Mason Mud on TV

A GA reader sent me this:
Omg!! Just saw a tv commercial . Missed the beginning but was about Christie and then in shady, slow-mo.. How Dawn is giving 155 million subsidy to developers until the next century!!! About the parking. Then urged viewer to call Dawn to tell her not to do it.

Must cost a pretty penny. She must have bought a local cable package... Saw on TLC and CNN.  Did not see any paid for or anything...

Beth is pure evil!!!!!
GA would like to know the group claiming credit for this.

Can one of you peeps out there  videotape the commercial when it comes on?  GA can't find it online... yet.  Maybe one of you can, and forward the link.

More on this to come.

(Update, 4:45 pm)
Da Horsey's got it so you DON'T have to give the H411 sleaze-merchant traffic to see it (Mason 'gave' Klaussen the online exclusive)


  1. I saw H411 has it up.

    I'll give Beth this, long term, 99 year agreements without adjustments for inflation are a recipe for losing money. For instance Guiness pays 45 pounds rent annually for its main factory with 8750 years to go.

    However the loss is heavily weighted toward the backend and could be considered a strong incentive to keep the hospital open with its 1200 jobs (the longer they keep it a hospital the better they do). Wonder how she arrived at her number.


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