The Mason Layoffs

Hey Councilwoman Mason, how about tossing some of those big bucks you spent on your ad campaign into a Christmas toy fund for kids of people getting laid off because of YOU?

You know, the ad that's supposed to make Hoboken forget you wouldn't vote for a simple bond conversion- a 6th vote was needed in order to pass it. All the Reform Council members voted AGAINST layoffs.  That's 5. They just needed one more vote- YOUR vote to  save the City from laying off  perhaps 100 or more men and women.

As a result, the hole you blew in Hoboken's finances is forcing City workers OUT OF JOBS.  And you knew it when you cast your 'NO' vote.  Yes, you did.

You were warned.

Here's what the Mayor's Office told you on October 14th,  before you voted to layoff City workers:
Three million dollars in transportation initiatives have already been removed from this year’s budget, and the City would be forced by the Council’s refusal to pass a bond refinance to do another round of major layoffs and find $7 million more in the 2012 budget.

None of this is necessary, however, since the bond refinance, which would resolve all of these issues, is not only costless but actually saves the City $50,000 due to the favorable interest rates available.
Blow as much of your dough on political consultants and slick advertising... none of it replaces competent governing and your FIRST responsibility- what's best for the people of Hoboken.  Not YOURSELF.

The word is spreading.

A friend of GA's spoke to a distraught City worker; he is terrified about the layoffs.

Sir, you can thank Beth Mason.

Here's what the Mayor told us on October 20th, AFTER Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry C. (MORT) voted 'NO' on the bond refinance: 
“I deeply regret that this action must be taken, but unfortunately the City Council minority's blocking of these essential bond ordinances leaves me no choice,” Mayor Zimmer explained. “Layoffs should not be necessary at all, but the City Council minority has intentionally created an easily avoidable budget gap that must now be addressed in a fiscally responsible manner.”

“The City Council minority was fully aware that the failure to approve these bonds would create an unnecessary budget gap that would require drastic cost cutting measures. During the past week I have repeatedly made clear that otherwise unnecessary layoffs would become necessary if these important bonds were voted down,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I want to assure the public that my Administration will do everything that it can to ensure that we continue to provide our community with all essential services through privatization, shared services and other measures, despite the need to reduce staffing as a result of the City Council minority's actions."
Many City workers will have plenty of time to watch Mason's dopey ad on television soon.

It didn't have to happen.


  1. Ms Mason should spend more time preparing for council meetings and less time angling her run for Mayor 2013. Then maybe she could explain what it is she is voting down, like when Mr Cunningham asked her at the last meeting what she didn't like about The Mason Layoff bond modification request and SHE HAD NO ANSWER to a direct question. The clip is up on MSV. If you're going to give people The Mason Layoffs, you should at least understand what you are talking about other than your advisers said it would help your run for mayor in 2013.

  2. Mason hates Zimmer but hard for her to say that for the cameras when it will make her look even worse than she already does.


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