Burns of Secaucus argued against the stipend, saying Miller's salary should cover it.  GA supposes this is because Miller's predecessor, Paula Ohaus, received no stipend.

Well, let's have a look.

Ms. Miller was hired as a teacher, to teach 5 classes (full-time) at a salary of $46K. 

Paula Ohaus was hired as a director, taught NO classes (until the last 2 years when Supt. Carter  made her teach 2 classes)  making $85-90K at  the time she left.

The above stipend is for whomever assumes the duties of Theater Director- and Miller will in addition to her full-time teaching position. According to Burns, the new Theater Arts teacher should make $46K for teaching a full-time schedule AND directing both plays; nearly HALF of what Ohaus earned.

And Francis Rhodes-Kearns and Peter Biancanamo voted AGAINST the stipend, in agreement with Burns of Secaucus.

Make no mistake, the outcome of pulling the stipend would only be hurtful for the High School program.  By design.


  1. Just like the politics of spite from the Council of No at City Council .... nothing is sacred in their quest for revenge and defeat of reform, the Mayor and the Kids First majority led school board. Nothing. Not even the children of Hoboken and the schools they attend.

    Here's a flashback to the days when Burns and Co. were at the helm. The BoE means just one thing to that crew- it's a cash cow for jobs with fat salaries:

  2. Based on Tempest's link above, during Burns' tenure as a BoE board member:

    "...That means that currently there are three business administrators or assistant business administrators, each drawing salaries of over $100,000 per year..."

    Really Burnsy? Methinks you should go annoy the BoE in Secaucus. Better yet, stay home and watch Spongebob Squarepants.

  3. A couple of questions - and let's be honest.

    -Has there been a rash of people from Hoboken going to Secaucus BoE meetings and telling them how to spend their money? Has there? Don't lie. Who did it? This definitely feels like bitter, angry revenge from Burns of Secaucus. So who started it?

    -Has anyone looked into the possibility that Secaucus schools are completely perfect? That would leave Burns of Secaucus with lots of extra time to kvetch-kvetch-kvetch about schools systems in towns where she doesn't live or have school-aged children.

    -Isn't it just possible that Burns of Secaucus desperately needs this diversion? Isn't boredom the leading cause of death in Secaucus?


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