Chilling Words

GA got this email from a 'BnR'.

It cuts straight to the sociopathy of the 4 individuals (Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry Castellano. a.k.a. MORT)  who voted to lay off a swath of Hoboken City employees at Christmas:

The reason they don't care is because they win either way.

People on the street think the "majority" passed or didn't pass something that caused these layoffs.

Most on the street aren't getting the subtlety that this particular issue required a super majority. On the street, when something "doesn't pass", it's the majority's fault. That why they like the votes 5-4.

No need to correct that need at all. A shoulder shrug says it all.... "geesh, what a crew"

I heard some workers complaining today about the "layoffs  "ya know...she always wanted to privatize this department anyway" Wonder who has been whispering this around?

That is the worst thing about this. They have calculated it six ways to Sunday and have come up with the same answer every time... fuck the workers! As long as Dawn looks bad and they look good.... it's all the same to them.

Well, GA reader, we'll just have to work harder to get the word out, won't we?


  1. I super-agree about Reform yelling on the mountaintops vis-a-vis the super-majority that was needed to pass bonding modification ordinance. I know several somewhat politically aware people that are not getting that subtlety. Perhaps a point specific memo from the mayor would help that it took each and every member of the Old Guard council membership to tank this bond, that Reform COULDN'T POSSIBLY win this vote without a super-majority. This fallout need be contained and quickly.

  2. A simply worded memo from the mayor and their respective directors would help clear up this misconception. Also, if they could give the workers a chance to voice their frustration with the council they could see with their own eyes who is causing this issue.

  3. Plan B. Fliers.

    The blogs have played a role, creating a community of activists, kindred spirits, breaking more real news by a comfortable margin than the "credentialed journalists".

    But it hasn't been enough. By hook or by crook - you decide - we were defeated last November, in the school board election in April, and in the May city council election. Does not bode well. The pattern is uniform and consistent: our "natural constituency" does not vote.

    Which means the blogs aren't reaching them or they'd know the score.

    Plan B. Same message, tweak the medium. MSV, GA - the newsletter. Crazy? Is changing nothing after losing handily 3 straight times sane?

    Plan C. Register every voter in town starting 1/1/2012.

    Plan D. VBMs in the school board election. Get good at it.

    Plan E. Rely heavily on VBMs in the mayoral/at-large election 5/1/2013.

    Yeah, that's probably all crazy. What we're doing now works fine.


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