BnRs Vote to CLOSE St. Mary's Hospital

Two 'born and raised' Hobokenites are about to put (formerly known as)  St. Mary's Hospital, founded in 1863 (New Jersey's oldest hospital)  out of business.

St. Mary's Hospital, 1906

Those Hobokenites are Theresa Castellano and Michael Russo.

Both  are elected officials, entrusted by the people to act in their respective constituents' best interest  And both won the votes of a plurality of their peers, many born in St. Mary's; many buried family members who spent their final hours in St. Mary's.

Now these two 'born and raised' Hobokenites have joined forces with a 'yuppie' who's lived in Hoboken for 4 years (Timmy Occhipinti), and his wealthy 'mentor' from Virgina (Beth Mason), to shut the doors  of St. Mary's Hospital forever.

Last Tuesday, all 4 of them voted to STOP our bankrupt hospital from closing the following day by voting NO to satisfy a clause Buyer's closing agreement.

They voted NO on allowing the parking agreement to become effective BEFORE the closing, instead of waiting the usual 20 days.  Thus HoldCo, the buyer, promptly canceled the hospital closing with an ominous warning from their lawyer.

Folks, these 4 have been resisting this sale from the get-go, (most virulently and nastily by Councilwoman Beth Mason) this may have been that proverbial last straw.

Can this deal be salvaged?

Sunday evening at 6 pm is a 'do-over', the City Council gets to vote on satisfying HoldCo's closing stipulation. But why expect a different result when the same 4 people are being asked to take the same action they rejected days earlier?

GA is not particularly optimistic.

Which is a real head-scratcher.

Look, everyone knows that Beth Mason is batshit-crazy. So her former-friends have told me.  They don't recognize the woman hellbent on personal destruction of ANYONE in the path of her scorched-earth politics... her hatred of the mayor has pushed her over the brink.

As for Timmy?  Stupid.  Really, truly.  Watch the guy's facial expressions at the City Council.  Giving Tim power to effect the City's financial future is like giving a monkey a driver's license.  And all of us are riding the car that this monkey is driving over a cliff.  (Oh please, when is the AG going to take his keys away?)

Now to the head-scratcher: why are 2 proud 'born and raised' Hobokenites joining forces with 'newcomers' to destroy a proud Hoboken institution, one they have certainly known and benefited from all of their lives.  As well as their constituents dependency on it?

Remember, it's the so-called 'yuppies' who aren't using the local hospital in great numbers; the  constituents of Castellano and Russo are far more likely to be patrons.

Were I one of their constituents, I would be calling them right now.  In fact, call them all.  And tell them to DO the RIGHT Thing.

And please ATTEND the City Council meeting at City Hall on Sunday at 6 pm.  And tell Castellano, Russo, Occhipinti and Mason to vote "YES" and SAVE THE HOSPITAL.

Tim Occhipinti at 917-721-3926 today to tell him to vote "Yes" on Sunday
Michael Russo is at 201-401-9687

Theresa Castellano is at - (201) 656-9449

Beth Mason at 646-339-299 If that box is full, call 201-656-7549


  1. Occipinti's voicemail box is full already. Mason does not answer either of her two phones. I am sure they all know what the tax-paying public thinks of them, but I doubt that they give a hoot.

  2. Occipinti's is full, Castellano's is full, I left a message for Mason on the second number.

  3. Yup, just like a lot of us predicted...voicemail boxes overflowing and none of these self-absorbed jerks will be checking their e-mail until late Sunday night or Monday morning. WHAT IF NONE OF THEM SHOWS UP FOR THE SPECIAL MEETING AT 6:00 PM ON SUNDAY??? I wouldn't put it past them to pull that stunt. They are completely contemptuous of the public and could care less about how devastating the closing of the Hospital would be to Hoboken's finances. I have a feeling they will show and vote NO...or they just won't show. Either way, the City is royally screwed and if property owners think they'll just pack up and move away...think one will buy your house or condo with the Sword of the Triple Tax hanging over your head. It's hard to imagine what motivates evil creatures like these four. I've stopped trying to figure it out and now I'd like to leave, please. The thought of having my life and my finances subject to the irrational, spiteful and stupid machinations of this crowd for even one more minute makes me want to dig a hole and crawl in it.

  4. I hear you, rudydawg.

    I've heard people talk about leaving Hoboken if this happens- not for politics but because they'll be taxed-out. But you're right- who the hell would buy those homes?

    Further, can you think of any business or corporation willing to make a major investment in Hoboken after seeing THIS? MILLIONS of dollars have been added to the cost of the hospital sale (legal fees) because of Mason & Co.'s shenanigans. WHO in their right mind would want to invest money in such a toxic environment?

    These people might as well take a wrecking ball to our City. They remind me of the twisted refrain of the enraged spouse: "If I can't have you, NOBODY can".

    Sick people.


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