Stop, THIEF!

GA was perusing the Hoboken forum  on Saturday when I saw this:

What caught my eye was this part: 'Tim Occhipinti tried to walk away with the City's concept plans..."

Was that true?

You know, Tim's been blowing his horn about "fighting" for parks  in the 4th Ward.  Here on Facebook he claims that he's "fought for almost a year ago" (don't try to parse that, folks):


But if Timmy's been "fighting" for these parks, making him Numero Uno Advocate in his own estimation, then what about beenhere2's report that Tim tried to slip off from the meeting with the City's plan drawings?

These questions come to mind.

If Timmy was really 'in the loop' on  the development of the Jackson Street Park as he has been claiming, why would he need to take someone else's concept drawings?   Wouldn't he have his own set of plans?   Why would he come to a meeting as an attendee, and think he could walk off with the presentation materials?  Isn't that... stealing?

Stop, THIEF!

Well, GA remembered a friend mentioning she'd attended the Zimmer-Pellegrini community meeting to present the Jackson Street Park proposal.  I emailed her to ask if she remembered Tim being there and anything about the meeting.

Her reply:
Yes I was there. Tim came alone.

The plans were on foam core and as the meeting was winding down Tim picked them up off the table and started to leave with them.

I noticed it, and told Dawn who in turn told Pelligrini.  He took the drawings from Tim and said the he could not have the originals but if he wanted he would make him copies. Tim was flustered and  mumbled he wanted a set.

It was very obvious it was Zimmer and Pelligrin's meeting but Tim tried dumb things like trying to restate what they just said to get attention turned to him.

It didn't work so he just stayed quiet until he tried to leave with the drawings.

Oh, my!

My people (the Jews) might call that 'chutzpah', law enforcement (the FBI) might call that 'theft'.

Somebody else might call it trying to steal credit for the City's work while claiming to have "fought" for an end result he had absolutely NOTHING to do with... that's what somebody ELSE might call it.

Just imagine, Timmy trying to walk off with the City's design drawings... without even ASKING FOR PERMISSION... here's what GA would call it:


  1. During the most recent "election" Timmy held a photo op at the park with his crew showing his uh "designs" for the park......i'm sure he will be breaking out those pics any day now......

  2. Unbelievable. At least the skill level on stealing is as ham fisted as his comport on the dais or we'ed really have a much bigger problem on our hands. Absolutely no one in their right mind would freely vote for him, he does the convincing all by himself. Or as the old saying goes "if he had brains, he'd be dangerous".


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