Bring Your Children

Meet the FACE of MORT's littlest victim.

HUMC workers, bring your child to the City Council at 6pm tonight.

Let Russo, Castellano, Mason and Occhipinti explain to him or her WHY they are putting Mommy or Daddy out of work.

Let THEM explain to your child why their young life is about to change for the worse.

Why should YOU have to?

Let one of THEM tell your child why they can't allow the City to satisfy a SIMPLE condition of our closing agreement with the hospital buyer when it would save the hospital AND your Mommy's job?

Have your child ask why they are acting like children.

Since Timmy's the most child-like of the four (his scripts are written in language any 5 year old can understand) perhaps he's the one to talk to.  If your child doesn't mind public speaking, perhaps he/she can ASK Timmy directly to vote "YES" tonight.

It'll sound like this:

Child (5 years old): Please vote "yes" because my Mommy needs a job.

Timmy: No.

Child: Why?

Timmy: Because I hate the Mayor.  We all do. (points to Mason, Russo, Castellano)

Child: The WHO?

Timmy: The Mayor. See, I  make your family miserable, then the mayor doubles your taxes to pay back the $52 million hospital bond, and lays off LOTS of  city workers... that's good for ME and my new political FRIENDS!  Cause all I  do for a living is answer the phone at a shitty help desk. But NOW I'm a big shot , a  SOMEBODY.  I can LAY PEOPLE OFF!  Isn't that cool?   I can actually put people on those long, shuffling lines of depressed people at the unemployment office!  Ooh, that feels good... 'll bet I can make those all presents disappear from under your Christmas tree. I'm King of the World!  Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Child: You said a bad word! (starting to cry) I don't understand... Christmas is coming...

Timmy: Then maybe Santa will bring your Mommy a new job! (laughing)  Does she know how to bag groceries?

Child: You're mean.

Timmy: Sure, kid.   I learned from the best. (points to Beth Mason)

On second thought, perhaps your child ought to talk to Mike Russo instead.  Unless Mike's too busy carving pumpkins at his haunted house.

I hear Terry Castellano's going to a wedding tonight. Nice for her.  

Beth Mason?  Forget it. 

Please, everyone.  Show your support for the HUMC workers and their FAMILIES and join their rally tonight.

It begins at 5pm at Hoboken University Medical Center at 308 Willow.