HUMC Rally at 5PM Tomorrow

GA has been told that HUMC employees are planning to march from Hoboken University Medical Center to City Hall tomorrow night, starting at 5 pm.

 PLEASE show your SOLIDARITY with these workers and ATTEND at 5 pm.

1,200 who will lose their jobs UNLESS someone on the Council Minority votes "Yes"making Ordinance  Z-139 immediately effective.  Not only do they lose their jobs, our hospital closes, our $52 million bond must be paid THIS TAX YEAR, layoffs of city workers.... this is a DISASTER for Hoboken. 

MSV is reporting sources say the Council minority is NOT BUDGING.  Which means the hospital closes.

The public response must be loud and clear. We have a ROGUE CITY COUNCIL MINORITY that  is ABUSING their power and not acting in the People's best interest. Their militant partisanship threatens to plunge our City into bankruptcy and cause devastating tax increases.  And close our hospital.

Their VOTE tomorrow will affect EACH and everyone of YOU. Please stand with the HUMC and stand up for Hoboken.

Tonight GA received this from my terrific Councilwoman:
Message from Councilwoman Jen Giattino:

The Facts
the cost for a monthly residential parking at the midtown garage is $185 a month
  • HUMC OPCO,LLC will have access to 400 transponders 
  • NOT SPOTSat the midtown garage for $45 a month for the first 3 years
  • HUMC OPCO,LLC will have access to 400 transponders NOT SPOTS at the midtown garage for $65 a month after that.
The real breakdown
  • Cost per hour of a monthly residential spot 26 cents
  • Cost per hour of a HUMC OPCO,LLC spot during thefirst 3 years  26 cents
  • Cost per hour of a HUMC OPCO,LLC spot after the first3 years  37 cents
If the Hospital no longer operates as a Hospital or health care facility the rates of the transponders become whatever the current market rate of a monthly parking is and all 400 transponders must be paid for.

Even if they only want 100 transponders they must pay for 400.

This is a great deal for the City of Hoboken and its' taxpayers.

  • saves The Hospital and over 1000 jobs there
  • saves the taxpayers from another tax increase
  • saves city employees jobs.
Please attend the Council meeting. Please urge your council person to VOTE YES!
Thanks, Jen.