GA noticed this old post getting hits today and discovered Da Horsey had linked it on Patch.   

Thanks, Horsey!  Theses are for you:

Well, since We Love the FBI in Hoboken (also on Facebook), perhaps an update is in order.

As for the Hoboken investigation, the gestation 's been so long GA suspects the FBI may give birth to the Mother of all Bid Rigs.

That's Operation Bid Rig-  an ongoing, long-term investigation into political corruption in New Jersey conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, and the United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey since 2002.

The arrest of Peter Cammarano and 43 others was Phase 3 in Operation Bid Rig.

If the scope and breadth of the FBI's work in Hoboken reaps what's expected, then we are looking at  Phase 4.

And did you know that among those arrested in  Bid Rig Phase 3 in 2009, 29 of them were public servants and political operatives?

Can anyone think of any Hoboken political operatives who might be a person-of-interest in the current FBI investigation?

For you newbies to Hoboken's corruption investigation here's how USLegal.com defines person-of-interest:
Unlike "suspect" and "material witness," "person of interest" has no legal definition, but generally refers to someone law enforcement authorities would like to speak with or investigate further in connection with a crime. It may be used, rather than calling the person a suspect, when they don't want their prime suspect to know they're watching him closely.
Back to Hoboken political operatives who may be 'persons-of-interest' in the current FBI investigation....

Since arrests have not been made nor indictments handed down we can only speculate as to their identity unless.... one of them admits it.

And folks, GA would like to break that one of them has.  Here is his confession:

That's Lane Bajardi, folks.  A.k.a. 'Hoboken Questioner'.

The pressure must be getting to him; he broke from the script and accidentally let in some sunlight.   No, it's not the Mayor who is being investigated (the script)-  in his own words, it's those who "question" the mayor who are being investigated and Bajardi is the self-titled "Hoboken Questioner"

So  he admits it! Which explains his diminished public profile.

What's harder to explain is the explosion of internet activity under various monikers, his resumed  H411 ghostwriting... 

Why the reckless online activity?

The answer is pure speculation.   Perhaps HQ thinks he's 'safe' and laying low until the wave hits that he believes will carry others out to sea as he watches safely from the shore. That may be what he thinks.

In GA's view, there's no way that former City Hall IT Director Patrick Ricciardi didn't throw Bajardi, Mason and Klaussen so far under the bus they'll never see daylight.  Ever.

Further, when the FBI interviews a person-of-interest, they already have the answers  to the questions they're asking.  Unlike being questioned by police, the FBI interview is preceded by months of surveillance, wiretaps, tips from informants, and in Hoboken's case, City Hall servers covered with electronic fingerprints.  Anything less than full disclosure in an interview is stepping into a noose. Even then, 'trading up' is what investigators are after.

GA  thinks it's a good bet that one sold out the entire cast of Hoboken's Dark Side to (he thinks) save himself.  We'll see.

As for Klaussen, GA doesn't see how the FBI wouldn't have at least asked him HOW he got these confidential terms of the City's $2mm SWAT settlement that he published on H411:

The Feds may have the answer. Or else its on a server in their custody.

Klaussen's another one who thinks he's 'home-free' judging from the revival of anti-administration political smears over there-  presumably for a fee.

Everyone seems to forget about the IRS component of Bid Rig. Those are actually the easiest to prove and most prosecutable crimes in multi-layered corruption investigations like we can expect this one to be;  who has been paid for what by whom and did the IRS get their piece of the pie?

To be continued...

(Original post: 5/29/11)

No, not at GA.  The only leaks I get are from the roof above my washer/dryer.

Blogger extraordinaire InfotainMe had this to say following HJ's bombshell that Hoboken411.com is up for sale on Craigslist:

That's a boast but it's also true.  Someone downtown told them.  Read carefully what they are saying.

"The FBI couldn’t care less about who releases public documents to members of the credentialed media."  They always refer to themselves as the "credentialed media".  They are basically admitting being recipients of leaked information.

They go on:  "The FBI doesn’t care that Zimmer and her henchmen have issued a “Gag Order” to city employees, or whether someone may have violated Zimmer’s Big Brother communications policy."  Again, they are tipping their hand. They know exactly who is violating the gag order - because they are receiving the proceeds.  They got the details of the SWAT case somehow.  Ditto the Sacs/Bus-driver police report.  That's not city hall, but still shows that when people have something to leak they head to 411.

Put 1 and 2 together.  Advertising a sale creates an excuse to erase files.  They may not actually want to sell the site.  The price is bizarrely high.  But they can point to the ad and say that's why they're missing a lot of data.  Maybe they don't think what they've been doing with the leakers is all that clean.

Fascinating theory, Info.  Subterfuge 101.

When one is holding onto a mother lode of evidence: illegally procured documents, contracts, emails, etc. deleting them under the cloud of an active F.B.I. investigation is evidence tampering.  So, how does one cover the disposal of electronic contraband?

Info postulates the 'sale' as the cover for discarding heaps of ill-gotten City communications. And we know that the publication of leaked City Hall documents on Hoboken411.com has been  going on for some time.

Here's the leak to  Hoboken411 that could have cost the city millions in legal fees if our insurance company had ditched us for violating our cooperation clause with them:

WHERE did Hoboken411 GET these sensitive, confidential details amidst multimillion dollar  settlement negotiations in an ongoing law suit filed against the City? 

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

So, if Hoboken411 is NOT on the F.B.I. radar, by all means, gentlemen (and ladies) you are missing a  spoke in the wheel of systemic electronic theft.

And don't forget City Council President Beth Mason, whose political strategist Lane Bajardi ghostwrites Hoboken411.com's political coverage.  Which is seamlessly coordinated with Mason's City Council talking points, appearances at the City Council by 'citizen' Bajardi himself,  the leaked documents and Hoboken411.com's political coverage.

Here she is!  After weeks of 24/7 advertising on Hoboken411 which she has NOT claimed on her ELEC reports.  Like it never happened.  No fingerprints on her own political operation.  Or as GA theorizes, the Data Theft Ring (DTR).

A former criminal attorney friend of mine told me he's sure the F.B.I.'s been monitoring the blogs.  So let me address this to you, my friends in Newark:

You may be hunting for other fish, but guaranteed if  you don't clean up the DTR now, they'll be back-in-business the moment you leave. We are talking about an organized ring that illegally procures confidential City information (including emails- I am on their 'wanted' list) and uses it to:
  • advance ONE or MORE City Council members' political strategy which is ALWAYS to hurt the Mayor, her administration, her supporters, whether or not it damages City operations, puts the City in a precarious fiscal or legal position, jeopardizes ongoing negotiations between the City and contractors, unions, vendors, litigants, etc. Doesn't matter.  It's political.
  • retaliate against critics of City Council President Beth Mason.
  • intimidate and silence critics of City Council President Beth Mason
  • disseminate political strategy to  the 'mainstream' media;  the leak appears on Hoboken411, legitimate media pick it up complete with Hoboken411 (Lane Bajardi) spin.
F.B.I. gals and fellas, please get rid of this pox on our house.

Now you see that Perry Klaussen, the Hoboken411.com proprietor, wants to unload his web site. If that's not admission that he's PART of the City Hall Data Theft Ring, then I don't know what is.  And perhaps you can get to the bottom of how Mason pays him and Bajardi.   I've found 2 shell companies she 'employs' so far: 
I'm inclined to agree with Info that he doesn't really want to sell, or he's delusional thinking that mud pit is worth anything near his $1.25M asking price.

And his claim that he was 'recently' listed in Alexa's top 25,000 sites for 3 consecutive years?  HOW 'recently'?  Check out Pinnochio Klaussen's Alexa Traffic Stats:

'Nuff said.

Most of this is familiar ground to GA, MSV and HJ readers.  This one was written for my friends in Newark.


  1. Websites sell at 2-3x revenue. So 411 is claiming this at minimally a 400k revenue generator.

    -Who would share an apartment when his business generates that kind of income?

    -Who would sell an asset that 2 people can run and earn $400k?

    The sale is a RUSE!!! They DON'T WANT TO sell the site. They want to SEEM TO BE selling the site. It's meant to cover activities they can characterize as "sale preparation".

    Who knows how many people are connected through that hub. Mason & Russo. Perhaps Mr Novak. City hall employees. All have information that passed between themselves and 411 that they don't want ANYONE to see.

    What about the Sacs police report? That opens up a channel back to the PD. Another major can of worms.

    Bet the ranch they are all holding their breath waiting to hear that 411 deleted everything. Every email sent. Every contract scanned and forwarded (how did they find out about Zimmer's Albany IT consultants?). Every instruction from a council person on what/when/how to publish. The flow of documents on the 15-yearold Greaney bankruptcy that probably lead to a prominent Hudson Street attorney.

    The synchronization of a 411 article, Bajardi city council appearance, and Mason talking points.

    411 has no choice but to clean up their files. For EVERYONE'S sake. But they don't want to actually sell this asset that Mason & Russo rely on for their perpetual campaign. So they set the price too high for any reasonable person to consider.

    You there, FBI?

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  3. Good update. It raises a tax question for Bludiamonds. Blu, how do you fill out your tax form? You have to give a profession that accounts for your income. Doesn't "non-friendship" raise eyebrows? I assume that when you were visiting Newark - purely as a tourist in that city with nothing whatsoever to do with the array of federal offices there: nothing whatsoever! - the subject of your income sourcing might have been mentioned in passing by one of your new dapper friends? And you told them...?

    I note too that not long after this gaff Hoboken Questioner disappeared, replaced by a newly conciliatory can't-we-all-get-along edition of Keating5. Keating, who previously told us the Hospital board was being investigated by the FBI and would wind up in handcuffs, now tells us they did a swell job. I believe the plan is for us to all pretend we didn't notice anything; and that we generally never notice anything. So please disregard this entire paragraph. A fragile ego is at stake.


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