Spooking the Goose

Kurt  'the GIANT' Gardiner speaks for the People

Who's afraid of Kurt Gardiner, Column C candidate for Freeholder?

Not me, because I want a GIANT County TAX CUT. 

Who's been advocating for us at the County level, anyway?  Someone who schmoozes and rubs elbows with the vampires sucking Hoboken taxpayers dry?  Anthony 'Stick' Romano is an affable guy, possibly even a handsome devil, BUT... what's he DONE for us?

Kurt "the Giant"Gardiner says:
Hoboken’s taxes went up in each of the three years that my opponent was Freeholder of District 5 in Hudson County. My opponent voted yes on the budget in each of his three years as Freeholder. In one year alone taxes for Hoboken went up 10%!
Damn straight! 

Did you know that Hoboken pays nearly $46 million dollars to Hudson County- and we're one square mile, one of 12 municipalities in Hudson County and represent only 6% the County’s 600,000-plus total population? Yet, we pay 17% of the overall County tax levy?

Pardon me, Mr. Giant, but that is just absolute bullshit.  What are YOU going to do about this outrage?

Here are just a FEW Giant Ideas- see them all on his web site:
  • Immediate hiring freeze. All non-essential positions will be thinned out over time through attrition which at least initially is the least painful way to trim operating expenses.
  •  Conduct Operational Audits. This has been done by the City of Hoboken and acted on to produce savings by ensuring areas are properly staffed but not overstaffed. Overstaffed or top-heavy areas will be restructured at the conclusion of those audits and a period of review.
  •  Fair Tax Formula. Ensure that the county tax formula isn't adjusted to screw Hoboken even more than it has already. Other County Freeholders appear to view Hoboken as some kind of ATM machine where the withdrawals never get credited to their own accounts. This piracy simply has to stop.
  •  No Budget Gimmicks: I will not zero out a budget surplus as some other power hungry, foolish, and shameless Hoboken politician tried to do just to play political games. That is an irresponsible way to help taxpayers and I won't go that route if elected

Impressive, Giant.

What are your opponent Stick Romano's plans for a GIANT County Tax Cut?

Really?  That's IT?

No, I'm sure 'Stick' Romano has some plans for us, like this:

Oh, GA kids the Stick.

But Mr. Stick, how about meeting with the GIANT for a GIANT-sized discussion about our GIANT County tax levy at a Freeholder Forum?  Da Horsey noted that requests to follow up on Romano's plan to hold 2 forums has been, um... ignored by Jamie Cryan, Romano's Campaign Manager.  

Now GA likes Jamie and doesn't know why he won't talk to a horse?

I hear he became Italian recently.  Maybe that's it?  But I'm sure Italians like horses...

Famous Italian jockey, Lanfranco "Frankie" Dettori

Jamie, please do get over the equinophobia and let Da Horsey know when the Freeholder forum is going to be scheduled, so he can get the word out.  Just remember Kurt is 6'-8" so bring a few phone books for your candidate's chair.  Maybe 6.

Personally, I wouldn't mind running against someone as tall as Kurt; you know the saying: the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

That's good, right?   Unless they fall on you.

See you guys at the Freeholder's  Forum!


  1. It really looks like Mr Gardiner has his act together on platform. I'm not the most media-savvy person but I can't find ANYthing on the internet about Mr Roman's current platform other than some vague statements from his last election run years ago. Where's the beef? Anyone? Why doesn't he seem to care if he has a platform? Is he avoiding debate because he doesn't have a cogent set of platform points? Sure seems like the old "duck and cover" defense in Camp Romano.

  2. Start passing that platform out to the voters wherever you can find them Kurt. Since Stick is dodging you and you can't run a Mason-like mail and ad blitz, you need to do some legwork. I suggest being at the PATH, ferry landing & on Washington Street each evening to pass out your platform. Hit the parks on weekends. Go into the bars and pass stuff out if the manager will let you. Send the HCDO a message by convincing hundreds of Hobokeners to vote for you! You got mine for sure.

  3. He's head and shoulders above me. Go Kurt!


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