Circle Jerk

Everybody gets one.

Happy Columbus Day!

Now, hot off MSV, an awards ceremony was held at Columbus Park early Friday morning. 

Wait until you hear the list of honorees:
Here are the awards by Hudson County Freeholders (true story):

Master of Ceremonies : Anthony Romano

"Honorary" Italian Man of the year -: Jamie Cryan
Italian Woman of the year: Theresa Castellano
Honorary Sherriff (of the year?): Frank Schilari
Policewoman of the year: Melissa Falco Gigante
Columbus Park man of the year: Ed Defazio
Columbus Park Italian man of the year: Frank Thomas Raia
Columbus Park Italian Woman of the year: Elizabeth Ann Mason

Can we say 'circle jerk', boys and girls?

Lord, I bust a gut when I read that list.

Anthony Romano awarding 'honors' to the host of his $250/head fundraiser, campaign donors, the woman who just voted down the opening of the new park/ soccer field in her own ward, the policewoman who arrested Hoboken Director of Transportation and Parking Ian Sacs for no damned reason at all- except for another HPD favor to political  friends (something GA knows all about).   In fact, Gigante's arrest was so bogus, a judge threw it out, and defended Sacs with this remark:

"You had every right to drive that bus."

For that, Stick Romano gives her a prize.

yank  yank yank

Oooh, feels so  good.

Maybe the 'visitors' to my house get one next year.

GA Note: credit to maj on MSV for the title of this post.


  1. Elizabeth Abbruzese, the Counte$$, is Italian Woman of the Year? That sounds like quite a cro$$ to bear, if you get my meaning. lol?

  2. Of course the 300 pound gorilla in the room is the glaring, audacious snub of Mr Cammarano from the honor role. And don't even start with the "it's too soon" nonsense.

  3. Good point, tempest.

    Other than being anti-Administration and making alliances as needed, I don't think the Russo/ Hudson County politicos have real love for each other. Michele Russo lost 2 Hudson County public sector job offers that were probably floated to the public 'accidentally on-purpose' so there would be be push-back-- giving them an excuse not to hire her.

    But then... Castellano is a Russo-relative, so who knows?

  4. Get out the K-Y, for this motley crew of mostly scumbags, tapped by the "Hudson County Freeloaders." Kinda fits with a holiday that celebrates taking what's not yours, while also bringing hateful values & devastating diseases.

  5. Well, if anyone wants to belly-ache about all Italians being lumped in with criminals, take your complaints to Stick. His hand-picked heroes are known far and wide for their contempt for the law. Rounding up the whole guest list and throwing them in the clink would immediately improve the quality of life in town. Though, of course, we'd lose all those art-lovers from Beth's soiree.....


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