City Council Militants

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So, did you watch the City Council meeting last night?

In case you didn't,  Corporation Council Mark Tabakin explained that the parking arrangement with HoldCo is a LICENSE agreement, NOT a lease agreement. Which Tabakin then explained means the statute Beth Mason was brandishing to prove the deal was 'illegal' was in fact, "irrelevant" (Tabakin's word). Tabakin called it an "access agreement" and not the lease of actual space.

So in one fell swoop, the exorbitant Mason media blitz was left a smoking heap of ash.

 Exactly what GA told you before the meeting.  Courtesy of my incredibly well-paid (by others) legal department, Not-Stempler.

(GA comedy note #1: as if we didn't have proof that Mason doesn't actually understand what she's against, prior to the vote she called the transponders 'transformers' followed by the flip '... or whatever they are!"  That's right, Councilwoman.  Rich people don't need to know stuff, that's what they pay 'the help' for)

Transformers! Ha ha ha ha...

Pssst...  just for you, Councilwoman Mason:



Do 'we' understand now, Councilwoman Mason?

(Pop quiz to follow... no, you can't pay a consultant to take it for you)

(GA comedy note #2:  In a stunning display of projection, Mike Russo repeatedly berated Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs for his "arrogance".  In case you're new to watching City Council theater, Sacs is the most publicly BERATED and ABUSED ('THEY' had him arrested!)  public official GA's ever seen in ANY administration.  And  Russo's got the cojones to admonish Sacs for arrogance, simply because Sacs is COMPETENT.  In Russo's world, not kissing his hiney nor swooning at his lineage, amounts to "arrogance" In GA's world, Russo's attitude amounts to "schmuckery."

Speaking of Sacs, he gave an incredibly detailed, clear recitation of the FACTS (with respect to the parking access agreement), which the other side has twisted  like a Bavarian pretzel.

From my notes:
  • The garage parking agreement is NOT with an "out-of-town developer" it is with HoldCo for a minimum of 7 years.
  • IF the hospital is 'gone' after 7 years, the developer immediately takes over the parking obligation at MARKET RATE in the amount of 400 transponders-24/7. Whether or not they are 'used' this is an obligation per contract, effective immediately to guarantee a revenue flow. This would be ON TOP OF the revenue the garage is generating from actual USE.
  • The maximum capacity for the midtown garage at any ONE time is 730.
  • HoldCo has been licensed for 1000 transponders, the current allotment of the HUMC.
  • The ACTUAL usage of the transponders  in the ENTIRE HISTORY (including emergencies like Hurricane Irene) of the midtown garage at PEAK has been 400. That's 40% of the actual total transponders at any one time.
  • The HoldCo agreement is for 400 at the midtown garage ('essential' staff- emergency medical, medical: doctors, nurses) and 600 at the municipal garage several blocks east (not the harrowing journey over mountains, hills and across rivers portrayed by the hapless Occhipinti, who's lapsed comfortably into MORT's mindless attack dog role)The 600 transponders are for 'non-essential' staff (administrative, maintenance, etc.) a term which Timmy took great umbrage to... though GA could make a case that Timmy is 'non-essential staff' on the City payroll.  In fact, other than barking out his scripted tirades, GA doesn't see much 'there' there.  Do you?
  • The base rate for staff is $65/week based on an 8-hour/day license (1/3 of $185 24/7 license).
  • The reduced rate is $45/week ($20 per week) which Sacs explained would MORE thank pay for itself because those transponders would be used at underutilized municipal garages which would  be SURPLUS revenue for them over what would be generate without those additional 600 transponders.  FANTASTIC WORK, IAN.  
Mayor Zimmer, Director Sacs, Toni Tomarazzo, the Hospital Authority.... these are the heroes of the hospital rescue. 

GA urges anyone who did NOT see the meeting last night to watch it.  Because until the public understands the absolute incoherence of MORT (Mason, Russo, Occhipinti and Terry Castellano) you won't fully get it.  Honestly, I didn't.   

GA's heard from those who attended the last meeting things  like "Beth's crazy", "they're bent on destruction", "they're trying to destroy the City", but those truisms hit me last night watching as the 4 minority Councilpersons displayed the kind of resistance GA could lonly decribe as militant.  

These are militants, in a profoundly counter-productive war against the Mayor, funded by Beth Mason's secret weapon- her foolishly compliant spouse.  (Yeah, Ricky Mason.  YOU.)

It's their fight and the rest of us are collateral damage.   

All I could say is, folks are finally catching on- judging from the email from people whom I've never met, asking what could be done and how the recall process works.  And if Da Horsey doesn't mind me saying so, he's been getting the same.

So, for our elected officials who seem to fear no consequences for their actions, your contituents' desire for consequences is growing.  That's not because of the blogs, blame  yourselves.


  1. I watched the meeting in its entirety. I believe that MORT's actions are clearly in defiance of the fiduciary responsibility that the council has to its constituents. I really honestly believe that a RECALL of Ms. Mason is in order and I am ready, willing and able to help it move along. As Beth put it "Power to the People!" How ironic coming from the mouth of a woman who only cares about her self, not the community in which she lives. OK, LETS GET THIS RECALL THING STARTED! Or maybe she'll take the hint, save everyone a lot of time and effort and JUST RESIGN!

    (unlikely, because why should she care about saving anyone time and effort. She has money!

    Gotta love Mello's comments about trying to watch Monday Night Football without dishonest election ads paid for Beth (or should I say Ricky as I suspect that Beth has never earned a nickel of her own). Why the ads? Is there an election coming up for council? None I know of. Except the RECALL election that I will do everything I can to effect.

  2. the lack of civility was just repulsive by mr russo...he should be band from any public office

  3. I have to back up a little. I didn't know they deal was for Transformers. Those things are awesome. One of them can swim and be some sort of tank. I'm sorry, that should cost more than $65. I'm reversing my vote.


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