The Mason Layoffs Grow

All aboard,  hospital workers!  To the Beth Mason Unemployment Train... toot toot  

It's leaving the station on Sunday morning...

The Mayor's scheduled an emergency City Council meeting on Sunday at 9 am for a last-ditch effort to save the hospital closing canceled by the Buyer, HoldCo, yesterday.

Check out the ominous language from HoldCo's attorney in her letter. The letter was titled "NOTICE OF FAILURE TO SATISFY CLOSING CONDITION"

GA doesn't need her well-compensated legal department, Not-Stempler for this one.  HoldCo, the hospital buyer, reserves "all of their rights and remedies" because Beth Mason and Her Team (Russo, Occhipinti and Castellano) refused to follow our closing agreement by voting "NO" to effect our parking agreement with the Buyer prior to the scheduled Oct 26th  closing.  AFTER they were warned it would  stop the closing.

Mike Russo actually mocked the fact the"NO" vote would stop the hospital from closing, crying "the sky is falling! The sky is falling!".

Watch this clip courtesy of Da Horsey- see Beth "Layoffs" Mason vote for the hospital closing to DIE, and the  MOCKERY of Mike Russo after.

Now, here we are.  Read the HoldCo lawyer's language for yourself; and while you read it, think about the 1,200 jobs on the chopping block.

This is dead serious.  HoldCo is telling us "expressly" to stop f*cking around.

So why are we?

Ask Beth Mason.

It's hard to follow the damage this one woman means to wreak on the lives of ordinary working people.  By CHOOSING layoffs.

She voted "NO" vote on the garage bond ordinance  that needed 6 votes to pass (it was costless to Hoboken, even have added 50K to our coffers).  She was WARNED her "NO" vote was guaranteed to cause sweeping city-wide layoffs of City workers, but she just didn't give a damn.  A few days later, she blasted a slick (and vapid) ad all over cable TV, in a desperate attempt to distract us from the Mason Layoffs- GA's political consultant friend, The Nose, had a spot-on analysis of this  strategy.  In essence, "Look HERE, don't look THERE".

The woman is 2nd Ward City Councilwoman Beth Mason, detached and remorseless about throwing  ordinary folks out of work.

And by 'ordinary' I mean people who don't have Brinks trucks-full of cash to feed a vicious, mindless vendetta against the Mayor, with the workers of the City as collateral damage.  The Mason Layoffs.

If Mason is a NO-SHOW on Sunday or votes "NO" on satisfying the Closing Agreement with HoldCo, then she is VOTING for 1,200 MORE LAYOFFS.

The Mason Layoffs keep growing.  Who is safe from the fury of this self-interested wrecking ball?

It's time for the people of the 2nd Ward to give serious consideration to a recall effort.  Her egregious, undignified conduct has forfeited her right to the power of her office.

Available at the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop... and more stuff!

And let's face it, but not for  the SPOILER Franz Paetzhold, we'd have Councilman Greaney and none of this CRAP.  Of course, there was also the 53K in street money she spread like candy under the eye of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Partner and husband, Ricky Mason, her Campaign Treasurer.

Perhaps to keep track we ought to name the layoffs she's unleashed on Hoboken:
  • The Mason (garage bond) Layoffs
  • The Mason (hospital) Layoffs
All of this suffering to make one woman's life miserable- Dawn Zimmer.  Imagine that.