Mason Got Played (by HoldCo)

Folks, this is fascinating.   And gut-busting rich.

GA attended the Special meeting last night expecting a showdown between City Council majority and minority members, but got instead a showdown in the mind of City Councilwoman  Beth Mason.

That's where pathological obstruction (a term used by a public speaker) met certifiable megalomania in a burst of pyrotechnics designed to razzle-dazzle; once again Mason presented a narrative where she is the central figure saving Hoboken from the incompetence of  Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  

In fact, Mason manufactured the drama, the stage it played on and her own starring role.

Unfortunately for all of us, the stage is in her mind. And the entire city, the HUMC, it's employees, the Hospital Authority, HoldCo were hostages to the delusions of grandeur fed by the inexhaustible wallet of hubby Ricky Mason.  But not for The Wallet, she'd have been left roadside by her more wily Council peers long ago. Instead they shrug their shoulders and take her money.  Yeah, the woman's nuts, but she's got plenty of dough and dispenses it like Halloween treats.

GA's heard that's what 'they' think.  'They' meaning County and Hoboken politicos. A source told me they say she's "batshit-crazy" and try to "stay out of her way". 

For the rest of us there last night, the stunt she pulled was so outlandish Mike Russo looked like he wanted to use that black thing on his chin as a shield from her craziness.

What am I talking about?

THIS- these were handed out just prior tho the meeting.

Read headline: City Council Minority reaches agreement with Buyer to Save Hoboken Hospital!

Oh, how I wish GA's legal department, Not-Stempler were awake; I will pump him for some legal analysis of this document later this morning.

But we did manage a quick chat last night, and the sum of it...

Mason got played by HoldCo.

Her agreement is toothless.  Non-binding.  As good as a birdcage liner.  Or a paper airplane.

Because 'the Council Minority'  has no legal authority to negotiate for the City with the Buyer.  


'The Council Minority' is not a legal entity,  is not recognized as such and not empowered to 'make deals' either for the City or on it's own behalf.  Any 'deal' made with the Buyer would need the approval by the bankruptcy court and the creditors to be viable, and put forth by the authorized legal entity to represent the City's interests.

Not their OWN.

The absurdity of selected City Council members declaring themselves a legal entity with negotiating powers to circumvent the COURT, CREDITORS and the AUTHORIZED legal entity is seen by everyone- except the Council minority.

In the words of Not-Stempler, this non-binding negotiation is "beyond bush league". (And we haven't even broached the substance of the 'agreement')

So, people.  What do YOU think HoldCo thought about this self-appointed negotiating team?

I'm guessing HoldCo's attorneys had difficulty restraining their mirth.

Like a parent who'll let a child pretend she's a princess as long as she puts her toys away, HoldCo let Beth Mason believe she was "negotiating a deal" as long as they got the "YES" vote.

HoldCo gave Mason the 'agreement' because it got them a VOTE, knowing it was a gerbil-cage liner, but making her feel important, like a player.

In the words of Not- Stempler, HoldCo "made an ass out of her".

In the words of GA, she got played.

Now for this 'agreement', it looks like Mason thought she was getting Russo a gig with the "sports and alternative medicine program"- he's a physical therapist.

And a seat on the board!

Well, if the MAYOR has a chair on the Hospital Authority, I want one too!

GA will have more on this later... plus a special Halloween Treat from former 3rd Ward City Council candidate, Greg Lincoln.


  1. It all reminds me of adults forced to attend the tea party of a vindictive child in the hopes of keeping her from becoming a worse terror than she already is. Holdco did the right thing for everyone concerned by attending Beth's imaginary negotiations and playing along. But apart from temporarily distracting the child from becoming yet more horrible, nothing of consequence really happened at the party. Beth is not in actuality the Duchess of Planet Earth, and Holdco isn't a tenant farmer on her lands.

    But we thank Holdco for pretending otherwise. It allowed everyone else to enjoy themselves at the grown-ups party.

  2. Infantile narcissistic grandiosity, in all its histrionic "glory." So sad to bear witness to someone making such a public display of mental illness.

    One can only imagine her inner torment, given what she projects onto the world. A sad, sad, suffering human being, made more tragic by the seemingly endless enabling by her husband & their motley crew of political parasites.

    The good citizens of Hoboken cannot solve her problems (& why would they care to), but they can find solutions to the ones she endeavors to create for Hoboken. That means organize for the recall. Get the vote--and Mason--out.

    Last night's public response indicates there's an opportunity to be seized for further action. Here's hoping Hoboken keeps the momentum going.

    Use the blogs as one forum, but get the petition crafted & start getting Second Ward signatures. Very focused efforts, including voter registration & VBM.

    Who knows what the FBI has planned. Do you care to simply wait & see? Or do you want to exercise the rights available to you?

    Perhaps you really just prefer to perpetuate trial-by-blog. That has its place, certainly. But if that's all you do, the blame ultimately points back to you.

    She is clearly unfit to serve. What more proof do you need? If you want her to stop, get rid of her by recall.

    And that doesn't happen in cyberspace.

  3. I agree. I looked into the rules for starting a recall. We can organize now, but the committee of 3 can't be announced until 50 days before the end of 1 year of the present term (so something like May 10).

    In the meantime a strategy can be worked out - district by district, captains for certain buildings, etc. It doesn't really conflict with anything on the calendar. No other elections will be going on next summer (unless you count the presidential which doesn't get fought out here anyway.)

    You need 25% of registered voters as of the last election for a recall. Here's the good news: if you can do that, the election itself is a lay-up. Because enough signatures for a recall is more than enough votes for the election. Tell each signer that you want to reach out to them to do a vbm. You'll have their address already.

    People from every ward should be able to get behind this and release the frustration that blogging only partially relieves; those that can't sign can get signatures and get the word out, hang posters, raise funds, and so on.

    I liken it to the Spanish Civil War. No Pasaran!


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