Hoboken's Italian Woman of the Year

Toni Tomarazzo, leader of the group Mayor Zimmer called the "Heroes of Hoboken", devoted countless hours to the rescue of Hoboken's HUMC from the clutches of elected politicians "in pursuit of their own personal agendas".  These selfish partisans trashed the honest, hard work of Toni and her peers on the Hospital Authority in a  shameful campaign of emails, mailers and rumors planted in the press propagating false allegations about the HMHA's motives and morals; the attacks were led by 2nd Ward City Councilman Beth Mason. 

In spite of this negative media onslaught, Toni and the HMHA succeeded to pull off a longshot.

GA spoke with HMHA Commissioner Eric Kurta about Toni this morning.  Here's what he had to say:
I'm in awe of Toni's ability to work a deal to work with a wide variety of people and sheperd a very complex process to a very favorable conclusion.

Hoboken was really lucky to have she and  Steve Rofsky because they are both really knowledgeable and experienced with this deal process.  The mayor, too. The single greatest thing she did was appointing the six people she did to the authority.  She created a new authority that was very proactive. She understood the hospital was in dire financial condition and took the imitative immediately to identify strategic opportunities.  
Kurta estimated that Tomarazzo has spent 20- 30 hours per week for the past year- on top of her full-time position as an attorney for a major financial institution.

Think about that.

This is a volunteer position.  How dare Mason, et al, impugn the integrity of this woman. Or any of the volunteer members of the Hospital Authority.

How much of their time has this the given to ensure the survival of the HUMC?

See below for a chart prepared by Eric Kurta.  Kurt documented the HMHA's meeting lengths during the previous board's tenure, followed by the 'new' Zimmer-board.  The names on the chart indicate times of appointment.  You can see how much (more) time the 'new' all-volunteer board has given to the HUMC rescue effort.

Let the numbers speak for themselves.

Finally, thanks to Da Horsey for the following video for the remarks of Mayor Zimmer and HMHA Chairwoman Tomarazzo at last Friday's pess conference.

Congratulations to you,  Hoboken's Italian Woman of the Year, Tomi Tomarazzo!


  1. Obviously Toni would have been a much better choice. Not only does Beth Mason besmirch Italians, she has done the same to the 2nd Ward and Hoboken.

  2. Elizabeth Ann "Abruzese" Mason is to Italians (& Jews) what Pajama Jeans are to fashion: A very regrettable mistake. No self-respecting Italian would want anything to do with her, Russo, Castellano or Occhipinti.

    Toni Tomarazzo however, represents the best of Italian-American culture. We are fortunate to have her as one of our citizens.

    Brava, Signorina Tomarazzo! Job well done and we all noticed.

  3. Toni's sheer brilliance, integrity, & generosity of spirit extend far beyond this miraculous HUMC accomplishment. And for all her accomplishments, she also manifests genuine humility, a quality frequently missing from many in public service.
    She has served Hoboken in so many capacities, simply too numerous to note here (her work with OLG, Hoboken Heritage, & countless other good deeds, in addition to her tireless service to HUMC).
    To watch her in action is extraordinary to behold---she redefines "Velvet glove over iron fist."
    Toni is truly a force of nature! How lucky is Hoboken to have her!

  4. Humility is right, MBB.

    Toni wishes to take no special credit and praises the work of all around her, saying she did no more than anyone else. And said none of it would have happened without the Mayor.

    GA's acknowledged the team; today was Toni's day.


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