Windbag at the Jersey Journal

A reader sent this to GA this week:

Subject: Augie carrying water for Stack

He's his bitch. 

Here he goes after an individual who wrote a letter to the editor criticizing Stack.  Wants to let Stack and the author know it will never happen again. I've never heard anything like that before.

The reader attached this excerpt this from Augie Torres' Oct. 9th column:


Never write a letter when you're angry, according to a Chinese proverb. If that were true, there would be nothing in the newspaper.

There was some correspondence in The Jersey Journal yesterday about Union City Mayor Brian Stack and his decision to pull the welcome mat out from under Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. Correa was expected to speak last month at a community event at Union City High School, but the presidente was seen as too cozy with the likes of Cuba's Castro and Venezuela's Chavez.

Which brings me to Pablo Serrano of Union City, whose letter attacking Stack on free speech issues sounds like someone very well informed on local political issues. In fact, I venture to say there is no such person. But, I invite Pablo to visit and to bring his driver's license. Otherwise, this is the last you'll hear of Mr. Serrano.

Did you follow that?

Torres, a senior political columnist at the Jersey Journal attacks the author of a letter to his paper because... the author is "well-informed"?  Then calls him a fake; surely a "well-informed" reader would never attack Mayor Stack.


I've never heard a columnist pounce on a member of the public for expressing their opinion in a letter to the editor. Worse, he publishes his name AND calls him a fake.

Well, GA's written letters to our local paper, and I know that someone on the editorial staff has always called to verify my ID.  

I'm with you, GA Reader.

Augie bloodies the letter-writer to send a message to Stack and his readership about the kind of opinions welcome at his paper. Worse, GA thinks Torres is sending this message to the Journal's junior staff: here's what I want you to write.

Nice things about Stack.  And Mike Russo.

Last March GA remarked about how Russo-free the Jersey Journal coverage of the book "Jersey Sting" was, although the news about the Russo-Dwek meeting at the Light Horse Tavern published in the book had broken everywhere else. 

I even posted this Reader Quiz: Which One is More Likely?
1. Finding the name 'Mike Russo' in the Jersey Journal article about today's "The Jersey Sting" book signing at the Malibu Diner?
2. Seeing a unicorn prance down Washington Street?

Well, which did you find: the name 'Russo' or the unicorn?

Of course, that was before the FBI surveillance tape of Russo accepting Dwek's bribe (which he never collected) was released.  After that, GA heard from a source that Augie's boss skipped over him to give the story to a junior political reporter there.  Something to do with Torres' aversion to covering unflattering news about Mr. Russo?

Anyway, back to poor Pablo Serrano of Union City, who committed the crime of writing to a newspaper then got attacked for it by the self-named Political Insider this way:
I venture to say there is no such person.
GA did a White Pages search on Mr. Serrano.  Here's where he lives:

'Nuff said.