ALEXA Dumps Hoboken411

GA reported last December that Hoboken411's claims ("serving several million page views to readers each month")  were wildly exaggerated, and posted web analytic data to show the descent of the once-dominant site into a cyber-ghost town.

Still, H411 had enough traffic back then to be tracked by, a provider of global web metrics that gathers its data from millions worldwide.

Notice GA said "had".

The other day, curious to see how H411's traffic had fared since revived by Beth Mason in her war on the HUMC-sale, I went to have a look on Alexa.

Another bomb

(There are other web trackers, Quantacast, for example.  But go there and you'll find "traffic data has been hidden by the owner"). 


But, but...  H411said there were "millions" of page views per month?

So I went to Alexa sure I'd see an uptick in H411's traffic, as the curious checked in to read Bajardi's latest apoplectic screed:  Zimmertini- this, Zimmerati-that, Lenzianism, Lenzbianism... and similarly deranged verbal flourishes.

Well, guess what?

That's right!

Ain't it sad?  Read it and weep...

DUMPED by Alexa.  Last month.

Strangely, the drop in his traffic (and dumping by Alexa) COINCIDE with the Mason onslaught of nasty anti-hospital sale rhetoric spread on H411 like manure in a pasture!

But... but...  wasn't all that over-heated political discourse supposed to attract readers and spread the gospel of Mason?  Isn't that what she pays him for?

Bucks for bile?

In fact, the Mason tsunami seems to have caused a precipitous drop in H411's traffic, chased away even more readers, and gotten him booted off Alexa!     Wow.

Tsk tsk.

Now, now people...  GA's a schadenfreude-free zone.  

(Oh alright, just this once...)


  1. Hard to get loyal readers when you ban anyone with an opinion

  2. it used to be that people went to h411 for news about local events, new restaurants, funny photos, etc. the political "news" then popped up and was so relentlessly and obviously biased, vile and negative that it just alienated the majority of readership. ordinary citizens would go there to see pix of the ragamuffin parade and ended up feeling dirty from the bajardi bile, who needs that?

    rip, although perry did it to himself by selling out to mason.

  3. Here's the day the music died for the d-bags -- people used to go there for info. Then the Mason sellout followed by the Cammarano job audition turned a lot of people off. But some of us still went for the entertainment factor, as well as an early whiff of whatever slime the do-badders had in store for our city. Those of us who did that felt dirty for it and resented pushing up their stats for the sake of sheer entertainment, but entertaining it most certainly was (we weren't laughing with you though, bozos, so don't get any (un)funny ideas...)

    Nowadays, the site isn't informative and it isn't entertaining. It's just plain boring. Who knew the day would come when Ba-job-seeker and Pigsty Perry would go out, not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a snore? Happy trails, jagoffs. You're not even fun to laugh at anymore. Pretty pathetic.


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