Land of the Giant

That's Hoboken.

Remember the 1968 kitsch TV classic, Land ot The Giants?  It was set in the 'future' (1983), and in the pilot episode the crew and and passengers of a 'sub-orbital' transport spaceship en route from Los Angelos to London encounter a strange space storm... oh, no!   (I hate when that happens.)

Well, the storm causes the spacecraft to crash-land on a mysterious planet where everything is GIANT-sized.  Speaking of which, have you ever been to Kurt Gardiner's house?  Like that. (big chairs, big spoons, huge dishes, a 50" TV screen)

Anyway, the show has an interesting subtext; the Giants seem to represent a totalitarian regime in pursuit of the superior technology of the Earthlings.  In other words, on that planet the Giants are BAD.

On our planet, Hoboken, our Giant is GOOD.

Kurt Gardiner,  candidate for Freeholder, Column C.

It's the other guy... some Stick Figure, who has aligned himself against the people of Hoboken and with the County Bosses he pals around with, to yank up our taxes- he  did it 3 TIMES!!!

Hoboken, 1 of 12 Hudson County municipalities paid 17% of County taxes, even though we've got 6% of the population. 

Does that sound fair to you?  Anthony "Stick" Romano thinks so.  He voted FOR that.  So people, WHY re-elect that guy?

Sure, he's cute. But so was Ted Bundy.   

NOT TO COMPARE STICK TO TED BUNDY... Stick is a much better person. (Put that on your easel, weasel)

My point is, it's not what's on the outside, it's how the inside VOTES.

And Stick Romano voted 3 TIMES to raise our taxes when we already are getting the shaft from the County.

So, I am sorry BUT... anyone who votes for that guy again deserves to pay MY taxes. 

Now, for a GIANT alternative, a guy who CARES about lowering our taxes, because he is a homeowner who is taxed up his GIANT wazoo.  Which means he's got a GIANT incentive to get other Hudson County municipalities to pay their fair share and LOWER our GIANT-sized taxes.

And here's the GIANT himself- Kurt Gardiner, to tell us in his own words, HY he's the right guy for Freeholder:

GA Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the graphics on the attached... credit belongs to Kurt Gardiner 

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Vote COLUMN C, Kurt "The Giant" Gardiner for Freeholder on November 8th

Stick afraid of a Discussion Forum with the Giant?

(Pssst... somebody tell Romano's Campaign Manager Jamie Cryan that Da Horsey is waiting for his call back on scheduling the Freeholder Candidate Forum(s).)


  1. Here's hoping Kurt prevails!

    Two gentle reminders:
    1)Taxes affect renters & homeowners alike. Landlords can pass tax increases onto tenants. Everyone has a vested interest, whether they own or rent.
    2)Perhaps it's time to create a sidebar, with a link to the voter registration site---&/or perhaps a short feature with the link-?

    Just suggestin'....

  2. Yes, MMB on both counts.

    If GA seemed to exclude my rent-paying brothers and sisters from feeling the tax hammer it was quite unintentional... I know we suffer alike. And we don't like.

    Yes, I plan to will whip up something for voter reg. I'm not as tech-savvy as the (blogger) boyz, so I'll do it GA-style. Whatever the hell that is.

    Thank you kindly, MBB.


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